Namilyango College Logbook of 1902


Mar 7th. Rev. Fr. Minderop arrived at Namilyango. In the evening of the same day, Rev. Fr. Grimshaw, Nyssen, Gelgen, Spear, Burns and Slam arrived there on their journey to their respective missions, except Fr. Nyssen who was to stay at Namilyango.

Mar 22nd.The Bishop arrived at about 7p.m.

Mar 23rd.The Bishop administered confirmation to 6 boys of the college.

Mar 27th.The Bishop returned from Mulajje.

Mar 28th.The Bishop settled that St. Peter Claver was to be the Patron Saint of this Station.

Mar 28th.Instructions of the Bishop.

1o as regards the princes: -

A Catholic chief will be sent by the “Lukiiko” to look after the princes. This chief will have to look after them in addition to the priests at the station. When the princes do not behave properly, he will have to punish them. This chief will get a “Kibanja” on the hill. (Literal extract from paper approved by the Bishop, after it was drawn up from his instruction on March 26th.

10 A Catholic chief will be sent by the “Lukiiko” to look after the princes. This chief will be responsible for their behavior and is to get a “Kibanja” on the hill).

20 (Literal extract as above). A boy’s compound will be erected at a good distance from the present compound. It will consist of a dormitory, a schoolhouse and a shed for recreation. The boys will be supplied with food and clothes. Except in class hours, they will be without supervision, as this might contribute to the formation of their character. Since, when they have finished their course of instruction, they will return to their “byalo”, it is better to leave them, while at the college as much as possible in native surroundings.

Instruction will be given in Catechism, \reading, Writing and Arithmetic.

Remark(not on paper).

These boys are destined to be catechists. They will receive instruction for three years. When joining the college, they should be about 12 or 13 years of age. After they have finished their course of instruction, they will be sent to the different Catechumenates. Though their age makes them more exposed to sin, they are not sent out for this, but to do good.

(From paper as above)

Boys, on whose education, time and money have been spent, but who are incapable (unfit) of becoming catechists will either be sent away, or if this character is good, they will receive additional education, to fit them for clerkship in government services (provisional).

(Remark not on paper) This last note is provisional in this sense that, if such instruction for clerkship is detrimental to the education of Catechists, it is not to be executed. It can be thus, detrimental, for enticing boys to lose their desire of becoming catechists by the high pay given to clerks by the government and etc).

30 (From paper as above)

A compound for Catechists will be erected on another removed part of the hill at a distance from the present compound. It will consist of two houses, one as a dormitory, the other, and a house with two good compartments, one for a classroom, and the other for refectory. Now and again, a number of Catechists from different missions will be sent for 10 days or for a fortnight or for such a time as is deemed necessary in every individual case, to receive spiritual and Catechetical instruction and some advice in their work namely, the explanation of the Catechism will be repeated and the past experience of their people utilized in conjunction with the above instruction, that their work on their return may be more proficiently carried out. The severity with which immorality is at present punished by the Lukiiko should be pointed out to them.

(Remarks not on paper). The Catechists should come for a double purpose: -

10 To make a kind of retreat (personal).

20 To make them more fit for their work.

An extract should be made from the cases settled by, and laws made in the “Lukiiko” bearing on immorality.

These should be told to the Catechists, that they may keep themselves better, tell them to their people and gain more influence over their people by being well versed in the “Mateeka”. They should be told to be simple, to act without ostentation and to be mindful of their duties.

30 (from paper as above)

Until the compounds mentioned above are erected, everything will go on as at present. However, except in class time, the boys should not be watched, but left to themselves.

N.B. These items were entered in diary by the express order of the Bishop.

April 2nd Mr. Wynter, a visitor in the protectorate, paid a short visit.

April 4th the boys, with Rev. Fr. Tm Jackson went for a short holiday to Nagalama. The Rev. Fr. Biermans received them. From Nagalama, they went to Kasonzi.

April 8th the boys returned from their visit to Nagalama.

April 21st Mr. Dean paid a visit on his return from Ngogwe.

April 24th Mrs. Phillips and Maddicks from Namirembe spending a week’s end at the “Mbuga” of Mulowoza visited the station.


June 17th Fr. Keller took over charge of School.


Sept 1st Catechists’ schooled started, which had an existence till taken over by Fr.Snip (R.I.P) on April 16th 1906. The Catechists left Namilyango the following day.


Jan 28th Fr. Matthews appointed Fr. Jackson to run Namilyango. Fr. Campling appointed assistant January 30th. Fr. Keller left on February 2nd.

Feb 16th Fr. Campling arrived.

Apr 2nd Two white Fathers, Pere Prentice and Pere Fillion, paid a visit and stayed overnight.

Apr 16th The Kabaka (Daudi Chwa II) with Mr. Shirrock, M.A. Sir Apollo Kaggwa, Mugwanya, Kisingiri, Princes Joseph and Augustine, all the Masaza and a crowd of chiefs paid a visit.

Sept 3rd Fr. Jackson was called into Nsambya and was informed that Namilyango had to start as a Mission with the following Catechumenates: Mukono, Kiwanga, Makindye, Kamuli, Kiyanja, Namuyenje, and Nakisunga. Namutambi, Kipayo, Sai, Buziranjovu and Mugomba.

The classes started 16th September 1907.

Nov 7th Bishop Hanlon accompanied by Fr. Matthews, arrived from Nkokonjeru and left next day for Nsambya.


6th Jan Fr. J.Toner arrived and added to the staff.

5th Mar First “Mugigi: baptized.


26th Jan Major Wyndham called and dined. Came on “Sleeping Sickness areas”.

1st Feb The Bishop arrived at 7.30p.m.

2nd Feb The Bishop held a confirmation and he left at 5 p.m.

26th Nov FRS. Van deer Horst, Dunne and Robinson arrived here at 11.15a.m. Fr. Campling called to Nsambya and Fr. Dunne to take his place.

28th Nov Fr. Campling left at 8.20a.m. “His services and help cannot be estimated” G.Jackson.


17th July The Bishop gave Confirmation (162).

11th Dec The Rev. Fr. Dupupem and Prentice brought some of their boys to play football. The match was played on the 12th. On the 5th, they were in Namirembe, while on the 4th, they were in Rubaga. They left on the 13th.


Jan Fr.P.Jackson appointed to Budaka Mission and he left on

Jan 17th Fr. Schoemaker was appointed to Namilyango and he arrived on January

6th Mar Fr. Jones was transferred to Kamuli. Fr. Kellen appointed to assist at Namilyango.

7th Mar Fr. Keller taught one day in the Boarding school, went to bed for one week with fever. After recovering, Fr. Keller starts making coffee beds. Plantation work commenced after St. Joseph’s feast, 1911.

10th Apr a football match played by Namilyango boys against Mukono men. The former win by 3-2.

Palm Sunday. Fr. Keller leaves Namilyango.

Jun 17th Frs. Prentice and Fillion of Rubaga pay a visit.

Jun 10th The “boys” lose a football match against a too heavy team of the Kabaka by 9-0.

Jun 23rd The “boys” win the football match at Nsambya against the Nsambya team by 1-0. In April, they had beaten by 0- 1.

July 31st Fr. Jones is back in Namilyango.

Nov 30th Fr.Dunne is appointed superior of the Ngora Mission, Fr. pence appointed for Namilyango.

Dec 17th Distribution of prizes.


April Fr. Spence appointed to Nagalama. Fr. Robinson (of Jinja) appointed to Namilyango High School.

Oct 9th 1st visitation of Bishop Biermans.

Nov 1st Fr. Robinson appointed curate to Namilyango Mission (1 st curate at Namilyango).


Jan 1st Bukerere, Nyenje, Nakapinyi and Nawanjaki are added to Namilyango Mission.

Jan 3rd Fr. Robinson appointed to Iganga.

Jan 11th Fr. Ram comes to Namilyango to take the place of Fr. Robinson.

April 7th Fr. Wheatley appointed to assist Fr. Jones at Namilyango High School, arrives at Namilyango.

Apr 29th Fr. Henry, Superior General of St.Joseph’s Society Mill Hill visits Namilyango Mission, gives papal blessing and leaves on May 1st for Nkokonjeru.

Jun 21st The old church is to be abandoned and pulled down. People leaving Mass in High School.

July 1st A new temporary church to be constructed is commenced and finished by the 3rd day of August.

Aug 17th Confirmation by Mgr.J.Biermans.

Aug 23rd Fr.Schoemaker leaves for 1 month’s holiday, goes to Nakuru, Kisumu and Kakamega and returns on October 3rd.

Sept 1st Namilyango High School and Namilyango Mission are no longer administered by one Superior. Fr. Jones is entrusted with the Management





Aug 13th The Brother of Christian Instruction, whose Mother house is Jersey, England, arrived at Namilyango to take up the direction of St. Aloysius College. Dinner is taken at the Rectory and early in the after afternoon. We visited the students of the High School.

Aug 14 The boys led by Brother Stanislas take their first walk. They behaved admirably well and were greatly pleased with the outing.

Aug 16 This is our first day at school. We give tests to the boys so as to know how far the program has been studied. However, the tests prove to be too hard for them.

Aug 18 Early in the morning we receive the visit of Stanislas Mugwanya, former chief justice of the country. He was pleased to see us at Namilyango.

In the afternoon, the Brothers paid their first visit to the native sisters who are in charge of the Elementary Vernacular School. However, a decree from the native chief of the district orders all the schools of the country to be closed on account of the plague.

Aug 19 Class takes a more steady appearance as we start our regular courses today.

Aug 20 The Brothers have decided to have a pleasure garden between the private residence and the school. Today, the work is begun. The boys willing submit to this work since the Board of Education requires one hour of manual work.

Aug 22 Mr.R.E.Parry,M.B.E, makes his first inspection of Namilyango College. His visit is a friendly one. He hopes to revise the program of Geography and History during the next holidays.

Sept 13 Today is the feast of our Brother Superior. The boys are given a holiday. Bro. Charles and Bro. George of Kisubi are visitors of Namilyango. At 4.30p.m, there is a great football match between two picked teams. A reward was given to each player of the winning side.

Sept 15 We learn today that Father Kooperman, formerly, a teacher at Namilyango College has been appointed by his Superiors, to take up the direction of the Elementary Vernacular School. We offered him our most sincere congratulations.

Sept 23 Rev. Father Mulder celebrates today, the 30th anniversary of his ordination to the Holy Priesthood. All the boys of the school headed by the band, greet him and wish him a long and peaceful stay in the country.

Sept 26: The construction of the new Uganda railway between Jinja and Kampala is progressing rapidly. The workmen have now reached Namilyango. Today, the boys visit them and notice the amount of work and skill needed for this enterprise. Mr. Howard, Railroad engineer, invites the boys to a ride in the train.

Sept 28: The football team went out to Kisubi for their first match of the season. Namilyango boys played well, but were outweighed by the Kisubi Scholars. We lost 3-1.

Sept 29: The decree against the plague is retracted today. All the roads are again open to free circulation.

Oct 1 At 3 o’clock, the boys enjoy an excursion on the New Uganda railway. However, rain fell as the fun began.

Oct 3 Today is the feast of St.Theresa, the Little Flower of Jesus. The boys have a holiday since it is the special patron feast of the Mission. In the afternoon, we take a walk to Mukono.

Oct 6 Solemn procession in honor of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary. At 11 o’clock, first proclamation of the notes of September for the 5 th and 6th classes. In the afternoon, the boys enjoy a special tea party given them by Rev. Father Moulder.

Oct 9 Rev. Father Mulder leaves for Nsambya Normal School, where he has been appointed teacher. His many friends and former pupils of St. Aloysius College wish him great success in his new mission.

Oct 10 The boys walk to Mukono and witness an interesting football match between Namilyango and Mukono Eleven. The two teams proved to be of equal strength and the game ended in a draw 2-2.

Oct 12 Our Rev. Brother Principal goes to Mukono where he has been especially called by the Board of Education, for the revision of the Examination questions.

Oct 13 Today, a football match is engaged between Namilyango College Boys and those of the “Kyalo”. His Lordship Bishop Campling, Rev. Fr. Minderop, Fr. Martin and Fr.Preyde from Nsambya come to watch the game. The Namilyango boys kept the lead all through the game. The score was 5-1.

Oct 16 His Lordship, Bishop Campling invited us to play football with the Nsambya “Old Boys”, so today, the team Motors to Nsambya. The game was a hard fight, but the College Boys could not score one goal. The final score was 3-1.

Oct 17 Rev. Brother Charles from Kisubi makes his first official inspection of the school. He found the boys animated with an excellent spirit and ready to do their utmost for the advancement of their study.

Oct 19 The Kisubi eleven make their appearance at Namilyango for a return game. St. Mary’s College is lacking 3 players and this proves fatal to them and Namilyango adds another victory to its schedule 3-1.

Oct 27 The Old Boys of Namilyango, actual members of Makerere College visit their numerous friends at Namilyango.

In the afternoon, some expert cyclists from Luzira come here and perform some hard tricks before a good crowd of Namilyango amateurs.

Oct 28 An event which happened today, will remain renowned in the annals of Namilyango College. The authorities of Nsambya have compelled us, to oblige the boys to a stricter regime as regards the food question. We have asked them to eat cornflower at dinner, three times a week. This was for them something new and perhaps too degrading; but considering that all other schools are making use of this food, we have imposed it on them. However, at dinner, 30 boys refused to enter the refectory. At study time, these came out of the classes openly refused to enter again and manifested a strong wish to return home. At once, they were given liberty. Force is no good policy in such a case.

Vcxz\any of them, before taking a final decision, stood outside beside their tiny bundle of clothes and beddings. After sometime, they returned and asked permission to remain. Others walked out of the property, but returned. At the evening roll call, twelve were missing and by it, Namilyango was purged of many wrong-headed leaders.

Nov 3 We take a walk and visit one of the village chiefs. He is greatly pleased with the boy’s visit and promises them a little feast.

Nov 15 Football game with Nagalama Eleven. It was rather a one -sided game. We won 7-0.

Nov 18 The boys begin, today, their final examinations. Mr.R.A.Snozal has been appointed to invigilate the top class of Namilyango College.

Nov 24 Having been victorious in the first round of the competition for the Bishop’s Shield, we go to Nkokonjeru. However, the game is a draw.

Nov 28 Nkokonjeru comes to Namilyango. We win 5-0.

Dec 2 We motor to Nsambya for a final game with the winners of last year’s Shield. All the boys enjoy the exceptional privilege of seeing the contest. The fight was hard and the two regular periods ended in a draw 3-3. Ten minutes of extra play were granted and with the last minutes, Namilyango scored their last point, thus snatching the Shield from Nsambya High School.

Dec 3 The boys leave for their holidays.

Dec 5 We receive the results of the examinations. 6 boys out of the 7 that we presented, were admitted to Makerere College.


Jan 5 Annual meeting of the Old Boys of Nsambya and Namilyango. About fifty of them were present.

8.30 Solemn high mass.

9.30-12.00 Discussion

4.30 Benediction followed by tea.

Jan 13 A new School year opens today. 72 boys are now

present. A few more are expected.

Feb 1 To comply with the urgent demand of our Rt.Rev Bishop, Campling we earnestly start the work of lengthening our football field so as to make it of regular size. It is a tremendous work as the level is not the same. However, all the inmates of the college undertake the job joyfully.

Mar 1 Our football season opens today with a game against the Kisubi eleven. Both squads fought very hard, but Namilyango came out victorious 5-1.

Mar 6-10This is the period of the boy’s annual retreat: three days of prayer and recollection. Regular courses were suspended and not a word was heard. The boys have done everything most seriously helped, as they were by the preacher Rev.Fr.Damien, Superior of Nsambya Mission and former teacher of Namilyango College.

Mar 11 Brother Stanislas leaves Namilyango and is named teacher at Kisubi. Brother Georges becomes the new member of the Namilyango staff.

Mar 16 Our football field is now ready to receive visitors and today, the Nsambya Old Boys come for a football match. His Lordship and several Fathers honor us by their presence. Rev. Father Martin referees the game. We lose 2-1.

Mar 19 Our second team displayed a good game today, as they met the Mukono Second eleven at Namilyango. The game ended in a draw 1-1.

Mar 22 Our football team go to Makerere and meet the Kampala Technical School. After a hard struggle, we lost 3-1.

Mar 29 Mengo central School send their football squad to Namilyango. After intense play on both sides, we emerge victorious 4-2.

Apr 3 Our first juvenist Joseph Mukasa, goes to Kisubi accompanied by Brother George.

Apr 8 Our football team meets Makerere 2nd XI on the Makerere grounds. We lose 5-0.

Apr 12 The Kampala Technical School sends their football squad to Namilyango. We gain 3-1.

Apr 21 The boys enjoy a picnic at Gaba, 12 miles from Namilyango.

May 17 We play the return game with Mengo C.S at Coronation ground. We lose 4-1.

May 24 Empire day, the boys put up a pretty good show at the March Pass.

Jun 2 The boys are dismissed today, for their mid-year holidays.

Jul 11 Our 72 boys joyfully return to school.

Aug 4 Four new Brothers from Canada land at Entebbe. Unfortunately, our football team cannot go for the proposed match because of plague.

Aug 6 We receive the visit of Mr.J.R.P. Postlethweite, our Provincial Commissioner accompanied by his assistant, Mr.J.Steel. The school band received him and we presented him our best wishes. He kindly answered the short address read by one of the students, encouraging them in their work. After a short visit of the school and the adjacent buildings, he returned to Kampala.

Aug 8 This is the anniversary of the King’s birthday. As usual, the football finals in the Cup competition are scheduled to be played today. The boys willingly sacrifice two months of meat and witness the contest at Nakivubo ground. All enjoyed the outing.

Aug 12 Our football Eleven go to Kisubi for the return football game. It is draw 1-1.

Aug 18 Three Brothers leave Kisubi to open a new School at Mbarara.

Aug 26 Mr.Parry, Inspector of Schools, pays a visit to the Namilyango boys. He gives a lecture upon the direction of winds. He urges the authorities to have a wind vane.

Sept 2 We begin, today, earnest practice of Track Team in view of the K.A.R. Challenge Cup.

Sept 16 We enjoy a picnic at Mugwanya’s home. We could not be better received. All the boys are most thankful to him and wish him yet a long stay at Bukerere.

Sept 18 We learn today that Namilyango college is out of the shield competition.

Sept 21 His Lordship B.W. Campling visits the boys. In few but persuasive words, he shows them what ought to be a student of Namilyango college.

Nov 3 Our tennis court is now complete. Today we witness an opening game.

Nov 11. This is Armistice Day. We enjoy a holiday.

Nov. 13. The track team go to Kampala for the preliminaries. However we are too late and we are forced to withdraw.

Nov 20 We go to Kisubi for the first catholic athletic contest of track events. We win several first prizes. The contest ends with Kisubi winning 52 points and Namilyango 46.

Nov 26 Our 7 boys start their intermediate & leaving examinations while Mr Lee invigilates.

Dec 6. Our boys leave for holidays.

No entries for 1931.

D.+ S. School year 1932 .

Jan 6 Reverend Brother Amastus, the devoted principal of St Aloysius since 1929, leaves for Kisubi where he will be a teacher. His health has suffered during the past three months. He imposed on himself the teaching two classes, due to the illness of Rev. Brother Herman. Rev. Brother Eugene as Principal will replace Rev. Brother Amastus. The Reverend Brother Viator, formerly at Nandere is replacing Brother Herman.

Jan.8 Our boys are back from their holidays. But they are rather few, owing most probably to the financial crisis. However we count 36 boys. We deeply regret the decision of taking the 3rd form to Nsambya. This deprives us of a good 30 boys.

Jan.11 We start our work right away. The boys have a fine spirit.

Rev. Brother Adrian will teach the 6th form.

Rev. Brother Viator will teach the 5th and

Rev. Brother Raymond will have the 4th whilst the

Rev brother Principal will help English and Luganda in the 6 Th.

The classes number thus now:

6th -18 boys

5th-17 boys

4th -7 boys.

Jan.20 We number 47 boys.-19 for the 6th, 20 for the 5 th and 8 for the 4th.

Jan 28 We begin the general cleaning of the property between the house of the Brother and the college. The men of the plantation are set to work there, whilst the boys, during the period of manual work, prepare a new road and clean the main parterre in front of the school. This hoped that in a few months the general appearance of the property would be fine.

Jan 31 We receive the visit of the new Sekibobo with his wife and daughter.The Gombolola chief accompanies him. He is very simple and talks a few minutes to our boys. After a short visit to the different buildings, he leaves whilst the boys are taking their country walk.

Feb 2 Mr. R.E. Parry, chief inspector of schools, stops on his way to the eastern province. He goes around the building and the classes and after a few advices to the boys bids us goodbye. Unfortunately, Brother principal is set on business. He would have so much liked to see him.

Feb 4 General distribution of buckets to the boys. Though we can afford giving one paid only to every two boys, the improvements is certainly great. Like this, everyone will

be able to have water for his own washing. The going to

the fountain at 6 p.m is thus replaced by the getting water after the noon lunch.

Feb 14 Our boys have the happiness of hearing again the pathetic voice of Rev.Father Mr Loone, who preached their retreat last year. In a short conference at 2 ½ p.m, he gives them useful advice which I hope, will bear fruit.

Feb 20 After a long expectation, we have the immense advantage of taking all our boys in an outing to Entebbe and Kisubi. At 7 o’clock, two buses were full and off we went under a splendid sun. On our road, we stopped at Lubaga and visited the cathedral. Most of the boys had never seen it. Another walk was at the brickfield at Kisubi. There we could see the steam engine at work together with some of the machines. The brick-kiln also attached us and we admired the skill of Brother Canisius, in charge of the brick field, in making statues. After a short visit at the college, where we were received with a great kindness by the Rev. Principal and staff we took with us the Rev. Brother Amatus, formerly director of St.Aloysius and we kept on towards Entebbe. There we were allowed into the government printing shop and were greatly amazed an instructed by what we saw. The linotypes especially, together with the printing press attracted our attention. We are grateful to the manager and workmen for their delicate attention towards us. We also were allowed into the Legislative Council Chamber and are grateful to Mr. Sanford for his explanations. From the Secretariat, we went to the Aerodrome and the

Veterinary Department, and a nice and useful work the Government is doing towards improving the country. It was already one o’clock p.m, so we resumed our journey towards Kisubi. After our lunch, we chatted with the boys of the juvenate and those of the college and we had our football match. The game was exceedingly interesting, and the magnificent display of Music.

St.Mary’s boys had attracted a great number of persons. Our boys of the 1 st eleven had a very rapid and intelligent game, and their “jeu d’ensemble” proved fatal to the St. Mary’s team for we won 3 to 1. After a little lunch and much chatting, we came back to Namilyango at about 9 p.m. This outing and game will be long remembered in St. Aloysius. Moreover, our 1st XI appeared splendid in their elegant green and gold shirts.

Feb 27 Today, we are out again for a football match against the Kampala Technical School. Though our boys are much smaller than their opponents, they play a splendid game, which finishes in a draw - 3 to 3.

Mar 1 Our boys number 48 boys; the 48th being in today.

On roll Present

VIth 21 boys 20

Vth 19 boys 18

IVth 8 boys 7

But actually 3 boys are absent owing to sickness and to lack of money.

Mar 19 Today we receive the police of Kampala. After a most interesting game, very friendly, we lose by 1-0. Our boys are most unlucky as four times shots are placed on the goalposts. After a hearty tea in which the police enjoy music from the gramophone, our friends leave us exceedingly glad of their victory.

Mar 28 A friendly match is played today between Makerere 1st x1 and our 1st x1. We have the pleasure of entertaining Mr. Hood and his wife and Mr. Phillips and his wife. The ground is very slippery but both teams are rapid and the game ends in a draw 3 to 3.

Apr 1 Our boys leave for their holidays. They will be back on the 29 th April.

Apr 29 The boys are back today and we are glad to register 43 boys on 47.

May 1 We resume our work.

May 4 One boy only is not yet back and another cannot keep on his studies through lack of fees. So we number 45.

May 9 To-day we have the immense pleasure of recieving the visit of Mr. R.E. Parry, chief inspectorof shools, Mr. R. P. Snorall, and Mr. Boby, the sympathetic editor of the Uganda Herald. they visit the buildings and the classesand seem much interested. They remain with us the whole day. On leaving, Mr. Boby asks the principal to have the top class boys write an essay on ‘How to

improve the Uganda Herald’ promising a fountain pen to

the best work. We are sensibly touched by the kindness of our vistors.

May 10 The number 46.

May 11 Our 1st x1 wait in vain for a lorry to take them to the Nakivubo ground for their game against the Police. So at 4 p.m, they have to rush to Gwafu and take the first bus going to Kampala where they reach at 5.20 p.m. Their excitement and hast make them rather awkward at play and they lose by 3 to 1.


Jun 2 We have the happiness to possess our dear Bishop. On the 1 st june he came to pay us a special visit and we are delighted with his paternal kindness. He addresses the boys many practical advices for the ir actual and future behaviour and grants them a holiday.

On the day of his departure he kindly poses for the photographer.

Jun 6 Our 1st XI are expected to go to Kampala for a game against the P.H.W but at the last moment nothing can be arranged.

Jun 9 To-day is the on which we have to play against the old Budonians for the Kabaka’s cup but we lose by 6 to1.

18-21 The boys have their retreat preached by Rev. Fr. Mulder. Jul They do it very seriously and it is hoped that the blessings received during these three days will help each to behave very well during the holidays.

Jul 29 Our boys leave for home.

Aug 26 Today is the opening of the third term. All the boys seem happy to be back.

Aug 30 After a day’s recollection, we resume our work. The boys number 44.

Sept 5 Our boys number 45.

Sept 6 Today, we have the pleasure to receive the visit of Mr.H.Soundy, an expert in General Science. He gives us very good items which will help us.

Sept 14 Mr. Snoxall, the sympathetic controller of the Vernacular Schools, visits us. He kindly gives a dictation to the boys of the Junior Secondary.

Sept 29 Today, we have the visit of Mr. Foster, the Deputy director of Education, Makerere with Mr.C.J.Tyndale Brioc of the Education Department, Dar-es-Salaam. Bothseem pleased with the site and the general appearance of the building.

Oct 1 We held our Sports Day. In spite of the down pouring rain, we have a good number of Old Boys and Chiefs who come to encourage our boys. All are extremely satisfied with the performance of the boys.

Nov 6 We go to Nsambya for the Catholic Sports Day, but inspite of the efforts of the boys, the School loses the Shied and the Cup.

Nov 14- The boys of the upper middle are in examinations. They 16 do as much as they can to succeed.

Nov 21 The sympathetic Mr. Lee, comes to invigilate the Junior Secondary Exams. 13 Boys sit and hope to succeed. Mr. Lee will be with us till the 24 th.

Dec 2 We receive the results. 5 boys succeed the exams. Mr. Parry in his report says thet there is an immense progress on last year.

Dec 7 The Rev. Brother Charles, Director Principal comes to visit us. At 3 p.m, we read him an address of welcome, to which he answers with his usual kindness.

Dec 8 Our boys leave for their holidays. 14 are admitted into the 6 th class. They will come back on the 13th of January.

Dec 14 The Mill Hill Fathers succeeded the Brothers in the control of the School; Principal Father Preyde, Staff, Fathers Delaney and Pye.

Dec 21 The Brothers left Namilyango. Father Preyde inspected the premises.


Jan 13 Fr. Preyde took possession.

Jan 16 Fr. Pye arrived.

Jan 17 Fr. Delaney arrived.

Jan 20 Boys arrived.

Jan 24 Bishop Campling visited the School and addressed the Boys.

Jan 25 Classes commenced.

Jan 27 Recollection Day.

Jan 30 His Excellency, The Governor of Uganda, paid an official visit to Sekibobo in the Kyaggwe Ssaza. The School staff and the boys, were among those who welcomed His Excellency. The school band gave the Salute, which His Excellency graciously acknowledged. The staff, afterwards, met the Governor at the Native Games. He most kindly expressed his pleasure that the Fathers and the boys had attended the function.

Feb 4 Arithmetic tests were given to both classes. Class V results were fair. Class VI results were good. The general standard of studies is from poor to fair.

List of Subjects in which the failures occured:

Vernacular Composition 1

Botany 10

Dictation 2

English Precis 1

English Composition 4

Chemistry 6

Physics 3

Geometry 6

Arithmetic 5

Algebra 3

Geography-History 1

Sept 14 Log book inspected. No entries made since 4th February. Entries upto 14 Sept made up from memory.

Memory extracts from February 6th to September 14.

Feb 6 Visit of Father Minderop and the Hon. Director of Education and Mr. Parry, who gives us some hints about the new Syllabus, especially Geography.

Feb 25 The Nsambya Normal School visits us led by Fr. J. Koning. We win 3-1 or perhaps 3-0.

Mar 3 Recollection Day.

Mar 25 The Nsambya Middle School Team pay us a visit. A big crowd; Fathers Minderop, Koning, Martin, Br. Hubert, Dr and Mrs Langa. At 4:30p.m, a heavy downpour spoils

the field - we lose the advantage of playing on our own ground. We get beaten 4-2.

Apr 4 Easter. Exams start.

Apr 8 Match against Namagunga Team. We win.

Apr 9 Fr. Grimshaw gives a retreat to the boys.

Apr 17 The boys leave for their holidays.

May 9 Boys return. Jeremy Munyigwa got sick yesterday.

May 10 Classes start again.

May 12 Recollection day.

May 23 J. Munyigwa returns.

Jun 2 Recollection Day.

Jun 4 Our team goes to Nsambya to play a return match against the Normal School. We are beaten 6-2.

Jun 27 His Lordsip Bishop Ashton Chichester of Rhodesia visits the Mission. He is accompanied by Fr. Whiteside.

Jun 29 H.E. visits the School. At night, he is present at an impromptu performance of the boys.

Jul 7 Recollection Day.

Jul 18 We visit Nsambya fro the return match against the Middle School. We are beaten 3-1.

Jul 24 Visit of Mr. Staples, who gives us some hints about Nature Study.

Jul 25 Exams.

Jul 31 Boys leave for their holidays. Fr. Preyde goes to Nsambya to see the Dentist.

Aug 4 Fr. Preyde makes his retreat in the College.

Aug 11 Meeting Fathers Martin, McGough, Billington, Pye, Delaney and Preyde. Several points were discussed and the following are some of the conclusions arrived at:

Writing: As print Script is compulsory in the E.S., the M.S. should aim at a modified Print Script, where the Print changes into Script proper. In writing class, for the present, a uniform system cannot be aimed at, but each boy should be helped to improve his own style and use that syle consistently in all School work.

Vernacular: This should not consist of Composition only, but Grammar should be kept up too.

History: All students should be given strong books for their notes to last through the course.

Geography: Mapograph-contour lines and scale work. Fr. Pyle would like to see those points thoroughly grasped by the students in the M.S.

Arithmetic: A great obstacle to progress is the lack of method. The students in the E.V. should be taught a neat and correct way of working our and presenting sums and problems. The M.S. too, should see to this. There is also a lack of understanding - boys are taught ways and short-cuts without understanding the reason why.

Aug 15 Fr. Preyde goes to Nsambya.

Aug 16 Bonefasis Nsubuga discharged form Hospital. He had Hookworms.

Aug 17 Sylvanus Mukasa admitted into Nsambya Hospital- Hookworms. Matthew kato admitted into Nsambya Hospital - Bus accident.

Aug 23 Fr. Preyde back.

Aug 25 Boys back. All except Lupot.

Aug 26 Samuel Mukasa discovered with Pneumonia.

Aug 27 He is taken into Nsambya Hospital in Chevalier Mugwanya’s bus.

Aug 28 Classes start.

Aug 31 Fr.Pye has been examined by Dr. Langa and Dr. Reynolds - serious heart trouble. He is ordered to stay in Hospital for observation and treatment. He goes in.

Sept 1 Recollection Day.

Sept 2 Father Preyde goes to Nsambya. Sylvanus Mukasa was discharged 31 st August. Sam Mukasa’s condition good. Fr. Pye much examined by several Doctors. Interesting case (for them).

Sept 3 Sylvanus Mukasa arrives in Namilyango.

Sept 9 Fr. Preyde goes again to Nsambya. M. Kato was discharged on the 7 th of Sept. Sam Mukasa out of bed and danger. Fr. Pye has to stay in Hospital for a month. We promise him a Novena.

Match against the Salama Estate Team. Messrs. Hall and Lane present. 4-3 for the home team.

Sept 10 Matthew Kato arrives. We start the Novena. Visit of Mr. and Mrs L’Estrange and Fr. Thei.

Sept 11 Fr. Mulder gives a retreat to the Namilyango and Nsambya Catechists.

As there is no hope of Fr. Pye’s speedy return. We take over his classes. Fr. Delaney takes all the VI Class work except Religion and Vernacular. Fr. Preyde has the V Class except Geography and History - which is left pro temp.

Sept 13 Fr. H. Janssen back from Europe pays us a visit.

Sept 14 Fr. H. Moran of Gaba calls on his way back to the Seminary.

Sept 16 Fr. Delaney goes to Kampala and Gaba. His Pikipiki gives him plenty of trouble. Fr. Pye feels much better, but has to stay in Hospital for two more weeks.

Sept 17 Fr. Preyde goes to Nsambya after H. Mass and Gryerence. Fr. Minderop offers us a Muganda Teacher to help us during Fr. Pye’s absence.Fr. Preyde sees Fr. Pye in the afternoon. Sir Albert Cook told Fr. Pye, that he escaped some very bad things which were threatening. Deo Gratias.

Sept 18 Meeting about Sports at Rubaga. Heats 27th Oct - 8.30 a.m. Contest 29th Oct -2.00p.m - Noting of war. Weight throwing kept in on account of Brother Adrian. 2 entries for each event except 3 for Mile and ½ Mile and 4 for Relay Races. Fr. Preyde returns in afternoon.

Sept 19 The appointment of the Muganda Teacher does not help us much for the VI class. We write to ask Fr. Minderop if he can possibly come and see us on the 24th on his way to the E.P.

Sept 23 Fr. Minderop writes that he is not coming. He has appointed Mr. John Sentamu to be temporarily on the College Staff.

Match against the Nakisunga Gombolola Team. The chief plays (Old Budonian). We win 2-0.

Sept 24 Sam Mukasa arrives back.

Sept 25 Mr. John Sentamu arrives. He is given a room in the School (the old Principal’s room).

Sept 26 He starts teaching. He teaches English, Geography and History in Class V.

We hear that Fr. Pye has left Hospital. He has to rest for 3 weeks and report again. He writes and wants to come back here. We answer that he has to obtain the Doctor’s permission

Sept 30 We hear that Fr. Pye is in Gaba.

Oct 2 We hear that Fr. Pye will have to rest for 3 to 5 weeks before being allowed to return.

Barnaba Seviri and Fr. Lupot go to the Mukono Dispensary to be examined by the M.O. They return. Barnaba has to go Hospital for an operation. Lupot has his blood examined and gets injections.

Oct 3 A good deal of sickness about. Bon Nsubuga and Sylvanus Mukas (eyes) and Barnaba Seviri go to Nsambya Hospital. Sam Mukasa and Matthew Kato are not improving as fast as we would like.

Oct 4 St. Francis. After 2nd class free for rest of morning. Match between the Sisters’ Boys and the E.S. boys. The E.S. wins 3-2. Our Band in attendance. The Sekibobo wants boys from our School totake part in the Protectorate Sports as members of the Mengo Team. We are sorry we cannot accept the invitation.

Oct 5 Boneface Nsubuga back. He has to take Medicine. Sylvanus and Barnaba stay in Nsambya for treatment.

Oct 6 Recollection Day.

Oct 10 Fr. Delaney retires to bed with the first dose of fever.

Oct 13 Matthew Kato who had a motor accident Aug 17 never quite recovered. He feels pain in his chest and wants to be examined by Dr. Langa.

Oct 14 Fr.Preyde saw Fr. Pye at Gaba. He looks and feels okey, but the M.O. has given no decision about his returning to Namilyango. Matthew back.

Oct 16 Fr. Delaney starts class again. He still feels week.

Oct 19 Visit of Mr. Hickson of the Sudan Education Department. We find that Mr.Sentamu has not taught Geography nor History. He found the subjects too difficult. We arrange for Fr. Preyde to take over Geography and History. Sentamu will teach Arithmetic.

Oct 22 We hear from Fr. Ryan that Fr. Pye is in Nagalama.

Oct 26 Fr. Delaney goes to Nsambya. All the boys go in one Bus. They will stay till Sunday.

Oct 27 Heats. Ours boys do well.

Oct 29 Sports day - fine weather - hot. Many people there, but the Europeans come only at tea time.



























½ mile











5’3 ½”

1st relay





1’43 2/5”

¼ mile





55 1/5”






29’ 11 ½”






4’ 8 2/5”






18 2/5”

1 mile





4’ 54 1/5”







Kisubi retained the shield, but the contest was more even than last year’s.

Oct 30 Recollection Day anticipated. Fr. Delaney returns. Fr. Minderop wants Muweke and Kabengwa for the Protectorate Sports 9th and (if successful) 11th November. Kabengwa does not appreciate the honor.

Nov 1 All Saints. Free Day.

Nov 2 All souls. High Mass. We start class 9 a.m. Fr. Pye returns to see if a little easy work will suit him. He will start with six classes a week. Geography and History to the VI class.

Nov 4 The Mukono Middle School Team beat us 3-1. We hear that the new Fathers arrived on Tuesday. No one got as far as Nsambya. All went straight to their destinations - Fr. Grave Nagongera.

Nov 8 Rain at last, together with a storm which takes the baati off the Sisters’ kitchen and new Hospital (partly).

Nov 9 Kabengwa, Muweke, Sebayiga and Lutamaguzi leave for Nsambya to join the team in the heats of the Proetectorate Sports.

The boys return. All did well except Lutamaguzi. Nsambya has boys in the ¼, ½ and 1 mile and a team in both relays. Our boys did well.

Kisubi has only one boy in for the high jump (or perhaps long jump). Theyhad allowed the Gayaza boy who won the mile on 29.10.33, but he was nowhere. The Nsambya man got through.

Nov 11 Paul Wakabi comes for Fr.Delaney and the boys for the Nsambya Team. Heavy rain and hail.

Boys return. Makerere won the cup. Buddo second. Nsambya VI with 6 points for the half mile won by a Nsambya toto. Kisubi got nothing. in Kampala no rain at all.

Nov 16 Exam in Religion.

Nov 20 Mr.W.B.Ouseley arrives to invigilate. I think the boys are glad.

The first day passes without incident. All are pleased with the results.

Nov 21 Exam in Arithmetic, Geometry and History. results in Arithmetic bad as only 9 get over 40% of the marks. Geometry was not too easy.I heard nothing about History.

Nov 22 Science and Geography. Science papers were very easy and all ought to pass in that. Geography too was easy. Other Schools flopped in Arithmetic. Buddo 14 out of 30, Kisubi 12 out of 45. We got highest marks (S.Kiwanuka).

Nov 23 Mr. Ouseley appears with a big black dog. The boys do Algebra (very good). Set books in a new tune, never done before and composition and Dictation in the afternoon.

Nov 24 After correcting middle School Lening Exams. We consider the applications and decide to pass Nsambya all but Mugerwa Semugenze.J.Mukasa. In Budini all passed and in Nyondo all passed but Mugerwa.

Nov 25 Fr. Preyde sees Fr. Minderop about the above matter. He approves. Fr. Martin informed. Letters sent to Budini and Nyondo.

Fr. Minderop told us he saw Mr. Parry this morning. He was correcting our Geography papers and was very pleased with them. Mr. Foster told him that the marking of the Arithmetic papers (See Supra 22nd Nov). would be considered.

All seems well but we will hear the definite results next Thursady or Friday.

Nov 27 Boys of Top class start work under the direction of Fr. Delaney. White was king and Tennis court.

Some go toK’la for Medical reasons - Lupot, Silvanus, Mukasa.

Nov 28 The V Class start their exams.

Nov 30 Fr. Pye goes to Makerere to inquire about the results of the exams. No use. There will be a meeting tomorrow afternoon(1st Dec). The results will not be know or rather will not be published till Saturday morning.

Dec 1 Recollection Day.

Dec 2 Last exam V Class - Vernacular. Sentamu invigilates. Fr. Preyde goes to Makerere to hear results. He has to wait till people come back from the opening of the Photographic Exhibition. Mr. Parry shows the list. 13 Passes. Buddo 23/30 , Kisubi 22/46, Bugishu 1 passed, Toro 2/7 and Namilyango 13/23 (all).

Passed: Kabengwa, Katabula, mujambula, Mukas Sam, Kiwanuka, Sengendo, Sebayiga, Damulira, Mukasa, Silvanus, Kireri, Nsubuga, Basudde, Lwanga.

Failed: Kiyingi, P. Mukasa, Muweke, Muyigwa, Mutono, Wakadda, Seviri, Twalabirawo, Lupot and Kibuka. 1,2 and 3 will come back supported by Fr. Minderop will see Mr. Parry to find our from their exams, if it is worthwhile to give them another chance.

Munyigwa, Seviri and Wakadda are no good.

E. Sebayiga got 1st place

Silvanus Kiwanuka 3rd place

The above have sure Scholarships.

Y. Damulira 10th place has a probaility of getting a Scholarship, but he may have to cede place to a Gulu boy.

Dec 4 Br. Hubert gives us a cinema show. Two films of Charley, and the others rather Educational. He could not get Micky Mouse. There were two films made by Captain Smith of the Uganda Police, one of Uganda, rather good. The Kiddies of the Sisters were there also and enjoyed it, especially when Charles fell in love.

Dec 5 We are present at a trial performance of a play tee and drill by the Sisters’ little boys. Fr. Pye has done wonders in decorating and dressing up. But the play can do with some improving. Considering the age of the performers, it is a great credit. Mr. Kevin was present.

Dec 6 Farewell speech and a few prizes. Then the Basoga boys prepare and leave for the Station to catch tomorrow’s train. Lukubya has ben to Kampala and comes back at 6.00p.m. He will leave tomorrow early.

Dec 7 Boys leave. Some are not quite satisfied with their Certificates. Let us hope that the disappointment will be a lesson for next year’s students. \lukubya left at 3 a.m.

Dec 8 Fr. Preyde leaves for Nsambya to attend Makerere Speech day. Fathers Pye and Delaney leave for Nagalama, Kamuli and beyond.

Dec 9 Speech day at Makerere. 9 a.m. On the Makerere field, football is being spoiled by a kind of crypt Professionalism and true Sportsmanship suffers.

Words of farewell to the Kenya Director of Education and to two retiring Bishops, i.e. Strecher and Willis. Tea and Sports good.

We learn that both Lupot and Kibuka failed in 10 subjects. No use for them to return.

Twalabirawo failed in 6 papers but he has a chance.

Wakoda may come back but only to study more English. He will probably not sit for the exam again.

Not known about Mutono. Fr. Minerop will find out. The Gulu J.S.students got 4 passes out of 10. Their first trial.

Dec 11 Fr. Preyde back.

Dec 17 Fr. Preyde goes to Nsambya and Gaba. Decided to let A.Mutono of Nsambya of Nsinze have another try. Laurenti Kiyingi will not come back. He suffered from headaches and he fears to undergo another year of intense study.

Dec 19 Fathers Pye and Delaney back. They were at Budini Speech Day. Great success.

Dec 20 Fr. Preyde abck.

Dec 21 Fathers Pye and Delaney off again to Nyenga for Christmas. They intend to be back on the 2nd on January, 1934. Damulira got his Scholarship. Akulike!

Dec 22 Baby brings Fr. Mulder and Fr. Janssen. It must have felt the strain bringing two such Basajja!

Dec 25 Midnight Mass at the Convent. Fr. Rouyer 4 o’clock Mass. Fathers Mulder and Preyde assist at the Solemn Mass. Father Nouveus celebrant.

Dec 27 Fr. Minderop takes Fr. Preyde to Nkokonjeru. Excellent entertainment given by te little sisters.

Trip to Kenya. Visit Kabianga and Kakamega Government Chorls, Mala Mission Chorl, Goldmines, etc.


Jan 10 Back again.

Jan 11 Report ready.

Jan 13 Report taken to Nsambya.

Jan 16 Father Preyde goes to Nsambya.

Jan 17 Colonial Secretary pays a flying visit to Nsambya. Fr. Minderop confirms Fr. Doyle’s appoinment. Soon after Fr. Doyle’s arrival, Father Preyde will allowed to ahdn over and retire. It is considered advisable that the College Staff should start their own message and be independent of the Mission. Fr. Preyde returns to Namilyango.

Jan 18 Fr. H. Janssen comes to fetch Fr. Matthews.

Jan 19 The “Gabaites” are supposed to leave today in Mugwanya bus. First new student arrives. Ben Musoke of Nsambya.

The Gaba people leave in Mugwanya’s bus. More students arrive. All top class are here, but Genda and Mutono. Of the new ones, 17 have arrived.

Jan 20 After Mass, E. Lulike appointed prefect with Y. Wakabi and Asanasi Kagwa to help him. The boys are cleaning up and transferring desks. This afternoon, we will put things ship-shape. Some more boys arrive.

Jan 21 Sunday. Books given out to top class. Infromal conference in the afternoon.

Jan 22 Classes start. Valeriano arrives.

Jan 23 More boys arrive. Some had missed the Friday train

Jan 25 Okurut arrives. Fr. Preyde goes to Nsambya to see about an outfit for the Staff’s Mess.

Jan 27 As two Nsambya boys have not turned up, we decide to accept two Kitovu boys - Y.Sengonzi from Nadangira and Yozefu Musoke, son of Marko of Nagalama.

We have 26 boys in the V class now and more than enough. But some will drop off currante anno. Nsambya win their second match versus Old Buddonians, 3-2. Last week, they wrestled two points from the K.A.R(4-1).

Jan 28 Fr. Preyde back with the promise of goods to be delivered Monday morning early by Gusita. Bad news from Nagalama where Fathers Mchoone and Russell are both down, brought in from Safari. Yesterday Fr. Ryan went to help Fr. Koning and today Fr. Nouveus after high Mass, went to Nagalama too. In the afternoon, Fr. Ryan, on his way back to Nsambya called in. Fr. Mchoone is up, but Fr. Russell will be taken to Hospital by Fr. Wheatley.

Jan 29 Promised goods did not arrive today. Fr. Hendriksen in from Nsambya. Fr. Russell has a nice collecton. Intermittent Malaria (his worst), pleurioy flue and Bronchitis and a touch of Jaundice. he was in for a dose of B.W., but luckily eascaped it. Fr. Nouveus has something wrong with his leg. It sounds like Cellulitis. It may last a week or it may last three months. There is always something nasty going. January is a bad time of the year.

Jan 30 Br. Hubert brings our goods. Quite a load. He tells us that Fr. Nouveus will be back soon.

Feb 1 We start our own Mess. Lazalo, who was the Brothers’ cook, will cook for us. Pantales will look after the Meza, etc and Aloisis will help him.

The small boys of the Sisters’ Boarding School have started coming back too. Seminarists off to Nyenga.

Feb 2 Recollection Day.

Augustine Mutono arrives back two weeks late.

Feb 4 The Committee of the N.N. Old Boys pays us a visit. We have a long talk about School matters and after Fr. Doyle’s arrival, The President will come back and see him about things. Interalia, they would like a Sports Day and a Speech Day with invitations for Chiefs, Parents and Old Boys. At 12.30p.m, they leave us and are further entertained in the School.

Match against the Bukerere team. Scrappy game. We win, but only just by the odd goal out of three.

Feb 7 Ernesti, a Gaba student joins the VI class on approval.

Feb 8 Unofficial housewarmer. Fathers Schoutes, Martin and Br. Hubert.

Feb 9 Yozef Lupot arrives. This makes out top class 20. Class V 26. This is as much as we can carry.

Feb 10 Fr. Overwater calls in on his way back to Soroti. he has tea with us, but stays at the Mission. Br. Antony stays with us on his way to Nyenga to arrange about his goods. He will have to go back to finish in Gaba, but intends to come here next Saturday. He informs ys of Nsambya defeat by the P.D.D, 5-2. At a little bit before or after 8.30p.m, our boys come back from Nkokonjeru. They beat us 1-0.

Feb 14 Ash Wednesday. Beginning of Lent.

Feb 16 Yoanna Kiyingi sent to Nsambya Hospital for treatment, probably V.D.

Feb 17 Our boys go to Salaam to play a return match against Buchanian’s 2 nd XI. They beat us 1-0.

We had the best of the game, but they were lucky.

Feb 22 Fr. Rooyen was in Nagalama yesterday. Fr. Veste arrived there to take over from Fr. Mchoone who will be incharge of the helpers at Nyenga. Fr. Spierings is in Iganga. Fr. Doyle in Kisumu ad videndum fratrem.

Feb 23 Br. Antony’s boxes arrive with books and stores - all in Br. Hubert’s Car. Br. Antony himself will come on Sunday.

Feb 24 Our team beaten again 2-1 and at Bukerere. But a rotten field and a worse referee take the sting out of the defeat. Fr. Pye and Delaney went htere on their bikes. They returned walking. Fr. Delaney left hi in Bukerere because of a bad tyre. Fr. Pye left his about a half a mile away from here with redhot cylinder. he adjusted the magnetic chain and upset the timing (probably).

Feb 25 A tremendous swarm of locusts passed at noon. They travelled from West to East. At 4 p.m., there passed a swarm of birds (crane family?) thousands. Brother Antony arrived in time for tea.

Feb 27 John Kirabira arrives from Nazareti - he was very ill. He received the last Sacraments. He got better and arrived to start work. Fr. Quigley here as extra-ordinary. tells us of Fr. Cornelius appointment as temporary P.P to Soroti and Fr.H.Janssen’s appointment to Nyenga to take Fr. Robinson’s place, who will go to Gaba Seminary.

Fr. Overwater who has had typhoid will come to Nsambya by train on the 6 th March.

Mar 2 Recollection day.

Mar 3 Fr. Preyde goes to Nsambya where he is to meet Fr. Doyle, who arrived the night before at 11.00p.m with Mr. Currivan. Held up at 4 Miles by Police looking for a highway robber, who relieved an Indian of Shs 32,000 on the Masaba road. There was some gun fight near Rubaga. Nobody was hit.

Mar 3 This morning, 2 men were arrested on suspision and another one in the afternoon.

Present at Match, Kisubi vs Nsambya at Entebbe at the New White Fathers’ field. There was much wind against us in the first half. It died down in the 2nd half. The results were 7-5 for Kisubi.

Makerere beaten 6-0 by Mengo Central at Coronation.

K.A.R beaten 6-1 by R.W.D at Bombo.

Fr. Pye asked by Dr. Langa to come in for examination.

Fr. Cornelius leaves by Pikipiki for Soroti. Not happy. Fr. Doyle does not know yet whether he will come to Namilyango. Depends on bus or lorry to fetch his boxes from Nyenga.

Mar 4 Fr. Pye back in the afternoon. Br. Antony in bed wit fever. Slight attack.

Makerere gets a half term holiday. Some of our O.Bs pay a visit. Many speeches, etc.

Mar 6 Br. Anthony about again. heavy storm. Rain and Hail. School rooms flooded. Beds in Dormitory get wet. Openings in roof ought to be closed.

Mar 7 Fr. Doyle arrives in Br. Hubert’s car.

Mar 8 Free day in honour of Fr.Doyle’s arrival.

Match on a wet field between a team drawn from the Nsambya boys versus one from the rest. The rest won 3- 2.

Mar 10 Another match versus Bishop Tucker College Mukono. At half time, we lead 4-1. We end 4-4. A good game. The Mukono crowd has a good tuck in.

Mar 11 The Provicar and the Dean and the Pastor dine with us. A pleasant evening.

Mar 12 Fr. Doyle starts class and active life as Principal. Fr. Preyde starts parking.

Mar 14 We all dine at the mission with Fr. Van Rooyen.

Mar 15 Match against Makerere (second XI). We lost 1-8. Messrs. Jomblings, Lee and Potts, came for the match.

Mar 16 Fr. Preyde left for Nsambya.

Omuwanika of Uganda paid us a visit.

Mar 22 Nsambya Middle School came for a football match. We lost 2-3.

Fathers Minderop, Quigley, Martin, Russell, Preyde, Br. Hubert and Dr. Langa here for the match.

Mar 23 Pantry and toilets whitewashed by boys

Mar 27 Examinations begun(Terminal tests).

Mar 30 Exams finished.

Apr 2 Boys leave for vacation.

Apr 27 Boys returned from vacation; six absentees.

Apr 29 New Term began today. Classrooms have been cleaned and whitewashed. A new Refectory in the South wing of the main building is nearly ready. The old kitchen is to be pulled down and an existing building on the South side is being converted into the boys’ kitchen - a fire place is being built there. The old chapel is in process of transformation as it was in a very bad condition.

May 2 Boys moved into new refectory. Fr. Preyde left after a 3 days’ visit. There are still four absentees, one of whom has notified us that he is sick.

May 5 Three absentees still. House system begun today.

May 8 Our team go to Mukono to play a team selected from the Boy Scouts in camp there. We lost 1-5.

May 10 All students back now - 46.

May 24 Empire Day. Free day given for students to attend the celebrations in Kampala.

May 26 Fr. Minderop, Education Secretary inspected the school buildings. Hanlon house beat Biermans House 2-1.

May 28 Boys moved into the new Dormitory i.e. the old building which has been cleaned and whitewashed. Cement floors are to be put in as soon as possible.

May 30 Twenty boys visited the Health Exhibition in Kampala.

Jun 7 Out team goes to Nsambya to play against the Middle School. we win 3-1.

Jun 9 The new cement floor in the chapel is completed.

Jun 10 The boys go to Namugongo for the Martyrs’ feast.

Jun 12 New cement floor in Dormitory begun.

Jun 15 The room on the Northside of Dormitory, filled, partially as a Locker Room is occupied. All bintu from dormitories to be kept there.

The house system seems to be working well. House matches are played with great enthusiasm. Fr. Nouvens of the Mission, is appointed to Nagalama vice. Fr. Russell appointed to Namilyango.

Ammended Arithmetic paper, for Middle School. Exam sent to Mr.Snoxall.

Jun 17 We played against Nsambya Normal School. Ground very bad owing to heavy rain. Result 1-1.

The new floor in the chapel has been finished and a new floor has been begun in hte Refectory. A screen is being erected in hte former dormitory building to make a play- room and a handwork hall.

Jun 19 The cement floor in Refectory has now been completed.

Jun 21 The cement floor has been begun in the dormitories. Our team goes to Wandegeya to play Makerere Second XI. We win 4-3.

Jul 7 Buchanan’s team come here to play us. We lose 1-2.

Jul 19 We go to Nsambya to play the Normal School. We win 2-1. News received that Fr.O’Callaghan, of the New Bealand Mission has been elected Superior General.

Jul 26 The holidays commenced.

Aug 24 Third term commenced. 33 boys returned today. The following have snet notice of sickness - Opanyi, Lule, Okurut, Kayanja and Katende.

Chapel is now in use. Mass at 8.30 a.m here on Sunday instead of at the Mission. This is per Modum experiment. Play room and Handwork room now ready. Dormitory now completed with brick facing to height of 4 ½. Infirmary also ready.

New boy from Kisubi accepted here for VI class, if papers are forthcoming from Kisubi about him. Br. Anthony at Namugongo protem.

Sep 1 New road being cut from High road - via old circular road - to present Tennis Courts. Forty three boys here.

Oct 2 Retreat given by Fr. J.A. Robinson begins today.

Oct 6 Retreat ends.

Oct 7 His Lordship the Bishop and Fr. Minderop called here, for about an hour.

Oct 8 Fr. Hughes paid a visit.

Oct 26 The competitors for the Catholic Schools’ Sports went to Nsambya for the preliminary heats. They qualified for all the finals, to take place on Sunday.

Omw. Sekibobo writes to say he has instructed the Gombolola Chief of Mutuba III to cultivate our new road.

Oct 28 Catholic Schools Sports at Nsambya. Nsambya Middle School won the Keane Shield.

Nsambya Middle School = 83 points

Kisubi J.S. = 23 points

Namilyango = 10 points

Nsambya Normal = 6 points

Nov 7 Three boys, that is, Sulibe, Kaggwa and Kirabira, join the Nsambya club on Fr. Minderop’s invitation, to take part in the Protectorate Sports. Desks are being rebuilt.

Nov 8 The Sekibobo paid a visit to the re/ road.

Nov 9 The Gombolola Chief paid a visit re/road. He promised to send men on Monday or Tuesday.

Nov 11 Armistice day. \the two minutes silence observed.

Nov 12 Men from the Gombolola chief begin doing up the road we have cut.

Nov 17 The Gombolola chief came to see the work on the new road. The men are to continue next week.

Nov 19 New tennis court begun on second terrace. The old courts now form part of the entrance road and a sun dial is being erected on the circle. “Jenakoit” begun today.

Nov 26 The Junior Secondary School Examinations begin today and finish on 29th instead.Mr. Neville Secretary of Makerere College is the invigilator.

Dec 8 We receive the results of the above examinations. All the Namilyango candidates failed.

Dec 10 The boys leave. Sixteen boys of the Vth class are promoted to the VIth - four on trial, five others may begin the Vth again if they wish. Three others have been told not to return.


Jan 18 Boys return - 30. 17 for VIth class and 13 for V th class. The School has been re-whitewashed and 16 new desks have been made. The new tennis courts on the second terrace are nearing completion.

Feb 27 Mr. Somervell visited the College and listened to a History class given by Fr. Pye, whom he praised very much for his manner of preparing and giving the Lesson. Mr. Somervell has been sent ot Africa by the colonial office to collect ideas concering a History syllabus and new textbooks for African Schools.

Mar 11 The Rev. Fr. Hilary gave a lecture to the boys on coal mines and Coal Pits.

Mar 13 The sekibobo, Omw. S. Wamala, paid a visit to the College and went round the whole place.

Mar 21 Namilyango Vs Makerere - 2nd XI- Score 1-1.

Apr 30 Terminal examinations began. Mr. Ousley came to arrange for the marching of the King’s jubilee.

May 3 The Bishop stayed here. Confirmation at Mission.

May 6 The King’s Silver Jubilee. The boys took part in the parade in Kampala and attended the Kenya Vs Uganda (1-5) football match. Holidays began.

Jun 8 The boys returned - 30.

Jun 18 Free day given for the first High Mass of Fr. Peter Wasswa - ordained last Sunday.

Jul 3 We played Makerere 2nd XI at Wandegeya. We won 2-1. Mr. Soundry was referree.

Jul 5 Mr and Mrs Jackson Davies of Virginia, U.S.A., visited the College. They were brought by Mr Foster Assistant D.O.E.

Jul 18 We played Mukono Middle School at Namilyango and won 6-0.

Jul 28 We played Nsambya Normal School at Nsambya - 4-4.

Jul 29 The P.B and P.b. inspected the College and expressed themselves as pleased with everything. The P.B asked for a holiday for the boys.

Aug 8 The boys went on Holiday.

Aug 17 Letter received from the Provincial Commissioner(257/17), stating that no objection will be raised to the occassional flying of the Union jack at the Sacred Heart College. This was in answer to my letter stating that I was desirous of flying the Union jack from a ground flag staff.

Aug 27 The boys returned for the third term. Makerere exams provisionally fixed for Nov 25th. Two boys did not return. The boys have gone back to the Dormitory. The old buildings have been divided into Carpenter’s shops, Science room, Recreation room, Handwork room, Ironing and washroom. All the building has been re-whitewashed.

Sept 5-7 Boys in retreat given by Fr. Robinson of Gaba.

Oct 3 Names of candidates for the Leaving Examinations sent ot the Director of Education and to the Principal of Makerere.

Nov 11 Armistice day. The customary two minutes silence was observed

Nov 14 The Religious exam (Junior Secondary School Leavind Examinations) held today. School road cleaned by Chiefs men.

Nov 15 The whitewashing of exterior of School building) finished.

Dec 25 The Junior Secondary Schools’ Leaving Examinations began today. Mr. Lush is the invigilator..

V class exmas began at the same time.

Nov 29 Exams finished.

Nov 30 All Middle School papers marked and snet to E.s.

Dec 2 Boys leave for their holidays.

Dec 13 The Official Pass List of the Leaving Examination published today.

Passes L. Mpungu

G. Semakula M

S. Namme M

A. Kaggwa M

J. Kidza M

G. Esabu M

One of these, it is said, heads the Pass list.

Dec 27 A. Kaggwa has been awarded a Government Scholarship at Makerere College. M.C.32 (VI).

Dec 31 The last of the six new tanks arrived..

In any future correspondence

on this subject please quote

No. 257/17.


15 th AUGUST, 1935.

Reverand Sir,

With reference to your letter of July 30th, I am authorised to inform you that no objection will be raised to the occassional flying of the Union Flag at the Sacred Heart College.

I have the honour to be,


Your obedient servant,

Provincial Commissioner, Buganda.

The Reverand Principal

Sacred Heart College,


P.O Box 321, Kampala.

CC : The District Commissioner, Mengo.


Jan 8 G. Esabu, one of the successful candidates, has got a Scholarship for Makerere College, from the D. C., Soroti.

Fr. A. Jordan and Fr. Strater appointed here vice. Fathers Pye and Delaney appointed elsewhere.

Jan 14 Boys return. 38 in residence. Two more are supposed to come. Three houses in existence again. Hanlon - Biermans - Campling.

All the interiors of the buildings have been re- whitewashed.

Jan 19 Smallpox round Kampala. Wrote to Medical Officer of Health, asking if our boys should be vaccinated.

Jan 20 Death of His Majesty, King George V. Flag at half-mast (8 a.m to sunset) till further notice.

Jan 21 House matches begun.

Jan 28 Funeral of King George. Requiem Mass at the Mission, attended by all the boys on parade. “Last Past” sounded at the end of Mass.

G. Byasi goes to Nkokonjeru Hospital. He has hernia.

Feb 4 G. Byansi comes back.

Feb 18 Match against Nsambya Middle School. 1-1.

Feb 19 A. Ntulume (trachoma) and G. Byansi (hernia) go to Mulago Hospital.

Feb 23 Byansi returns having refused to have an operation.

Feb 27 Match against Bishop Tucker College. We won 3-2.

Mar 7 Match against Namilyango. 3-3.

Window put in the Dining Hall, instead of door.

Byansi goes to Nsambya Hospital.

Mar 14 We played St. Mary’s College at Kisubi. We won 2-1.

Mar 19 We played Makerere (2nd XI). Wandegeya. We lost 1-6.

Mar 28 We played Buchanan’s at Salama. We lost 3-4.

Mar 29 Entered our team for the Kabaka’s cup.

Apr 2 Terminal Examinations began.

Apr 4 We are to play Ndejje C.S on 1st round of the cup.

Apr 8 Examinations finish.

Apr 9 Boys go down for holidays.

May 5 Second term begins.

May 14 We played Nsambya Middle School. We won 4-0.

May 18 We played Nakisunga Gombolola team. We won 4-2.

May 21 Ascension day. Classes as usual.

May 22 Mr. Parry came for inspection of School. Arrived at 8.30 a.m and left at 3.30 p.m.

May 23 We played Buchanan’s- we won 3-1.

May 25 Empire day. Ceremony at Flagstaff, flag broken- salute, ‘God save the King.

May 27 We played St. Mary’s college Kisubi- we last 0-6.

Jun 8 Study every morning from 8.30 a.m introduced.

Jun13 Report of inspection of school recieved.

12 new flutes arrived from England.

We played Ndejje S.S (1st round of kabaka’s cup), won 5-o Mr. woods was referee in place of Mr. potts.*


Namilyango college found little difficult

in defeating Ndeje central School.Referee

Wood described this as a very “gentlemanly” game, finding no occasion to use his

whistle for fouls.

Jun 20 The boys go to Bukerere on the invitation of Omw.Stanislaus Mugwanya.

Jun 23 2nd round of cup : we played Semakokiro at Makerere and won 3-1. Mr.Soundy was referee.

Jul 9 3rd round of cup : we were defeated by Mengo middle school 3-9 Mr. polts was referee.

Jul 14 Archbishop Riberi, Apostolic Delegate, accompanied by Bishop bampling Dom Englebert O.S.B, paid a visit to the college and addressed the boys.

Below is an extract from “The Uganda Herald”, July 15th, 1936.


Third Round Games

Two Easy Wins

As was generally expected both Mengo

Middle School and the old Budonians had -

easy wins in the third round fo the U.F.A. -

Cup against Namilyango college and Kisubi respectively.

Mengo Middle School defeated Namilyango college

by nine goals to three at Nakivubo last Thursday before a large crowd. the losers actually were the first to score but by half time Mengo had netted five times and their opponents twice. Namilyango were the first to score in the second half, but Mengo replied four times again and really had a runaway victory.

The losers put up a most pucky fight and had more of the game than the score would dente. It was fast, clean and full of movement, but Namilyango were outclassed. They are a youg and inexperienced team but can return quite satisfied with their cup performance this year.


Jul 31 Second term Examinations begin.

Aug 1 We played King’s College, Buddo, at Namilyango: 3-3. Mr & Mrs Walker and Mr. Pain present.

Aug 6 Boys go down for holidays.

Aug 28 Third term begins - 8000 tiles and 4000 bricks burnt.

Sept 13- Retreat given to the boys by Fr. J. Mcbabe, of

16 Nkokonjeru.

Sept 26 Match against King’s College at Buddo - 1-4.

Oct 3 We played Mukono Middle School at Mukono - 1-3.

Oct 8 Abasawo came to vaccinate the boys - 11.30 a.m.

We played Nkokonjeru team at Nkokonjeru - 2-0.

Oct 10 Names and serial numbers of candidates for J.S.S. Leaving Examination sent to D of E.

Oct 16 Mr. Fishlack of Bukalasa, Department of Agriculture, visited the school and inspected the gardens.

Nov 5 Tiling of school verandah begun. Roof on bathrooms. A.Kaluya left to take up a clerkship with Strunter Ogrieg. A.Kafuko left to train as assistant Sub-Inspector in the Uganda Police.

Nov 11 Armistice day. Customary “Silence” observed.

Nov 15 We played Gayaza Central School at Namilyango. Won 6-1.

Nov 17 We played Mukono Middle School at Namilyango. Won 3-0.

Nov 23 Makerere College Entrance Examination. Mr.Ouseley is the Invigilator of the Vth class Examinations.

Dec 3 Boys go down fro holidays.

Dec 4 Thermometer screen made and erected. Bathrooms finished.

Dec 11 Results of Makerere College Entrance Examination received. Eight out of our ten candidates passed:-

P. Musoke Vicariate(teacher)

J.Kigundu M.C.Scholarship.

Z.Sekide Agricultural Bursary

J.Mukama M.C.Scholarship

J.Sengonzi Vicariate

E.Kakumba M.C.Scholarship

P.Serunjogi Buganda Lukiiko School

S.Kabengwa Fr. Minderop

All will enter Makerere College.

December 31st 1936. B.Doyle


Jan 4 School verandah tiled from Chapel to Geography room.

Jan 11 Refectory - Geography room. Class V - Class VI - Chapel - have all been re-decorated. King George VI proclaimed.

Jan 12 Ceiling being put in refectory. Kitchen re-tiled. Silas Katende to go to Nairobi to interview Sup. of Sine for employment.

John Tulinye will come back for another year.

Jan 15 New term begins. 39 boys present. Later, there are 41 boys. New apparatus for Science room arrives.

Principal at meeting in Makerere. Re-organizing of schools.

Jan 22 Principal at meeting in Makerere (Makerere commission).

Jan 27 Ceiling put in Infirmary.

Feb 3 Six members of the Makerere Commission visited the college:-

Dr. John Murray , Vice Chairman

Dr. A.Kerr

Dr. M.P. Berneys

Dr. P. Esdaile

Dr. Pedler

Mr. Matthews

Feb 10 A troop of Boy Scouts has been formed with fr. Strater as Scoutmaster.

Feb 17 We played Nsambya Middle School at Nsambya - 3-1. (win)

Feb 19 We played Nkokonjeru Team here. 1-3.(lose)

Feb 24 We played Makerere College here - 3-4.(lose)

Mr and Mrs Turner came from Makerere.

Mar 3 Mr. Hancock of Makerere, came to advise us and teaching of Biology.

Mar 4 Medical Inspection of some of the boys by Dr. O’Sullivan. Four down with Measles.

Mar 6 We played St. Mary’s College, Kisubi here - 3-2 (win).

Mar 17 We played Bishop Tucker College at Mukono - 1-0 (win).

Mar 20 Fr. Strater down with fever. Got up on the 24th and went for a weeks holiday on the 27th.

Mar 28 Fr. Doyle down with fever.

Mar 31 Fr. Doyle up again. Fr. Jordan down with fever.

Apr 1 Fr. Strater returned.

Apr 4 Fr. Jordan goes for a short holiday.

Apr 7 Fr. Jordan returned.

Apr 8 Dr. O’Sullivan paid his monthly visit. The Bishop called to say that Fr. Dean has been appointed here temporarily for this year.

Apr 15 We played K.S.C at Namilyango - 1-1.

Apr 16 Examinations begin.

Apr 21 Holidays begin. 28th Fr. Dean arrived.

Apr 29 Kiln of tiles burnt.

May 8 Harmonium and Lawnmower bought; ceiling wood ordered for Science Room.

Fr. Minerop, Dr. Ahaus and Fr. Aelen paid us a visit.

May 17 Tiling of School verandah begun (old tiles were no good). Ceiling being put up in new Science room.

May18 Boys returned for Second term. 42 in number.

May 24 Empire day. Letter from Dr.John Murray. Principal of University College of S.W. England and Vice Chairman of Makerere Commission, offering a prize for Education.

May 29 We played Gayaza Y.M.C in Prelin, Round, Kabaka’s Cup and we lost 0-1.

Jun8 His Excellency the Governor Sir P.E.Mitchell, paid a visit to the College. Mr. Russell(Education Department) accompanied him. Fr. Minerop was also here.

Jun 22 We played Nsambya Middle School and lost 1-3.

Jun 26 We played King’s College at Buddo and lost 1-4.

Everbody (staff) down with mild doses of fever this week another case of mumps among among the boys.

Jul 5 We played Bishop Tucker School and won 3-0.

Jul 17 We played Kisubi College at Kisubi and drew 3-3.

Jul 19 We played Namataba and won 13-0.

Second team played E.V. and won 6-0.

Jul 24 Mr. Sukyn Williams., D.C. Mengo, visited the College.

Jul 28 Simon Namme (Namilyango and Makerere) died at Mulago R.J.P.

Jul 31 Fathers Doyle and Jordan attended “Founders Day” at Makerere.

Aug 2 Terminal Examinations began.

Aug 6 Final round for Dr. John Murray Education Prize. Mr.

Russell came to judge.


1. John Nfamba

2. Edmund Musubira

3.Alosius Kibulo

4. Stephen Bossa

Aug 10 Holidays began.

Aug 11 Ceiling in Commercial Room completed. Ceiling in play room begun. New base for bathroom tank being built.

Commercial room being whitewashed and top lawns dug up.

Fathers Strater , Dean and Jordan leave for holidays.

Aug 23 New Windows and glass doors being put in Play room and window in Commercial room.

Autographed photograph received from H.E.The Kabaka through Fr. Minderop.

Aug 31 Boys returned.

Sept 1 Third term began - 42 here and 2 absent. (returned later).

Sept 10 Boys’ Retreat given by Fr.Billington began. Fr. Deans leaves for Nyenga.

Sept 11 Fathers Strater and Jordan go out. Fr. Doyle sick.

Sept 12 Fr. Strater returns.

Sept 13 Fathers Dean and Jordan return.

Sept 18 Match against Buddo. We lost 0-2.

Sept 22 The Rt. Rev. Bishop Stram visited the College. Play room is now opened again after the alterations.

Oct 4 Play room block baraza is now being cemented.

Oct 16 We played Nkokonjeru at Nkokonjeru and won 3-0.

Oct 17- Fr. Minderop here on visit.

18 School Captain for 1937 = John Ntamba

Captain of Hanlon House = Hadrian Okech

V.Captain of Hanlon House =Emmanuel Sempaka

Captain of Biermans House = John Tulinye

V. Captain of Biermans house = Edmund Musubira

Captain of Campling House = John Ntamba

Vice Captain of Campling House = Edward Kawere

Nov 1 Application forms sent to Makerere College (8).

Nov 5 We played Mukono Middle School at Mukono. We won 3-0.

Nov 11 Armistice day. Two minutes’ silence observed.

We played Bishop Tucker School at Mukono. We won 2- 1.

Nov 23- Makerere College Entrance Examinations. Mr. Nason is 25 the Invigilator. V Class Terminal Examinations at the same time.

Nov 29 Boys leave for holidays.

Dec 1 Middle Schools Leaving Examination papers marked.

Dec 8 Result of Makerere College Entrance Examinations:

Eight boys entered. Five passed = 62 ½%.

Scholarships: J.Nfamba = 1st on pass list.

E.Musubira = 2nd on pass list

V.Nsumba = 3rd on pass list

E.Kawere = 4th on pass list.

Scholarship (teaching) E. Sempaka

(Kisubi 6 passes out of 23 candidates)

(Buddo 15 passes out of 28 candidates)

Dec 21 A cement floor has been put in the Science Room, together with a cement demonstration table and two wooden tables.

Dec 24 A cement floor has been put in the Infirmary.

Dec 26 Cementing of baraza (Play room block) is being continued.

Dec 31 One large window put in Science room to replace the small one.


Jan 14 First term begins (57 boys).

Jan 15 Fr. Doyle down with fever.

Jan 17 Classes begin. 3 boys arrive.

Feb 2 We played Nsambya Middle School here. We won 2-0.

Feb 3 10 new benches, 5 tavles and bookcase put in the play room.

Feb 4 New table in Science room and also a new cupboard.

Feb 22 We played Namilyango Mission. We drew 2-2.

Feb 26 We played Kisubi College here. We won 1-0.

Feb 28 Subscription for entrance. Kabaka’s cup sent.

Mar 3 Mr. Russell came to inspect the school. He arrived at 8.00 a.m and left at 3 p.m.

Mar 13 Co-operative store instituted.

Mar 16 We played Makerere College 2nd XI at Wandegeya. We lost 1-3.

Mar 19 We played Nkokonjeru team here. We lost 2-2.

Mar 26 We played Buchanan’s team here. We lost 0-7.

Mar 31 Mulumba examined at Mulago - Pulmonary Tuberclosis.

Apr 1 Mulumba admitted at Mulago Hospital. Budini notified.

Apr 2 We played King’s College, Buddo. At Buddo, we lost 1- 6.

Apr 7 First term examinations began.

Apr 9 We played Bishop Tucker College. Here, we lost 1-3.

Apr 14 Boys left for Holidays. 18th -E.Wakuwine accepted.

Apr 23 Fruit trees (from Kampala plantation) planted.

May 6 Boys returned.

May 7 Fr. Dean appointed to Ngora and Fr. Laupel appointed here.

May 11 Fr. Dean left.

May 13 Fr. Laupel arrived. Trees being planted along the road.

May 20 Estimates for Science apparatus sent to Educational Secretary.

May 21 Conference of Delegates (Higher College) at Makerere. We played Kisubi College at Kisubi. We lost 0-3.

May 22 Fr. McCarthy (Dar-es-salaam) and Fr. Murren C.S.Sp visited the College.

May 23 Hurricane 8.15a.m.

May 24 Empire day.

May 26 Ascension day. Free day. Boys went to Kyungu for a picnic. Fr. Doyle down with fever.

May 27 Mr. Parry here.

May 28 Kyaggwe Cup. 1st round V Nabuti Kondo. We won 6-1.

Jun 1 Fr. Doyle up again.

Jun 4 We played King’s College at Budo in qualifying round of Kabaka’s cup. We lost 1-2.

Jun 7 B.T.S. Mukono played Gayaza here (Kabaka’s cup). Mukono won 2-1. Trees planted around compound.

Jun 9 King’s Birthday. mengo Primary School won “The Coronation cup” beating Nsambya.P.S. 3-1. Makerere College Entrance Examination to take place in last week of October this year. English Grammar, Dictation, Precis and Paraphrase dropped.

Jun 18 We played Bukunja (at Mukono) in Kyaggwe cup (2 nd round). We won 2-0.

Jun 20 Information sent to Makerere College. 11 candidates for the M.C.Entrance Examination.

Jun 29 We played Nsambya M.School at Nsambya. We lost 1-5.

Jul 9 We played Nakusubyeki here in Kyaggwe Cup (Semi- final). We won 5-1.

Jul 16 We played Makerere College here. We won 2-1.

Jul 19 Second term Examinations begun. The Director of Education and Mr.Parry called and looked around the buildings. Theyw ill come again in September.

Jul 23 We played Goma (at Mukono) in final of the Kyaggwe Cup. We won 2-0.

Jul 25 Boys go down.

Aug 16 Boys returned and 9 absentees.

Aug 18 Classes begin.

Aug 21 Re-organisation explained to the boys.

Aug 24 The Hon. Director of Education visited the School and saw the various classes. Grant of 35 pounds promised for the Science Equipment. Letter L 23.

Sept 9 Received grant of Shs 500 for the Science Equipment already bought.

Sept 11 Fr. Minderop visited us.

Sept 12 Applications sent to Railway trainign School, Nairobi. grant of 75 pounds authorised for Commercial course for 1938 not received yet. See letter L23 of this date.

Sept 14 Applications sent in for P.O. Training School at Dar-es- Salaam.

3 applications sent for Kampala Technical School.

Application forms for Makerere College Entrance Examination. 10 filled in and sent..

Sept 27 Bishop Reesnick arrived in Nsambya.

Sept 27 1st General Meeting of “Uganda Education Association” held in the Technical School. The Speaker is Mr. Jowitt on “The Inter-racial Significance of Education in the Protectorate”. Thermometer Screen completed.

Oct 3 We played C.A.T.S here and we drew 3-3.

Oct 9-12 Bishop Reesnick held an official visitation of the College.

New typing tables being made for the Commercial room.

Oct 10 King’s day. Free day given.

Oct 12 New Lawn Mower bought from G.North, Nairobi - 88/-.

Oct 17 Saw Director of Education re/Philip Harris Letter (postage is 6 pounds).

Oct 18 P.W.D Vs Mill Hill Fathers at Nsambya. Fathers won 3- 1.

Oct 20 Mr.Parry called re/ Junior Secondary Examination.

Oct 21 Mark schedule for Junior Secondary Exam sent in.

Oct 26 Makerere College Entrance Examination. The invigilator is Mr. Hancock.

Oct 27 Makerere College Entrance Examination. The Invigilator is Mr. Hooper.

Oct 28 Makerere College Entrance Examination. The Invigilator is Mr. Nason.

(10 Candidates).

Fr.Doyle attended U.F.A. GeneralMeeting at Nakivubo.

Oct 30 Annual retreat given by Fr. Macdoone began.

Oct 31- Annual retreat continues.

Nov 2

Nov 3 Annual retreat finished. All the boys went to Makerere for the ceremony of the foundation of the Higher College. First sod cut by H.R.H.The Duke of Gloucester. Education department paying 70/- towards expenses.

Nov 11 Armistice day.

Nov 14 Received results of Makerere Entrance Examination. There are 9 passes out of 10 candidates.

1. Lulume }

2. Kibulo }First three places 3. Bbosa } 4.Mukumbya

5. Ntege

6. Kayongo

7. Kaggwa

8. Bamuggye

9. Kabonge

(A.Bwire failed)

8 Scholarships are awarded except Kabonge.

Below is an extract from a newspaper:


Results of Makerere

College Entrance


As we go to press, we hear that the results of the Makerere Entrance Examinations are as under.

Namilyango: 9 passes out of 10

Buddo 12 out of 20

Kisubi 4 out of 16

Nyakasura 2 out of 6

Tabora gov 4 out of 9

Tabora W.F. 2out of 5

It is also believed that Namilyango have won the first three places in East Africa as seen from the results obtained up to now.

Nov 15 Junior Secondary Examination.

Nov 16 Papers from Education Department.

Nov 17 Forms of appliacation sent for Bwire, Kakaire, Mugamba and Ssali.T. for postal Learners at Dar-es-salaam.

Nov 18 Applications made for teacher’s Bursaries for Ntege, Kaggwa, and Kabonge. Meeting of Uganda Education Association. Applications cancelled by the Director of Education Sec.

Nov 19 A party of 25 boys visited the Governor Indian School, Kampala with Fr. Doyle and Fr. Laupel.

Nov 18-21 Boy Scounts. Namilyango has 91 in camp near the Sezibwa falls.

Nov 21 Fr. Minderop, Education Secretary paid a visit lasting till Nov 24. New Lawn Mower bought.

Nov 28 Boys for Dar-es-salaam go to Education Offices to be interviewed. R.Ssali in Hospital.

Boys go down for holidays.

Alterations Being made in class rooms.

Cupboards are bricked up. New blackboard 15’ x 4’ put in all classrooms. Whitewashing throughout. New typing tables and trays put in Commercial room. Cupboard being made.

Nov 30 Fr. Minderop informs Fr. Doyle that no 3rd class will come to Namilyango in 1939 and that some of the Makerere Exam students should return to take Certificates here. Their Scholarships being guaranteed for them, when they pass on to Makerere. These three have been informed.

Dec 1 Fr. Billington informed that Budini 3rd class as not to come to Namilyango.

Dec 3 Buddo speech day attended by Pricipal and ataff.

Received refund of 60/- for transport to Makerere College on Nov 4 th.

Dec 9 Principal at textbook commercial meeting at Makerere.

Dec 10 Speech day at Makerere College. Thermometers received.

Dec 11 Speech day at Kisubi College i.e from Kololo.

Dec 12 Scientific apparatus received from Philip Harris and Birmigham.

Dec 24 After re/ Science Apparatus sent to the Director of Education.

Written by B.Doyle - 31-12-38.

Sugar ..........................................14 lb a meal

Salt ............................................ 4lb a meal

Bananas .....................................700lb a meal

Potatoes ................................... 480lb a meal

Maize meal ........................................ 55 lb every mornig one mall

Milk ..............................................3lb every evening

Beans ..........................................45lb a meal

Groundnuts ..................................... 45lb a meal

Tea ..........................................10 Oz each time.

Meat ......................................95 lb once a week (Sun)

Fish .................................... 100 lb once a week (Wed)
Curry ......sometimes...............12 Oz per meal (occasion)


Jan 31 Term commences. 43 boys report.

Form V (School Certificate) - 7

Form IV (Makerere Entrance) - 16

Form IV (Commercial) - 20

Mukumbya, Kaggwa, Ntege, Bamugye and Kabonge have entered Makerere College.

Lulume, Kibulo, Bbosa and Kayongo, who also passed the Makerere Call. Entrance Examination are remaining here to take Cambridge School Certificate in 1940.

Feb 7 Meeting U.E.A (9.30a.m) D/E.

The Director of Education says that it is important that a European Master is appointed for the Commercial Course. Estimates for 1940 should be sent in. The Bishop and E.S. informed.

Feb 19 We played Nsambya Junior Secondary School here. We drew 3-3. The Bishop, Fathers Minderop, Jordan, Preyde and Dean present.

Mar 1 Education Secretary, in reply to Principal’s request says he can give no help towards cost of books required for C.School Certificate class.

Mar 2 Cardinal Pacelli elected Pope Puis XII.

Mar 3 Free Day in honour of Pope.

Mar 7-8 Principal at Vicariate Meeting in Nsambya.

Mar 9 We played Bishop Tucker College at Mukono. We lost 1-2.

Mar 13 21 Primary Teachers (in having at Mukono) visited the College, with Mr. A.R.P.Elliott.

Mar 15 Received voucher for payment of Science apparatus.D/E asked for information as to enrolment of pupils for assessment of prorata grant.

Mar 16 We played Makerere College 2nd XI at Wandegeya. We lost 0-4.

Mar 18 Brother Ignatius sent by E.S. re/ plans for buildings for 1940. Science block. Dining Hall and kitchen plus the dormitory.

Mar 22 D/E says he can give no hellp towards cost of books required for School Certificate class.

May 25 Boys allowed to watch Gossage Cup match:

Uganda 5 Kenya 2

Mar 26 School Calendar received

Meeting in Nsambya re/making Namilyango a full Secondary School. Bishop wants this but Fr. Minerop against it. Fr. Doyle asked to draw up financial Statistics. These given to the Bishop on March 29th.

Mar 31 New Thermometer screen erected.

Apr 1 We played Buddo here. We lost 0-6.

Apr 3 Boys go home.

During the holidays:

Playroom re-whitewashed

4 pictures of H.M. the King pit in rooms.

Shelves put in Commercial room -two lots

Shelves put in Playroom - two lots

Shelves put in Science room - two lots

These wer purchased from House and McGeorge - Shs 160.

New glass case made here for Science room.

Sacristy re-whitewashed.

Dormitory re-whitewashed.

Apr 11 Registers received from E.S.

Apr 13 Shelves put in Geography room.

New roller made for Tennis Courts.

Various windows repaired and glazed.

Apr 18 Second term begins. New Primrose boards put in Commercial room.

Apr 19 Bishop Reesnick came re/distribution of classes.

Apr 28 Temporary run for rabbits erected.

May 13 We played Nkokonjeru at Nkokonjeru. We lost 2-5.

May 18 Ascension day - holiday.

May 23 We played Bishop Tucker College here. We won 3-2.

May 24 Empire day. Usual ceremonies observed.

May 27 Kyaggwe Cup. 1st round. We played Mukono team here and drew 1-1.

May 29 Whit-Monday - holiday.

Jun 2 Bishop Tucker College Vs Makerere College here

2 - 2

Jun 13 Kyaggwe Cup. 1st round replay

Namilyango Vs Mukono team

2 - 2

Tennis matches Vs Bishop Tucker College - 1 match each.

Jun 14 Goal nets bought from Nsambya Procure.

Jun15 Kabaka’s Cup

Namilyango Vs St. Mary’s Kisubi here (Kabaka’s cup)

4 - 1

Jun 16 Goma play Mukono School here.

Jun 17 Nkokonjeru Vs St. Mary’s Kisubi here (Kabaka’s Cup)

2 - 8

Jun18 Spoke to Bishop re/foundation of Old Boys’ Association.

Jun 20 Fr. Matthews came to stay here.

Jun 21 Burglars here. Reported to Police.

Jun 22 Kabaka’s Cup. Namilyango Vs Buddo at Buddo

1 - 6

Police here to investigate burglary.

Jun 24 Mukono Vs St. Mary’s Kisubi here (Kabaka’s Cup)

2 - 1

Jun 26 Kyaggwe Cup. 1st round - 2nd replay.

Namilyango Vs Mukono

4 - 0

Jun 28 Bee-hive made.

Jun 29 Papers read on “Education” by Kibulo, Agunga and Kamya.

Jun 30 Kyaggwe Cup - Semi final

Namilyango Vs Namakwa (P.W.I) at Nakisunga.

0 - 1

Jul 8 Band invited to Salama (Buchamans Estates) for match P.W. D Vs Buchamans. P. W. D won.

Jul 17 New glazed noticeboard made and erected.

Jul 20 Terminal examinations begine (3 subjects only on this day).

Jul 22 Kyagwe cup final Mukono Vs Namakwa (P. W. D) Rare 1-1 Present Mr. Stail, Mr & Mrs. dauntze, Mr. Tomblings, Rev & Mrs. Cole.

Jul 25 Terminal examinations.

Jul 26 Kyagwe cup- fnal replay. Mukono Vs Namakwa, 2-2.

Jul 31 Holiday begine.

Sep 1 Third term begines, 46 boys.

Special form 1V* arranged for five new boys and five from form 1V(M.C.) German attacks aaapoland.

Sep 3 Great Britain and France declare war on Germany.

Sep 5 20 Motor-cycles from Mill Hill Mission requisitioned by government.

Sep 7 Petter sent to D/E re/grant (2nd half).

Sep 28 The apostolic delegate called for a few minutes, enroute for west coast.

Oct 4 Budo, Kisubi and Namilyango to conduct junior secondry examinations- (circular 10).

Oct 5 Circular regestration examinations sent out.

Examiners appointed-Namilyango-English Maht& Boilogy

Nsambya-Physiology &Hygiene

Budini - Goegraphy

Gulu - History.

Oct 9 Kings day holiday- Tennis tournament held.

Oct 14 Final of Tennis tournament.

Aganga Vs Nansawo

6 - 2

6 - 4

2 racquets given as prizes.

The Director of Educatin writes in the Annual Report of the Education Department for the year ended 31st.

December, 1938, as follows:-

“At Namilyango the year was one of marked progress.The

staff was strengthened; the numbers increased; biology was effectively taught; the commercial class was given more intensive training; the buildings and equipment were improved and well maintained; indoor as well as outdoor recreation was suitably emphasized and regular medical inspections were held. In addition Scouting was fostered, a band was maintained and the house system improved its organization.

At the end of the year the students did extremely well in the Makerere College entrance examination, and in general the school upheld its reputation for solid work.”

(pp. 22 & 23 - 108)

Oct 25 Makerere College Examination begins. Mr. Sec invigilates 13 candidates.

Oct 26 Makerere College Exam. Mr. Turner, Principal invigilates and interviews candidates.

Oct 27 Makerere College Exam. Mr. Sec invigilates. Fr. Jordan, Nsambya and Brothers Camillus, Gulu called.

Oct 30- Annual retreat, given by Fr.B.Robinson.

Nov 2

Nov 14 Results of Makerere Entrance Examination:

Passed Too young Borderline Failed


Wasswa.A Wandera.J Muyamba.A. Musoke.A.

Agunga.A Serebe.W Sekamanya.X. Wairagala.Z.






Nov 16 Arranged with the Principal, Makerere College that:-

A.Kibulo, C.Sulume, S.Bbosa and L.Kayongo (who passed Makerere College Examination in 1938) should also enter Makerere College in 1940 since:

(a) Cambridge School Certificate (for which these boys were preparing) is not acceptable at Makerere College.

(b) Cambridge School Certificate will not be held overseas in July, 1940.

© We have no guarantee that the Scholarships awarded to these four boys in 1938, will revert to them later.

For the sake of the boys themselves, it was thought better to let them enter Makerere College quam primum (Verb herbito cum D/E and Bishop).

Nov 20 Tennis ladder instituted. New court used.

Nov 22 H.H.Kabaka Daudi Chwa died.

Nov 24 H.H.Kabaka Daudi Chwa buried. Boys attend furneral.

Investiture of H.H Kabaka Muteesa II aged 15 years.

Nov 27 Free day for the new Kabaka.

Dec 1 Debate held “That England is not doing enough in the war”.

Proposers: A Makerere student.

A agunga

Opposers: A Makerere student

C. Sulume.

Martin defeated 16-11.

Mr. C.Matthew, Infromatin Officer was in the chair.

Dec 4 Junior Secondary Examination began.

Dec 14 Holidays began.

Dec 19 Fr. Fox from Nsambya and Brother Laurence appointed to Namilyango College.

Dec 21 Fr. Strater appointed to Budini Mission.

Dec 28 Namilyango College to become full Secondary School.

Joseph Sngonzi (Makerere Master) appointed here.

Half of class III from Nsambya to be transfered to Namilyango.

Results of Junior Secondary Examinations sent to the Department.

Budini = 7 candidates - 6 passes

Gulu = 7 candidates

Nsambya = 19 candidates. 4 passed.

31st December 1939.


Jan 10 Teaching Bursaries (@ 300/-) awarded to:-

A.Wasswa, A. Agunga, A.Lugolobi, C, Okol, Y. Muyanju at Makerere College.

One other student awarded Bursary @ Shs 250.

Five other students awarded Bursaries @ Shs 240.

Therefore, eleven Bursaries for the students (Letter M.C.27 XII)

Eleven entrants.

School Captain is A.Kayanja

Hanlon Captain is A.Kayanja

Hanlon Vice Captain is G.Ntale

Biermans Captain is G.Mwanga

Biermans Vice Captain is A.Lugolobi

Campling Captain is J.Kalema

Campling Vice Captain is C.K.Ssali

and V.C.Kakande.

Jan 18 Fr.Fox arrived.

Jan 22 Bro. Lawrence arrived.

Jan 23 Junior Secondary Examinations

Collated mark schedules

Subject mark schedules

and Specimen answer scripts, handed into Department.

Jan 27 Marks for above examination sent to Nsambya.

Mugambe and Musoke passed Railway School Examinations.

Feb 1 1st tem begins. There are 60 students and the College is


Feb 6 Scout troop re-started.

Feb 9 Dr. O’Sullivan here for Medical Inspection.

Feb 16 Bishop called. Mr. James (A.D.C Mengo) called.

Feb18 Football colours given to A.Kayanja of V. Kalema.

Feb 21 Match against Nsambya J.S.School at Nsambya. We lost 1-10.

Feb 28 10,000 bricks bought from Mission at Shs 400. New latrines and bathrooms for staff being built.

Feb 29 Cricket introduced. 1st game today.

Mar 3 Fr. Minderop here re/ land.

Mar 6 Amisadai Lubogo, pupil in Class IV, died in Nsambya Hospital.

Mar 8 Bishop called.

Mar 12 Mr. Parry, Chief Inspector with Mr. Lang of Zanzibar came and inspected the school.

Mar 14 New Bedcovers given out. New school missals given out. Dr. O’Sullivan has Medical Inspection.

Mar 15 Mr. Miller, Senior Surveyor came re/ surveying school to be started at Entebbe.

Mar 16 Bishop called.

Mar 21 H.H.Wood, Comm of Scouts, inspected our Scout Troop - 91. Mr. Crabble came with him. Mr. J.Sengonzi presented with his Scoutmaster’s Warrant.

Mar 23 Campfire. Scouts gave entertainment at 8.00p.m. Juniors attended.

Mar 25 Entertainment given by students in playroom. Very good.

Mar 28 Omw.S.Wamala Sekibobo called.

Mar 30 Mr. F.Sukyn Williams, Information Officer came to lecture on the war.

Apr 3 Saw D/E re/ new buildings.

Apr 4 Saw Fr. Hughes , Education Secretary General, re/new Buildings.

Apr 5 Fr. Hughes visits the College.

Apr 6 Bishop came re/new buildings and then went to see Fr. Hughes. Applications to be sent for new Dormitory. Saw Bishop in the evening. He agrees to put up 200pounds or 300 pounds towards the building.

Apr 7 Wrote to Dr. Hughes telling of the Bishop’s order.

Apr 12 Saw Fr. Hughes and Bishop re/buildings.

Fr. Hughes agrees to divert 439pounds from Rwanda towards our building.

Apr 13 Ukelele band formed.

Apr 16 Mr.J.Sengonzi transferred to Budini.J.S.School.

Apr 17 Fr.Minderop agrees to pay any small excess on typewriters. Fr. Minderop agrees to allot 385 pounds only to College out of our annual grant of 1,500pounds from Government. Bishop agrees to pay for new latrines and bathrooms for Staff.

Apr 18 Sent list of Scholarships to Fr. Minderop. Costs 680/- or 710/-.

Apr 20 Paul Kiwendo appointed as teacher here.

Apr 23 Paul Kiwendo arrives.

Apr 24 Attendance Registers received.

Bishop pays 38-9-00 pounds towards latrines and bathrooms.

May 1 First terminsl examinations begin.

May 2 Ascension day. Holiday. Butterfly Cabinet brought from Iganga.

May 9 Term ends.

May 10 Commercial room re-whitewashed and re-arranged. Primrose boards removed.

May 13 6 typewriters ordered. Wrote to D/E to make arrangements to imprt them free of duty.

May 24 Bishop tells the Principal that he wants to remove all boarders from Nsambya Junior Secondary School at the end of this year and that we also take overflow from Budini.

May 26 Second lot of war pictures brought on loan by Sekibobo.

May 27 Diningroom re-whitewashed.

May 28 New harmonium bought for Chapel. Bishop brought Gestetner Lotary Duplicate for Commercial class (any variate circulars will be done here).

Bishop inspects buildings and decides that we can find room for Nsambya boarders.

Staff latrines and bathrooms ready for use.

Boys return.

May 30 Mr. Crable of Makerere College is here re/Maths. Teaching in Secondary Schools.

May 31 Mr. Crable here.

Jun 5 Bishop gave me a list of boys in Nsambya Junior Secondary School, who are to come here. Total will be about 180 boys.

Jun 8 Kyaggwe cup.

Namilyango Vs Mukono at Mukono

Draw 0 - 0

Jun 9 Boys go to Namugongo. Martyrs feast. Bishop Kiwanuka preached.

Jun 10 Kabaka’s cup. Railway Vs Mukono here (re-play)

3 - 0

Italy declares war on England and France.

Jun 11 Boys vaccinated.

Jun 18 France capitulates.

Jun 20 “War acres” - Planling of cotton to be sold to help Uganda War fund - begun.

Jun 25 Two telephones bought from Post Office for Commercial class practice.

Jun 30 Re-Union of Old Boys. O.Bs association formed .

The patron is His Excellency the Bishop.

The President is John Mulls Mugwanya.

The Vice President is Prince Joseph.

Hon. Vice President is Fr. Minderop.

Chaplain is the Principal.

Hon. Secretary is Mr. Joseph Bampadde.

Asst. Hon. Sec is Mr. G.K. Roch

Hon Treasurer is Peter Basajjasubi.

Hon. Asst. Treasurer is Constans Masembe.

Committee : John Kafeero, John Kyegombe

Hippolylus as the School captain.

Past Vs Present football match

3 - 1

Below is an extract from “The Uganda Herald” of 31st June, 1940.


----: o :----

Last Sunday the 30th june, 1940, Namilyango old boys held their first Reunion meeting at Namilyango college under the management of the Rev. B Doyle, theprincipal. Over a hundred and fifty attended, coming from far and near. The day’s proceeding commenced with a Sung Mass at 9.15 a.m., all present and joining in the singing most lustily. Holy mass over, and after an interval of about an hour, the meeting commenced at 11 a.m. The Rev. Father principal addressed the gathering.

He commenced by welcoming them all back to their Alma Mater and commented on the uniqueness of the occasion seeing that it was the first time that Namilyango Old boys had met on a similar business since 1902! Thirty-eight years, he said, had been long enough for any people to deliberate what they should do; and so, he hoped that the day’s functions would be a succes.

Digging up in the achives of the college, he went on, he had come across one of the earliest College Log Books- presumably the first of its kind-for 1902, in which the first entry dated the 7th may, 1902, read as follows :- “ The Bishop conferred the Sacrament of confermation to 6 boys...”: this, argued the Rev. Speaker, was proof enough that the school was in existence then at any rate.

Namilyango College was the first Boarding School to exist in Uganda; and, was it not strange, that it should have been the last of its kind to form its own Reunion Association! The attendence, said Father Doyle, had turned out to be more than it had been expected, but certainly not more than the College Authorities had catered for. There were there present very old “Old Boys”, who dug the foundation of the school; and there were also those that came after in endless succession up to the present students. Whose age is, in almost all cases, twice below the seniority age of their elders. True by far the greatest number of Namilyango Old Boys were missing, but the numerous letters of regret received from those that had not been able to attend expressed ample satisfaction that they all welcomed the idea of forming their own Reunion Association and that they expressed their readiness and willingness to concur with whatever resolutions or arrangements that should be made in their

absence. Among all absentees, however, one Old Boy was most distinctly conspicuous by his absence: and that was the Rev. John Eneku, a Namilyango graduate who entering the Sacred Ministry had been stationed somewhere in the Eastern Province, and had,

therefore, not been able to attend, having proceeded on tour. His Lordship, however, had expressed his wishes and favour for the formation of the association. The Bishop, continued Father Doyle, had made plans to convert Namilyango into a full Secondary as from early next year. He had asked the staff to do all they could to provide accomodation for atleast between 160and 170 boarders.

The preliminary talks about the formation of this association had begun early last August, when it was arranged that the first official meeting should be held in October. But owing to the outbreak of hostilities the meeting had had to be postponed till now.

The objects in the formation of the association of the association were three:-

(a) to band all Namilyango Old Boys together, no matter how far apart they may be scartered;

(b) To foster and promote mutual assistance, both spiritual and temporal ;

© establish and link between the old and the present Boys. The idea of the association was not merely that of a club, people hold tea-parties and other entertainments. It should be more than that: a large family with one mother house to which all should return at least once a year for re-union: a family in which the members should assist one another in the best way they could. Old boys should not be the only beneficiaries of their fellow old boys’ kindness. The alma matter should hold a special place in the heart of each boy; and all support should be given to it for the purpose of helping it to exist and to produce more “sons” . Turning to the financial side of the college life, the Rev. Father Principal expressed regret that they were not well off at all: they could just manage to keep afloat. As an example of the present needs and requirements of the college, he mentioned the chapel, which, he said, was “getting too small” as it had been observed during the service.

It was not proper to look upto government for assistance for the building of a new chapel: it was better the boys did the job themselves, although Government had promised to help towards the building funds. There had been similar promises given, but owing to the present hostilities, the promised help was as yet not forthcoming, but it was still expected. All should subscribe for the building of a new and more spacious chapel. For the Chapel was the spiritual center block of every institution.

The Rev. speaker then proposed that officers of the association be elected and that other items, such as fixing amount for entrance fee and annual subscription, etc. be discussed, before the Association would be declared in being. Officers were accordingly elected as follows

Mr. John Mulloy Mugwanya (President);

Prince Joseph (Vice-President); Mr.

Joseph Bampadde (Secretary);

Mr. G.K. Rock (Asst. Secretary);

Mr. Peter Basajja (Treasurer);

Mr.C.Masembe (Asst.Treasurer).

The following gentlemen were elected as non-official members:- Messrs. John Kyegombe; H.Nalka, Kafeero and the College Head Football Captain.

It was decided that an entrance fee of Shs 10/- and an annual subscription of Shs 2/- be paid by each Old Boy for life membership. Free membership was opened to Namilyango Makerere students who desire to become members.

Following the election of officers, the new President made a speech in which he started by saying (in English): “Now that I have been elected to the office of the President, I accept it. You have now a President hwo speaks Luganda”. Then, continuing (in Luganda), Mr. Mulloy said as he had accepted leadership from his fellow Old Boys, they should not desert him as he would certanly fail in his duties if they did. Exhorting his fellows to work, pool and pull together, he mentioned that before any other buildings should be put up on the college premises, the chapel problem should be put on the college premises, the chapel problem should be seriously considered and solved. The erection of a chapel of each in the heart of each of us was, of course, the more important; nevertheless, the necessity for more ample praying space on the college premises was equallly important and pressing.

Then there followed a grand , which all present enjoyed. It was a musical dinner with the college playing all the while. There was complete harmony between the music produced on the kettle drums and the flutes and that produced by the constant clanking of the knife, fork and spoon and the less subdued sound of over 150 strong masculice sets of molars.

Holy Benediction followed at 3.15p.m. and then a jolly tea-party was held during which a number of witty extempore speeches were delivered. One gentleman (speaker) demanding a loud cheer every time he paused, which request was amply complied with. Looking about the room and taking stock of the faces, he remarked that it was extraordinary that he wasn’t the only extraordinary member among the ordinary members. The speaker then proposed three cheers for the Principal of the college, and one cheer for himself! Tea over, all repaired to the college football ground for a “clumsy” princely match. It was a game - a friendly game between the Old Boys and the present students. The Old team was complete in all respects, consisting of experienced men, like Princ Joseph as centre-forward. It was indeed a “clumsy” game, but not so much on the old side as on the young side, seeing that the latter lost by one goal to five. The referee (the Rev Fox) controlled the game very well; but there were some who thought that he was inclined to be more charitable than just on some occassions - at least in favour of the “old stages”.

It was about 7 p.m. when all visitors left the heights of Namilyango hill.

An extract from the “UGANDA HERALD” on the 24th July, 1940.



--------------------: o :------------------

Dear Sir,

With reference to the account of the Namilyango Old Boys’ Meeting appearing on your issue of the 3rd July, I wish to mention a few points which were omitted, viz: The Principal is reported to have mentioned that among the Old Boys there is a Fr. John Eneku; he ( the principle) possibly did not know that one of the Old Boys is now a Brother in the Society of The Christian Teaching Brothers who are in charge of Kisubi College and other subsidiary schools in the Vicariate of the White Fathers in Uganda. I am informed that the name of this Brother before he assumed another (religious) name was Joseph Sebowa.

One other interesting event of the day was that at the conclusion of the football match the Old Boys played the School Band and the whole group of the old comrades “formed fours” behind the Band and marched past round the football ground and then towards the school ground to close up their happy evening.

By the way I am told that Namilyango School Band was the first brass band in the Uganda Protectorate, having been introduced into the country by the Rev. Fr. Jackson in the year 1908.

Yours etc.,



P.O.Box 381, KAMPALA

The OLD BOYS’ REUNION will be held at the College on SUNDAY, JUNE 30 th, 1940.

Old Boys who intend to be present should inform the Principal before June 26th.

SUNG MASS .............. 9.45a.m (Official Time)

MEETING .............. 11.00 a.m.

LUNCH .............. 1.00 p.m.

BENEDICTION ............. 3.15 p.m


Jul 2 Cricket Malling bought.

Jul 3 Kabaka’s Cup. Kyaggwe Vs Natete at Namilyango

6 - 0

( 5 College boys play in the Kyaggwe team)

Jul 6 Kyaggwe Cup - Re-Play

Namilyango Vs Mukono (at Namilyango)

1 - 0

Principal’s Bathroom finished.

New steps being built to staff kitchen.

Jul 13 Kabaka’s Cup - 2nd round at Nakivubo.

Kyaggwe Vs Government Press

5 - 2

Jul 15 New steps and terracing on North side.

Jul 17 Kyaggwe Cup.

Namilyango Vs Nsambwe at Nsambwe

7 - 3

Jul 19 2 glass cases & 1 counter bought from D.L. patel press. science for telephone received.

Jul 25 Kabaka’s cup. Semi-final at Nakivubo

Kyagwe Vs Nsambya

1 - 4

Jul 25 Bp. called.

Aug 1 Namilyango college Vs Nsambya S.S. School at Namilyango

2 - 2

Aug 3 “War acres” - planting - 3 plots - completed

Aug 8 Telephones joined up between commercial room and principals house. Holidays began.

Aug 10 Bp.called.

Aug 12 Bp. called.

Owing to some students taking up positions, captains are now as follows:

Hanlone House Burmans House Bampling House

A Kayanja S Kakande R Ssali

P Male A Mbagizi M Nansawo

School captain A.Kayanja.

Aug 15 Went to inquire about Mr. Bateman’s Kohler plant.

Brother Paurence goes on holiday.

Fr.Laupel and Fox goon holiday.

Aug 17 Approved plans for new domitory received.

Aug 19 Uganda Education Association: Annual conference at Makerere.

Aug 20 Kabaka Mutesa 2, accompanied by the Katikiro, the Sekibobo and Mr. Herbert paid a visit to the college.

Piano, bought from Kampala club, 2 glass-cases and 1 cunter, bought from Patel press, arrived here.

Aug 21 The Headmaster went to tea with H.H, the Kabaka at the Sekibobo’s, Mukono.

Aug 22 Bought Kohler sighling plant for G. Bateman, easy, shs


Aug 23 D/E consents that V Nsumba, N.O, B, at Makerere should get special training there to enable him to teach science in junior classes here next year. This has been arranged with the principal, M.C.

Letter L 23.

He will receive a temporary licence to teach from D/E for 1941, in the first instance. This will then be reviewed later.

Aug 25 Fr. Laupel and Fox returned.

Aug 29 Arranged with Bishop that Fr. Oan Oerle will build new dormitary.

Aug 31 Dormitory measured out.

Sep 2 Dormitry begun.

Sep 3 Electric sight plant arrived.

Sep 4 Installation of electric light begun by Fr. Laupel Brother Laurence returned.

Sep 6 New cupboard -Table for Duplicator and a counter put in commercial room. Engine rouse begun.

Sep 10 Boys return 3rd Term begins.

Sep 14 Fr. Fox sick.

Sep 17 Fr. Fox taken to Nsambya.

Sep 22 Bishop called.

Sep 26 Fr. Fox returned.

Oct 1 Import licence, for 6 under wood type writers from America received.

Decided to build a second new Dormitry- money to be borrowed , bricks, floor- tiles, windows are ordered

Oct 5 Old tanks near Hanlon dormitory and those near science room encased in cement.

Engine put in power- house.

Oct 8 Foundation of second new dormitory (campling dormitory) begun.

Oct 9 Four boxes of eucalyptus trees recieved. They are being planted on east of compound.Fr. Doyle saw Mr. Parry re/loan for campling dormitory. Fr. Minderop is to send an official application.

Below is an extract from the “UGANDA HERALD” on the 9th October, 1940.

Mr. Joseph Bampadde Appointed Gombolola Chief

21 Years’ service with Messrs,

Hunter and Greing


Among the 25 Gombolola appointments that were onferred last Monday at Mengo, one went to Mr. Joseph ampadde, African head clerk of Messrs. Hunter and reig, Advocates, Kampala. Mr. Bampadde has been appointed Sabawali of Buwekula county.

Mr. Bampadde, who has spent 26 years in Kampala, is one of the first graduates of Namilyango College. His first appoinment on leaving school was at the District Commissioner, Mengo’s Office as clerk ... He then went on active service in the last war as amember of the K.A.R. When the war finished, he joined Messrs. Hunter and Greig in 1919, for whom he has worked for a period of 21 years.

Mr. Bampadde is a member of the Educational Board, Mengo District; of the “Discharged Prisoners Aid Society” and also a member of the “Buganda Committee” (Uganda War Fund). He is President of Nsambya - Namilyango Old Boys’ Clib as also Hon. Secretary of Namilyango Old Boys’ Association. We wish Mr. Bampadde every blessing in his new undertaking and Kampala will miss his cheerful personality.

Oct 11 Saw Fr. Minderop re/application for the loan (400 pounds).

Oct 12 Electric light used for the first time. The whole plant and installation has been paid for by the European Staff out of Maintenance allowance.

Oct 13 College Magazine - Staff elected

Editor - A. Mbayizi

Asst. Editor - M. Nansawo

Diarist - C. Kizito

Asst. Diarist - F. Simon

Business Manager - J. Nyika

Asst. Business Manager - C. Kabogoza.

Oct 14 King’s Day

House Sports held





100 yds

5 (Katerega)


3 (Kisaka)

1 mile


8 (Matovu &



220 yds

5 (Katerega)

4 (Khalete &



Long jump

5 (Kayanja)


3 (Kisaka)

Half mile


3 (Khalete)

5 (Kisaka)

¼ mile


5 (Nyika)

3 (Adede)

Half mile relay




High jump


3/5 (Nyuka)

4’11 ½”

6 (Kawesa)

Mile relay












Cinema pictures, loaned by Information Officer, shown in the evening.

Oct 16 Fr. Doyle saw Mr. Sykes re/loan.

Oct 18 Fr. Doyle saw Mr. Sykes re/loan.

Oct 19 Eucalytus trees being planted.

Oct 25 Tennis matches N.C. Vs Mukono

5 sets - 0


The following pupils of this school have passed the Junior Secondary Exaintion held in December 1940.

Kizza Andrew

Kawekwa Patrick

Lule Hippolytus

Kawesa Peter

Damulira Kosea

Masedde Paul

Kawalya Desmond

Lwanga George

Mubiru Hilary

Kimbowa Alexander

Joel Albert

Kagoda Victor

Mukasa Kassim.



Oct 29 Two trees for flagstaffs bought from Forestry Department.

6 Underwood Typewriters arrived.

Oct 30 Steps to football field being built.

Oct 31 Mr. Lukyn Williams, Information Officer, gave a talk to the boys.

Nov 1 All Saints. Free day.

Nov 3 Namilyango Old Boys’ Association give tea party in Nsambya in honour of J. Bampadde.

Nov 4 Set of “Linguaphone” English conversation records bought Shs 150/-

Building grant for second new Dormitory (Campling - instead of loan applied for) of 625 pounds by government. Letter B 21 /B/IV of 31/X/40.

Makerere College Entrance Examination Papers arrived to be given unopened to Invigilator each day.

4 more cinema films lent to us by Information Officer.

Nov 5 Five pupils go to Nakivubo for the heats of the Protectorate Sports. Relay team reaches the final.

Nov 7 Bishop and Father Wheatley came to see the buildings.

Nov 9 Cement floors put in staff kitchen and in the boys’ house.

Nov 11 Letter from D/E that the second new Dormitory is not on site plan and D.M.S will not approve the building or the grant before this is rectified.

Nov 12 Makerere College Entrance Examinations began. 2 candidates, that is, A.Mbayizi and J. Wandere. This is because we have no VI class this year, so no candidates. These two have a good chance.

Infirmary re-whitewashed. Verandah near Chapel being cemented. Boys are filling up Dormitory floors during manual work periods. Principals on Biermans dormitory.

Nov 13 Fr. Doyle and Fr. Laupel went to Entebbe. D.M.S approved and ammended the site plan.

Nov 14 Makerere Exams ended. Cinema show in the evening.

Nov 16 Manuscripts for the Magazine all ready.

Nov 18 Half-grant (313 pounds) for Campling Dormitory paid. C. 9.sheets put on Biermans dormitory.

New Algebra books are received from G. Bell yes.

Nov 20 Dr. Boase, P.M.O. Buagand inspected the new Buildings.

Nov 26 New tables for typewriters ordered.

Nov 27 Work on new Dormitories going on at night. Temporary installation of electric light there.

Nov 28 Two glass-cases, one table, six chairs bought from Nairobi Emporium, Kampala.

Bishop called.

Nov 29 Terminal exams began.

Nov 30 Boys went to the Railway to see the new Governor pass. He was not visible.

Our two candidates, that is, A.Mboyizi and J. Wandera have passed the Makerere College Entrance Examinations. Both are awarded Scholarships.

Dec 2 Verandah round Dining room and Infrimary cemented.

Dec 5 New Dormitories inspected by P.W.D. Engineer.

Dec 9 Boys go home. Arnold Agunga (O.B), a Makerere student died today in Mulago Hospital. He was buried at Namilyango by Fr. Doyle.

Mr.Marriott and students represented Makerere College. Dr. Frowell also attende the funeral.

Dec 11 Fr. Van Oerle, who has been building the new dormitories. left for Iganga. Roof woodwork is complete on Campling Dormitory.

Dining room divided to make two classrooms. All rooms, inside and outside, have been re-whitewashed.

Dec 21 Fr.J.Kasaja and Fr. R.Kayengo, ordained priests at Gaba today. They paid a visit to Namilyango.

Dec 26 Bishop called. Fr. Doyle went on a retreat at Nyenga.

December 26th to 30th.









































47..H.LULE I
































































































SCHOOL CAPTAIN ............................M.NANSAWO HANLON HOUSE CAPTAIN ........P.MPINGA HANLON HOUSE V.C .............




CAMPLING HOUSE..V.C ..........








































BATHROOMS on the WEST are to be used by the Senior Secondary School.

BATHROOMS on the EAST are to be used by the Junior Secondary School.

BATHROOMS must be CLEANED after use.



Jan 2 Night Latrines being built.

Jan 7 New Kitchen begun. Bro.Lawrence goes into retreat at Nyenga.

Jan 15 Botton-picking (war acres) begun.

Jan 20 Tiled floors being put in bampling Dormitory

Jan 22 John Sentamu of Basajasubi appointed to the staff.

Jan 31 Boys come back. 125 boys. the boarders from the Junior Secondary School at Nsambya transferred to Namilyango.

The staff is as follows:-

Fr. B.Doyle



Bro. Lawrence






School captain is A.Kayanja.

House Captains:










Feb 9 Sunday masses said in Junior Boys’ School for the present.

Feb 11 P.M.O (Buganda) came to inspect new buildign. He was quite satisfied with the new Dormitories, as well as with the night latrines and kitchen (in course of erection).

Feb 12 Stone Room, done up and cement floor put in to serve as a teachers’ common room.

Name-plates put over all doors in school builings . P.W.D Engineer (Mr. Parker) came for final inspection

of new dormitories - passed. The sum of 60.10.0 pounds is owing to the College in respect of these builings.

Feb 15 BishopReesnick came to address the boys - he stayed to lunch.

Feb 17 Some “war acres” cotton sold - 671lb = shs. 63/25.

Feb 20 Namilyango College VS Bishop Tucker College football

2 - 3

Feb 28 Very heavy rain from 5.30 am. till 12.15 pm scouts have now be resuscitated with Mr. Nsumba as scoulmaster. Moses. Sentamu, Kiwendo and Mukasa look after physical Training.

Mar 4 ......................................

Medical inspection

Mar 3 ......................................


Recieved windvane and Wet and Dry Bulb Thermometers from the Meteorological Dept.

Namilyango Vs Makerere at Namilyango.

4 - 3

Messrs Jowitt, Turner, Sec and Ouseley came for the match.

Mar 9 Sketch plan of Dinning Hall drawn.

Mar11. Fr and Sarmar B.A(Durham) appointed to Namilyango Roof of new Kitchen began.

Mar 14. Fr. Sarmar Plan for Dinning Hall sent to Fr. Munderop.

Mar 15. We played Kisubi at and lost 1-6.

Mar 18. We played Mukono J.School at Mukono and won 2-3.

Mar 19. St Joseph’s Day free day.

weighing machine bought.

Mar 29. Kenya VsUganda.

4 - 3 (after extra time).

Mar 30. Old Boy’s assition committee visited college.

Mar 31. Bishop called.

Apr 1 Namilyango Vs Njere -here.

5 - 0

Apr 3 Cementing of School verandah finished.

Apr 10 Maunday Thursday. Sung mass in college.

Apr 14 Bucket Match -Namilyango boll Vs Mill hill Fathers, game drawn.

Apr 16 Terminal Examinations begun.

Apr 19 Fr. M. Fox appointed Chaplain to the Stores.

Apr 22. FR.M.Fox left.

Five iron lamp . standards Bought from Township authority.

Apr 23 Boys left ,great railway accident at mile 5.

(Kinawataka)-Mombasa train derailed. S.Baker, one of our boys hurt in the accident,about 20 killed..Fr. Doyle Walser and Jaupel went there.

Apr 24 Sketch plan (Architects) received from Fr. Minderop.

Apr 26 Sketch plan (Architects) returned to Fr. Minderop.

Apr 27 Prefect Apostolic of Juba called.

Apr 30 First number of Namilyango College Magazine ready.

May 1 Tiling of new kitchen begun.

May 4 Bishop called.

May 10 Terracing between Biermans and Campling begun.

New bed-covers made.

May 16 Retreat for Makerere students.

May 17 Given by Fr. M.McCray.

May 18 23 students attend.

May 23 Second term began.

May 28 54 new small nussals from B.O.W. received.

90 more still to come.

Jun 2 Cricket match between The Mill Hill Fathers Vs Namilyango College. The fathers won.

The Mill Hill Fathers team comprised of Fathers Qugley, Doyle, Farmar, Laupel, Fox, Dean, Delaney, Rippon, Hughes, Brothers Anthony and Lawrence. The Bishop was present.

Jun 7 Kabaka’s Cup. 1st Dual Round.

Namilyango College Vs P.W.D (Transport) at Wandegeya. Namilyango lost by 2-3.

Jun 9 Windvane erected.

Jun 11 Bases for flag-staffs begun. Kitchen plastered and floor tiled.

Jun 13 “Rounders” introduced.

Jun 20 Large astronomical map, made by the Bishop and presented by him to Namilyango College, arrived today and was put in the Playroom.

Jun 22 Martyrs’ Day at Namugongo.

Jun 23 Education Department Inspection.

Messrs Parry, Snoxall, Soundy and Marriat are the inspectors.

Jun 25 Kabaka’s Cup.

Replay. Kyaggwe Vs Entebbe played here

1 - 1

Some of our boys played for Kyaggwe.

Bishop Reesnick brought a Demonstration Bee-hive. This has been put in the Science room.

Jun 28 Kyaggwe Vs Entebbe. Replay at Nakivubo.

1 - 3

Jun30 We played Nsambya Junior Secondary School at Nsambya and lost 1 - 3.

Jul 2 Free afternoon introduced on Wednesday at the instance of the inspectors. The staff is to be completely free from School activities.

Jul 4 Messrs Parry and Snoxall came for a conference with Staff, regarding matters arising from the recent School Inspection.

The Bishop called.

Jul 9 Fr. Fox and other Chaplains left for Nairobi.

Jul 15 Bishop Hifferman, Fathers Omeara and Kawanajh C.Ssp called.

Jul 17 Bishop Hifferman C.S.Sp visited the College.

Jul 24 Letter from D/E (tentative offer of a wireless set - offer accepted).

Fr. Farmar saw Dr. O’Sullivan has a stomach complaint.

Jul 25 Tennis match here.

Namilyango Vs Mengo J.S.School

Games 9 - 18

Messrs Sempa and Nkata Mukasa came with the team.

Jul 26 Boys kitchen completely finished. Iron sheets for ovens cut by transport Dept (Mr. Dixon)

Two new flag-staffs now completed.

Jul 30 Namilyango Vs Nakisunga here.

3 - 2

All boys vaccinated.

Jul 31 Second term Examinations begin.

Encl ..E...2


Introductory General Science ... Parsons.

An introduction to Biology ... Hatfield.

First Year of Scientific Knowledge ... Brett.

Tropical Hygiene for Schools ... Evans.

Elementary course in Tropical Hygiene .. Blacklock.

Object Lessons In Elementary Science ... Stages. I,IV,V,VI,VII Murche.

Elementary Agriculture ... Staples.


Explanatory Catechism of Christian Doctrine.

Life and Teaching of Christ .. Wood and Harding.

Scripture Manuals for Catholic Schools:

St. John ... Rickaby

Acts of the Apostles ...Burge.


Highroads Dictionary.

Luganda Grammar .. White Fathers.

Practical Bookkeeping and Accounts .. Parts I & II..Favell.

Pitman’s Business Typewriting .. Hollis.

Gregg’s Shorthand.

Palmer Writing Series.


Aug 4 Omw. Nsubuga, Gombolola Chief Goma, called.

Aug 5 Frs. Farmar and Laupel went on holiday.

Aug 6 Boys went home. Brothe Lawrence went on Holiday.

Aug 13 Playroom and Science room re-decorated.

Aug 18 Brother Lawrence returned. Bishop called.

Aug 20 Bishop brought Dining Hall plan. Brother Ludger to superintend the building.

Aug 21 Notified D/E that the plan had arrived.

Aug 22 Fr.R.SIempt died in a European hospital R.I.P.

Aug 25 Dining Hall begun.

Aug 26 Brother Ludger arrived. Mr. Parry came with an Inspection report (rough copy).

Aug 27 Bishop called.

Sept 5 Third term began.

Sept 12 Dining Hall completed with 18,000 bricks. 8000/- received. 50% of the grant.

Circular re/Junior Secondary Exam received.

Sept 13 Plane-table bought for the Geography room.

Sept 15 Bishop called to see the new building.

Sept 16 III class challenged the “Rest” at sports.

Class III won.

Window frames in one side of the Dining Hall.

Sept 18 III Class played “Rets” at football and won.

Sept 22 New desks in VI, V(Comm), III and I.

Sept 27 Inspection report received.

Sept 28 Bishop called.

Oct 1 Benediction every Thursday in October at 8.45p.m.

Oct 10 All boys provided with second pairs of blue shorts.

Namilyango Vs Mukono (Fottball)

3 - 1

Oct 12 Old Boy’s annual Re-union.

Past Vs Present

2 - 4

Oct 13 King’s Day. House sports held. Mr. Jowwitt called.

Oct 15 Namilyango College Vs Namilyango Team (football)

2 - 0

Oct 17 Namilyango College Vs Nsambya J.S.School (Football)

7 - 1

Oct 19 Bishop called.

Oct 21 Fr. Carless (Senior Army Chaplain) and Fr. Fox called.

Oct 23 Omw. S.Muyinda, new Sekibobo, called.

Oct 25 Old Budonians Club invited Fathers Doyle and Laupel to tea to welcome the new Katikiro.

Oct 26 Lukiiko invited to College by the Headmaster.

Nov 1 All Saints. Free Day.

The Katikiro, Omulamuzi, Omuwanika, Saza and Gombolola Chiefs and Balonjole, visited College.

Owekitibwa S.S. Wamala, Katikiro of Buganda hoisted the College flag on a new flag-staff. Chiefs inspected School and had tea in the Grounds.

Nov 4 Makerere College Entrance Examination began.

Mr. N.Lee invigilated. There were 5 candidates ( 3 possible passes).

Nov 5 Mr. W. Soundy invigilated.

10 boys go to Nakivubo for heats of Protectorate Sports.

Kibirige for ½ mile

Lugali for the High Jump

Olinja for the Long Jump.

Olinja for the Hop-Skip-Jump.

All the boys qualified for finals.

Nov 6 Mr.G.C.Turner, Principal, Makerere College invigilated.

Nov 16 Bishop gave conference. Fr. Laverty.C.F. called.

Nov 17 Junior Secondary Examination bagan.

Nov 20 Junior Secondary Examination finished.

Nov 22 Kizito and Onyango passed the Makerere College Entrance examination.

Retreat given by Fr. P. Wasswa beagn.

Nov 26 Retreat ended.

Nov 27 Terminal Examinations began.

Nov 29 C.Kizito, R.Onyango and H.Wanzala went to Kampala to sit for the Cambridge School Certificate Examination.

Nov 30 Ernest Rapp down with Blackwater. Dr. Trowell took him to Mulago.

Dec 1 John C. Kibuka (of Secondary IV (Comm)) gave blood transfusion to E.Rapp (Large number of boys volunteered for transfusion).

Dec 2 E.Rapp died in Mulago at 5.30a.m in R.I.P. He was buried by Fr.Doyle at the College at 3.00p.m.

Dining Hall inspected by P.W.D. inspection.

Dec 3 Holidays began.

Dec 4 Bishop called. Fr. Farmar went to Bukeddi with him.

Dec 11 Flag-pole (iron) erected on side of football field.

Dec 12 Chapel removed to former Dining Room (in Campling) Old pantry becomes Socrisyy.

Old Chapel divided into 2 classrooms.

Old Sacristy to be Classroom. New window in Staffroom. Geography and Handworkk being knocked into one room for a commercial (Practical) room.

Bishop called. Fr. Farmar returned.

Dec 28 Fathers Farmar and Laupel went to Nyenga for retreat.

Dec 31 New Storeroom being built at back of Hanlon.


Jan 10 New Chapel ready.

Jan 20 Fr.Laupel left for Budini \school.

Jan 22 Bro. Lawrence went to Nyenga for retreat.

Fr.R.Bone. B.A. arrived to take up his appointment on the staff.

Jan 23 Fr.E.Foord (from Joroma) arrived to take up his appointment on staff.

Feb 3 1st term began with 132 boys and 9 classes.

Staff: Fr. B.Doyle - Headmaster

Fr. S. Farmer B.A

Fr. R.Bone B.A

Fr. E.Faard

Bro. Lawrence

Mr. P.Basajja

Mr. J.Sentamu

Mr.S. Mukasa

Mr. V. Nsumba

Mr. P. Ntege

P. Kiwendo appointed to Budini Primary School.

School Captain - C.Obwangor














Extract from “Missions and Missionaries” England.

Autumn 1941

Namilyango College Magazine

Namilyango College now boasts its own Magazine, written, printed and published by the College students. It is intended to be a link between the old boys and the Alma Mater and is to be published twice a year. For any literary work produced in a language that is not one’s own, perfection is hardly to be expected, but these youthful natives have come somewhere near it. The articles are both interesting and instructive and the English excellent. It speaks volumes both for the industry of the students and the years of patient toil on the part of the Father in the past that have made this venture possible. We offer our heartiest congratulations to both Father and students on their really splendid effort in the realms of journalism.



Feb 5 Mr. F.Sukyn Williams, Information Officer, brought G.E.C.Wireless set (battery) on loan to the College.

New Commercial room in School block.

One night-latrine reserved for African Staff.

Leo Semakula - Headman.

Feb 8 G.K.Mitchell, D.C. Mengo, called.

Feb 11 F. Sukyn Williams dined here.

Feb 16 Bishop called.

Feb 20 New Dining Hall painted.

Steps to Dining Hall begun.

Chapel has been started.

Road made to kitchen by Luwalo labour.

Feb 23 New bathrooms begun

Whole School furnished with single desks

Special desks in Goegraphy room.

Feb 26 St. John Ambulance Association started here.

Dr. Mitchell Superintendant of Mulago Hospital started a course of 12 weekly lectures to a class of 27 boys. A stretcher, splints and bandages provided by the College.

Feb 27 Mobile Cinema visited the College.

Mar 4 Mr. Gayer, A.D.C called.

Mar 5 40th Anniversary of the foundation of Namilyango College. Free Day.

Tennis match at Mengo Junior Secondary School. We lost.

Two boys joined Army Service Corporations.

Mar 11 Namilyango College Vs Nsambya J.S.School at Nsambya. We lost 2 - 3.

Mar 14 Namilyango College Vs Nakisunga at Nakisunga

4 - 1

Mar 19 Namilyango College Vs Makerere College at Makerere.

1 - 7

Mar 30 Namilyango College Vs Mukono College at Mukono.

3 - 2

Apr 2 Maundy Thursday

Sung Mass in College.

Apr 4 Two boys (Protestants) received into the Church.

Football - Mukono School Vs Namilyango College here.

1 - 1

Apr 5 Fr. Matthews, former Headmaster died at Nsambya. R.I.P.

Apr 6 Cricket - Namilyango College Vs King’s College Bodo at Budo. We lost.

Apr 15 Examinations begin.

Apr 22 Boys go home.

Playroom being enlarged by laking in the Ironing room.

Two new windows and glass-door put in.

New glass door put in Commercial room.

May 5 Corrugated iron taken off Hanlon Dormitory. Tiles to be put on.

4,000 tiles received so far, from Iganga.

May 12 2,000 tiles received from Iganga

More 2,000 tiles received from Iganga.

May 19 Second term began. All uniforms made.

Mr. A. Lugolobi, Makerere College Long vacation.






















SECONDARY I ................................................................... 15

SECONDARY II ................................................................... 20

SECONDARY III .................................................................. 22

SECONDARY IV .................................................................. 16

SECONDARY IV ................................................................... 22

SECONDARY V .................................................................... 10

SECONDARY V ................................................................... 10

SECONDARY VI .................................................................. 5

SECONDARY VI ................................................................... 6


9th May, 1942.


May 21 All African Staff to take part in Superintending Manual Labour.

Jun 6 Class VI Com) and Class V(Com) went to the Sekibobo’s office in Mukono.

Jun 7 Corpus Christi Procession

House system alteration: There is to be only one Captain for each House and no Vice Captains. Fathers Farmar, Bone and Foord are Housemasters. One European Master and one African Master are to be on duty weekly for General Supervision. (This system was changed at the beginning of 1943 and the Captain system re-introduced with much better results).

Jun 12 Feast of the Sacred Heart. College feast. Free day.

Senior pupils went to visit the sugar and the Tea factories at Lugazi. Hanlon Dormitory is on use again.

Jun 13 1st round - Kabaka’s Cup Competition.

Namilyango College Vs Bulemezi at Namilyango

3 - 1

D.C. Mengo and Kangawo (ssaza and Bulemezi) here.

Jun 14 Boys go to Namugongo. Bishop called here.

Jun 16 Our smallest boys play football against Junior Boy’s School. Our boys win 3 - 1.

Jun17 Tennis team plays Vs Mukono College at Mukono.

52 - 29

Jun 20 Namilyango Vs Nkokonjeru here - Football

3 - 1

Fr,. J. Schut died . R.I.P.

Jun25 Dr. Mitchell and Dr. Burton examined the first aid Class. Nine passed; Seven failed, but may ask for re- examination later. The Classes are to continue with Mr. Nsumba as leader.






The following students have passed the Examination:-

1. Cuthbert Obwangor

2. Nicholas Mivule

3. Clement Kabogozza

4. Hilary Mubiru

5. Nekemiya Lukwago

6. Joseph Mpata

7. Jerome Musajjalumbwa.

8. Mr. V. Nsumba

9. Mr. A. Lugolobi. He together with Nsumba have qualified for Masters.

Jun26 Omw. S. Muyinda, Sekibobo, visited the College and addressed the boys in the Dining Room.

Jun 27 Bishop Reesnick gave a lecture on “Bees”.

Kabaka’s Cup - Second round.

Namilyango College Vs Railway I

2 - 10

Jun 28 Recollection Day. Stations of the Cross erected.

Jul 1 Tennis Match - here.

Namilyango College Vs Mukono College

31 - 41

Jul 6 Biermans Dormitory “A” supplied with Lockers.

Jul 10 New Class List, as Fr. Farmar is to go to Nsambya for treatment.

Jul 16 Namilyango Small Boys Vs Namilyango E.V. School

5 - 1

Jul 22 Visited the School and saw all the Buildings, which are very satisfactory.

I saw several of the Classes and of the African Teachers at work and a number of them offer the two following suggestion:-

(a) The standard of English speaking of African Staff needs improvement. It could be useful if one of the European Staff took them once a week, for an hour or so in Ordinary English reading and Speech production generally.

(b) Mr. Sentamu was taking Geography in a room with no chairs and in his lesson chairs were definately required. 17 eanwhich between the “Geography Room” was not in use!


Jul 24 Mrs. D’Alton gave a lecture on “India”.

Jul 29 Tennis tournament began. Exams began.

Jul 30 Number of books bought from Makerere College.

Aug 1 Fr. Farmar appointed to Kiditok Mission

Tennis Tournament finals.

Senior Secondary School:- F.Salmo beat J.Kiwendo

Junior Secondary School:- J.C.Lule III beat G.W.Katende I.

Aug 5 Boys went home. New door put in the Science room. Room re-arranged.

Aug 8 Fr. Farmar left for Kiditok. New bee-hive bought.

Aug 10 37 desks, 24 benches and a number of books bought from Makerere College. “Namilyango Magazine” No. 3 published.

Fr. Bone went on holiday.

Aug 18 Fr. Doyle and Fr. Foord went on holiday.

Aug 21 Fr. Doyle returned. New Uniform shirts (Khaki) being made.

Sept 2 Fr. Foord returned. Numbers of Eucalyptus trees planted.

Sept 9 Fr. Bone returned.

Sept 11 3rd Term began.

Sept 14 New shirts (Khaki) given out.

Sept 28 2 garden shears bought.

G.K. Mitchell, ESQ D.C. Mengo, brought his football team.

The College won 6 - 3. Sekibobo and Gombolola and Goma present.

Sept 29 Two application forms for Makerere College Examination sent for Nicholas Mivule and Clement W. Kabogoza.

Sept 30 2nd XI Vs Namilyango Village Team - football.

6 - 2

Oct 3 Fr. Billington, new Educational Secretary General, presented a cup for the House Matches.

Oct 5 Staff Dining Room and Smoke room re-decorated, Bro. Anthony arrived for this term to study Commercial subjects.

Oct 6 Bro. Anthony begins the practices for Sports.

Oct 9 Sheets from Biermans Dormitory sold to S.D.A Mission. To be taken in December.

Oct 11 Old Boys’ Re-union about 60 Old Boys attended. Sung mass in the Mission Church by Fr. John Eneku O.B. General meeting.

Football match Past Vs Present

5 - 1

Oct 12 King’s Day. House Sports held. Boys very keen. Sports run by Bro. Anthony. See attached results.


1. 100 yds race

1- Maviri. B - 11 ½”

2- Serwanga. H.

3- Matambulire. B.

2. 1 mile race

1- Kimbowa . B. - 5.16 3/5”

2. Masaba.H.

3. L.Walusimbi.B.

3. 220 yds race

1- Serwanga II . H.

2-Matambuliri. B.

3- Mavirir.B.

4. ¼ mile race

1- Ebayu. C.- 53”

2- Kateregga.H.

3- Mapata.H.

5. ½ mile race

1- Mubuke.H -2.20 3/5”

2- Kimbowa.B.

3- Kiwanuka II. C.

6. High jump

1- Lugali.B. - 5’ 5”

2- Nsadu.B.

3- Ochom.C.

7. ½ mile relay

1- Matambulire.B..

2- Serwanga II. H.

3- Ochom.C.

8. Tug -Of-War

Rope broke

9. 1 mile relay

1- Kimbowa.B.

2- Mubuku.H.

3- Ebayu.C

10. 220 yds race (small boys)

1- Katende.C.

2- Kaburu.B.

3- Bisobolwa.B.

11. Hop-Step and Jump.

1- Nsadu.B. - 36’9”

2- Ochom.C.

3- Mwebe.C.

12. Long jump.

1- Mwebe. C. - 17’6 1/12”

2. Ochom.C.

3- Mpata.H.








100 yds





1 mile





220 yds





¼ mile





½ mile





High jump





½ mile relay










1 mile relay





220 yds (small Boys)





Hop-Step and Jump





Long Jump









Oct 13 The Bishop called.

Oct 20 P.Mpinga appointed School Captain and E. Maviri to be the Captain of Biermans House. The vice Captain for both posts is C. Obwangor, who has joined K.U.R. & H.

12 boys go with Bro. Anthony to Nakivubo for the heats of the Protectorate Sports.

Oct 22 Conducted the Oral Exam in English for the Uganda Commercial Certificate. All six candidates passed the test. I also had an opportunity of noting the various improvements in buildings, organization, etc, which have been efected since my last visit as Chairman of a Panel of Inspections. That these have been achived in such a brief time, reflectes the greatest credit on the Rev. Father Doyle and on those who have helped him.

R.E.Parry. C.I.S.

Names of candidates (4) for Senior Secondary Leaving Examination sent to Education Secretary General.

The following boys qualified for the finals in the Uganda Protectorate Sports:

Kimbowa - 1 mile race.

Mubuke - ½ mile race

Lugali - High jump

Ochom - Hop-Step and Jump

Katerega - Long relay

Ebayu - Long relay

Mubuke - Long relay

Sejjima - Long relay

Oct 24 30 boys, including the above, were taken to Nakivubo

( for the Protectorate Sports) by bus at 56/-.

Oct 30 Final House football match. Cup presented to Campling House.

Mr. S.B. Mukasa, who has been teaching in the Commercial Course for some yaers, left to take up a position in Entebbe, in the first division of the Social Civil Service.

School buildings are being “re-ochred”.

Junior Secondary Examinations (Internal subjects) started today.

Nov 3- Makerere Examinations began. Two candidates., that is, 5 C.Kabogoza and N. Mivule.

Nov 8 The following were given colours for Athletic Sports:-







C. Luyima

Nov 11 Armistice Day. Mr. Lunn came re/Commercial Exam, which began on Nov 9th with 6 candidates.

Junior Secondary Leaving Examination began on Nov 10th. with 21 candidates.

Nov 12 Papers for Maths II for Junior Secondary Examination have not yet arrived.

Nov 13 Senior Secondary Leaving Examination began.

Nov 14- Annual retreat given by Fr.B.MacLoone.


Nov 19- Holidays for the Coronation of H.H.Kabaka Mutesa II

20 Secondary VI, VI© and III. Boys leave.

H. Mubiru appointed Captain of Campling House

J.Kiwende appointed Captain of Hanlon House.

E. Mavirir (Captain Biermans) appointed School Captain.

Nov 20 Tennis tournament:

Seniors - Winner is J.Kiwendo

Juniors - Winner is W.Kabusu

E. Kabogoza passed Makerere College Entrance Examination.

Nov 25 Mr. B.Mukasa and a number of Makerere students visited Namilyango.

Nov 26 C.J.Sheets taken off Biermans Dormitory.

Dec 2 Third term Examinations began.

Dec 9 The boys went home. One tank (staff House) cemented.

Dec 14 Peter Mpinga and Nakameya Lukwago passed the Secondary School Commercial Examination and received their Certificates forn the Education Department.

Wireless set (loaned by information offiecr) taken away by Mr.Steil for Polish Refugee Camp, Koja.

Dec 19 Aloysius Lugolobi (Namilyango and Makerere) appointed to College Staff.


Jan 12 11 boys passed the Junior Secondary Examination.

4(al) boys passed the Senior Secondary School Examination and received Certificates from the Education Department.

C.Kabogoza got a Class Pass.

N. Mivule, F. Salmon and Namungo got III Class Passes.

Biermans Bormitory tiled.

Two second hand typewriters acquired.

Staff room moved to former VI Classroom.

Old room to be a toolstore.

Jan 19 Fr. Howard appointed to staff.

Dining room (staff) being extended.

Hanlon Dormitory becomes a temporary Chapel as the other Dormitories can accomodate the pupils for 1943 are about 100 students.

Mr. P.Ntege has been appointed to Ngora.

Feb 2 First term begins with 105 boys

Staff: Fr. B.Doyle, Headmaster

Fr. R.Bone.B.A.

Fr. E. Foord

Fr. Howard )B.Comm)

Bro. Lawrence

Mr. P. Basajasubi Mr. V. Nsumba

Mr. J.Sentamu Mr. A.Lugolobi

School Captain is E. Maviri

Hanlon H’se - Captain J.Kiwendo

V.Captain D. Kawalya

Biermans H’se Captain E.Maviri

V.Captain E. kagoda

Campling H’se Captain H. Mubiru I

V.Captain R.Masaba


Class VI 8

Class V 13

Class IV 11

Class III 26

Class II 13

Class I 13

Class VI (Comm) 5

Class V 12

Class IV 4





23rd March, 1943.


Ref. SH/81/2


“A meeting took place on Monday, the 22nd March, 1943, in the Resident’s Office, to discuss the question of Boarding Schools in Mengo District, vis-a-vis the food situation.

The following were present:-

The Director of Education,

The Rev. Canon Williams

The Rev. Father Billington,

The District Commissioner, Mengo,

Mr. James,

Mr. Ross and

The Resident, Buganda.

1. After discussion it was decided with regret that the situation was such as to necessitate the closing of all Boarding Schools as soon as possible, and in any case, not later than the 27th instant.

2. It was decided that it would not be necessary to call upon Schools to send home the following:-

a) Such pupils as a School can feed from its own resources, i.e. its own local food gardens.

b) Teacher trainers in their last year of study and pupils in their last year of Senior Secondary School courses.

The above means that no permits will be issued for the purchase of food except in respect of (b).

It is not, of course, possible to indicate any date when pupils may return to Schools. This will be entirely dependent on the Weather and food situation in the future.

3. The Director of Education was asked to take the necessary steps to give effect to the above.

To all Heads of Boarding Schools, Mengo District.

V. Billington

Educ. Sec. Gen. Catholic Missions.

Feb 19 New sign-post put up on Jinja Road.

Feb 20 New sign-post put up on Mission road. D/E called.

Feb 21 Estimates for new furniture sent to Education Secretary General.

Feb 24 Fr. Howard arrived.

Mar 2 Cricket began.

Mar 6 general Permission. Moved back into Dining room (Staff).

Mar 20 Namilyango College Vs Makerere College - football here. We won 2-0.

His Highness the Kabaka (Mutesa II) played Right back for Makerere.

Mar 22 Dc. Mengo and Regional Director P.O. called.

Mar 23 In a meeting held in Kampala on March 22nd. (Resident D/E, DC and Educational Secretaries General) it was decided that all Boarding Schools in the Mengo District should be closed down, until further notice, on account of the food situation.

Pupils in their last year of the Senior Secondary Course need not be sent home. Permits for the purchase of food for these will be issued.

Mar 24 Boys told about the above. 14 boys to remain. 90 to go home between today and Saturday.

Mar 27 Class VI and Class VI (Comm) taken to Nakivubo to see the (Gossage cup).

The match involved Uganda Vs Kenya.

2 - 1

Mar 29 4 inert calls (telephone) recieved from the Regional Director.

Mar 30 Lt. Colonel Pitman, O.C., U.D.F., called to discuss the establishment of a Cadet Corps in the School. Letter sent to Chief Secretary for formal sanction for this. In the meantime, we can see to the Preliminaries. 54 boys wish to join so far. Fr. Bone went into Nsambya to see Doctor.

Apr 1 50th Anniversary of Uganda Agreement. Free afternoon.

Apr 4 Bishop called and stayed to lunch.

Apr 5 Fr. Bone to remain in Nsambya, under Medical observation, for another 10 days.

Apr 10 The two remaining classes go on holiday and return on May 4 th, where we may be able to bring back Class III also and possibly some others. Mr. Ross A.D.C.Mengo. called to dicuss the food situation.

Apr 21 Letter F. 78/76/14 from Chief Secretary.

In any future correspondance

on this subject please quote

No. F.78/76/14


P.O.BOX 5,


17th April, 1943.


I am directed to refer to your letter No. 55/43C of the 30th March, regarding the establishment of a cadet Corps at your School, and to convey under Section 59 of the Uganda Penal Code the sanction of His Excellency, the Governor, for military training to be given at this school to volunteers in Mufti form among the pupils in the use of arms and in military exercises, movements and evolutions. The wearing of uniform will be authorized subsequently under Regulations.

I am, Sir,

Your obedient servant,


The Headmaster,

Namilyango College,

P.O.Box 381,




The reply to this letter should be addressed

to “The Director, Intelligence & Security” and

the following Number Quoted: U.D.F.

P.O.BOX 573


21 st April, 1943

The Headmaster,

Namilyango College,

P.O.Box 381,


Dear Father Doyle,

With reference to the Chief Secretary’s No. F. 78/76/14 of the 17 th April, addressed to yourself and a copy to the Commandant, Uganda Defence Force, the final paragraph on the Subject of Uniform does not mean that you may not dress your Cadets in Khaki bush shirts and shorts immediately, but is an instruction that for the present you may not attach to the Khaki cloth any badges of rank or numerals or letters indicating your Cadet Corps. I hope in the course of the next few weeks to come out again to Namilyango to see how you are getting on. In the meantime, if you have any queries or points to raise please do not hesitate to write to me.

Yours sincerely,

Lt. Col.


Apr 27 Fees (300/-) sent to D/E for Cambridge School Certificate School Certificate Examination for 8 Candidates.

May 3 Entiry form for C.S.C filled in and returned to Dept. major burtis , commandant police training depot-has very kindly offered to give his help in training the badets. It is proposed to send a group of prospective N.C O’s into the police school for a few long week-ends; later a police instructor will visit us once or twice a week.

May 4 Class V1, Class V1© Class 111 returned. 34 boys.

May 10 C.O sheeta being taken off campling dormitory.

May 14-

17 One teacher and 11 pupils at police training school for the first of a shorrt series of week-eds, for intensive training for cardet corps.

May 22-

24 The above return to police school for further training.

May 22 Col .Pitman writes to say that he has asked Makerere College to lend us their dummy rifles.

Education Secretary General writes that we are to receive a grant of shs. 1000/=, towards permanent equipment.

Cosmas Kyeyune and John Musoke 111 given Lukiiko scholarships (jun. sec. exam. 1042)

May 24 Empire day, holiday.

May 28 Police training school- 3rd week-end for prospective N.C.O’s

Jun 1 Col . Pitman writes that Makerere College will gladly lend us their dummy rifles and that he has applied to the military authorities for 80 carbins for our cadet corp.

the rest of the boys returned for second term, campling dormitory tiled.

Jun 3 Ascension day- free day.

Jun 4 Police training school 4th week-end for N.C.O’s.

Jun 8 S.E corner of school building taken down on accont of ants is now being rebuilt.

Foundations started for workshop (cum store and firewood shed) south of kitchen 50 X 15.

Jun 9 The wooden “rifles” arived from Makerere College.

Jun 11 Police Training school, 5th week-end for N.C.O’s.

Jun 18 Police training school, 6th week-end for N.C.O’s. Their course will stop for the present; they will go to police school later for musketry practice.

Jun 21 The Archbishop of New York, Mgr and Spellman, visited the College and spoke to the boys. He aked for a holiday for the boys and gave a gift to the College of $50.

Jun 25 New door put in Hanlon dormitory (temporarychapel) and new brick steps built.

Jly 2 Feast of secred Heart- school feast - free day.

St. John Ambulance association certificates received for their boys who passed the tests in 1942. Front of catines tiled.

Jly 30 Terminal examinations.

Jly 5 A very good entertainment given by the boys for Fr Doyle’s jubilee.



Time 1 ½ hrs.

1.OPENING SONG by Marvin & co.

2.EXPERTS AT CLUB by Waiswa & co.

3.KIGANDA POEM by Kiwanuka 11

4.DANCE by Okello & co.

5.OMUSAJJA EYASIGIRA by Byomere & co.


7.MONOLOGUE by Maviri

8.A PUBLIC LIBRARY by Kasimagwa & co.

9. DANCE by Okello & co.

10.A DEAF MAN by Kiwanuka 111

11.OCHESTRA by Kirunda & co.

12.IN A FAMILY by Katende 1

13.MUTES by Kabunga & co.


OCCUPATIONS by Kirunda & co.

15.OCHESTRA by Mutebi & co.

16.A SONG by Kimbowa &co.

17.DIOLOGUE by Mubiru & Maviri

18.POLICEMAN’S SONG by Luyima & co.

19.GREEDY CHIEF by Mabi & co.

20.A HIGHLAND FLING by Kabunga.


Aug 7 Boys go home. N.C.O’s (cadet corps) go to police school untill August 14th for musketing training. New tables and chairs in staff dining room.

Aug 12 Meeting of headmaster of Budo, Kisubi, Mwiri and Namilyango held here at senior secondary leaving examinations 1943. Present Rev. R.C Edmonds (representing Headmaster of Budo), Bro. Maurice (Headmaster Kisubi), Mr. Coates (Headmaster Mwiri) and Fr. Doyle (Headmaster Namilyango).

The following students recieved their certificates for the order of gregg Artists- for shorthand, from the gregg co England.

Peter Kawesa, Peter Kyagulanyi, Charles senyima, Nekemeya Lukwago, Paul Baker, Joseph Kuwendo - see following page.


“ For the Education of Princes. . .”

WAR not withstanding, news continues to percolate through to us from the far- flung outposts of Empire, proving than the Gregg banner is being kept aloft—in other words, that the system flourishes despite all difficulties.

The latest item comes from equatorial Africa, and here are two pictures of the Namilyango College, which is directed by Catholic Missionary priests in the very heart of Uganda.

Namilyango College lies within two miles of the Kampala - jinja Road, about 12 miles from Kampala, the capital of the Uganda Protectorate. The school is built on what must be one of the finest sites in Buganda. It was founded in the year 1902 by the late Bishop Hanlon and can claim the distinction of being the first of its kind in the protectorate. It was established with a twofold object- the education of princes, and the education of boys destined to become catechists or government clerks.

In 1941 the College was raised to the status of a full Secondary school of 6 classes. Parallel with the Secondary classes 1V, V, and V1, is the three years’ Commercial course where the students receive special instructions in book-keeping, typewriting and Gregg shorthand. Gregg was introduced in 1941and the African students are obviously taking to it as naturally as a duck to water: of 6 entries for the O.G.A. Certificates, all have passed with honour and the specimen notes reproduced here are typicalof the excellence of the work now being done by these very capable and enthusiastic Greggites.

The illustrations on this page show a view of the College and of the typewritig class. Two of the successful entries for the O.G.A. Certificate submitted by students are also reproduced but it is regretted that war-time conditions have made it impossible to present you with such clear-cut and legible reproductions as we should have liked. You may take it from us, however, that these papers, like the others which accompanied them, were well up to O.G.A. standard.




Enoch F. Lawson, O.G.A., Nigeria, Mollie St enhouse, O.G.A., Stranorlar, Eileen Thirwall, O.G.A., Birmingham, Betty M. Lambert, O.G.A., Campden, Trevor, W. Butcher, Lower Kingswood.


Jean E. Patterson, Hillaborough, L/ Cpl. A. Jenkinson, Bletchley, June Marshall, Hull, Ida Skelly, Dromara, Dorothy Burns, Lisburn, Carol Ford Stacey, Swansea, Wendy Tomkins, Glasgow, Violet A. Honeyman, Mitcham, Brenda M.Hyde, Birmingham, Jesse Mc Askill, Worcester, Rosemary Blackman, , Swansea, Margaret Turner, Barking, Joyce Antliff, Newbridge, Gweneth M Jewitt, Hull, E. Williams, Aberystwyth, John W. Knott, Bradford, Breedh Cummins, Newbridge.

Premier College, Cork - Frances Barry, Kathleen Ahern, Breeda Keegan, Maureen O’Driscoll, Angela Heery, Peggy Mansing, Patsy Foley, Bridie Buckley. Maura Earley, Peter Hughes, Sheila Meade, John Cooney, Charles A.H. Buckley, Siobaz Ni Razallaiz, Maura Galvin, Carmel Curtin, Mary Buttimer.

Namilyango College, Kampala - Peter Kyagulanyi, Peter Kawesa, Charles Luyima, Nekemiya Lukwago Paul, K.S. Baker and Joseph S.Kiwenda.

Aug 14 Three Swahili essays- of Kuwendo, W. Sule, C Suima - sent to D/E for the swahili essay competition -1943, (inter teritorial language committee).

No. 27/335.

Police Training School,


13th August, 1943.

My dear Fr. Doyle

Your lads have completed their week of concentrated training and left for Namilyango and their homes this afternoon.

2. I collected the necessary carbines for their musketry training and tomorrow these will be returned to the Uganda Defence Force.

3 The boys have done exceptionally well and I was able to allow them to shoot with live ammunition on the miniature range this morning: the results were excellent for such a short period of training and is a good indication of the interets and enthusiasm with wich they have studied the not easy subject of musketry.

4 I think they enjoyed their stay and I hope they have benefited from it.

Yours sincerely,


Enclosure: Account for rations.

Aug 31 Third term begins.

Sept 3 Anniversary of Declaration of War. Day of prayer. Sung Mass.

Parade of Cadet Corps and one minutes silence.

Sept 14 First meeting of Board of Governors of Namilyango College.

Present : The Bishop, Fathers Wheatley, Minderop and Billington. Messrs Jenkins (Asst. Resident) and Parry (Chief Inspector).

Mr. P.H. Lloyd ((Government Accountant) by invitation.

Absent: Mr. Snoxall (P.E.O. Buganda) - on leave.

Sept 16 Dr.J.P.Mitchell, O.B.E., Superintendant of Mulago Hospital, began a first Aid Class (Course for 12 weeks) for the St. John Ambulance Association. Twenty pupils joined.

Sept 22 Estimates for Newstaff Quarters and completion of Chapel given to Education Sec. Gen. (approved by Board of Governors for Government approval).

Oct 10 Annual Re-Union of Namilyango Old Boys. About 65 present. Past Vs Present (Football). They drew 1-1.

Oct 11 King’s Day. House Sports held.

Champion House is Campling.

Oct 29 Eight new tables made (in Kampala) for Dining Hall at Shs 1,200/-. Shs 1,000/- promised for these by Educ. Dept as equipment (Special) grant. New N.C.Os picked for Cadet Corps.


11th October, 1943





100 yds

1 Matovu

2 Luyima

3 Nsubuga

¼ mile

1 Matambulire

2 Luyima

3 Kayemba

Long jump

1 Luyima

2 Mpata

3 Matovu

Long relay


Short relay

1 Luyima

2 Matambulire

3 Sentumbwe

220 yds

1 Ssekabira

2 Nsubuga

3 Maviri

High jump

1 Nsubuga

2 Lwanga

3 Matovu


Campling House

½ mile

1 Mubuke

2 Lwanga

3 Kimbowa


1 Mubuke

2 Lwanga

3 Kimbowa


Hanlon House

Biermans House

Campling House

100 yds




Long Jump




Short relay




High jump




½ mile




¼ mile




Long relay




220 yds
















Winning House


Nov 2 Makerere College Entrance Examiantion began. 8 candidates.

Mr. Batten, Vice Principal invigilated. New Captains appointed.

Nov 3 Mr. Turner, Principal invigilated.

Nov 9- Junior Secondary Leaving Examintion. 22 Candidates.


Nov 11- Annual retreat, given by Fr. B. Robinson.


Nov 15 The question papers for the Senior Secondary Leaving Examination were cycostyled here and sent to all Senior Secondary Schools.

Junior Secondary (Catholic) Schools held theeir Sports at Nakivubo. Namilyango won the “Major Keane Challenge Shield” with 31 points.


15th November, 1943 at 3:00p.m.

3.00 100yds

1st ........................2nd ..........................3rd .......................

3.05 1 mile

1st ........................2nd ..........................3rd .......................

3.15 Long Jump

1st ........................2nd ..........................3rd ......................

3.30 ¼ mile

1st ........................2nd ..........................3rd ......................

3.40 220 yds

1st ........................2nd ..........................3rd .....................

3.45 High Jump

1st .......................2nd ...........................3rd ....................


4.30 1 Mile relay (4 of 440 Yds)

1st .......................2nd ..........................3rd ......................

4.40 Hop, Step and Jump

1st .......................2nd ..........................3rd .....................

4.50 ½ mile

1st .......................2nd ..........................3rd ....................

5.00 ½ mile relay (4 of 220 yds)

1st ......................2nd ...........................3rd ....................

Points- 1st . . . 3 pts Relays :- 1st . . . 6 pts

2nd . . . 2 pts 2nd . . . 3 pts

3rd . . . 1 pt


by Mrs.W.N.LEE.

John Mubuke (N.C) won the “ Victor Ludorum” Prize.

Nov 15- Senior Secondary (Commercial) Leaving Examination. 4 candidates.

Nov 17 Heats for Protectorate Sports at Nakivubo. Our competitors qualified for the finals in the Long relay, Short relay, ½ mile and High Jump.

Nov 19 Makerere College Entrance Examination results came. Five candidates have been accepted( now 4).

Mr. Parry came for English and Swahili Oral Examinations for Senior Secondary (Commercial) Leaving Exmaination.

Nov 22- Senior Secondary (Academic) Leaving Examination - 8

24 candidates and passes.

Nov 24 Shs 1000/- received for Special Equipment Grant towards cost of 8 Tables.

Nov 27 Two boys (converts) confirmed at Mission Church.

Nov 30 80 Italian Carbines recieved from U.D.F. for Cadet Corps.

Dec 1 Terminal Exmaintions began.

Cambridge School Certificate Examination began (at Kampala) with 5 candidates.

Dec 3 Boys vaccinated.

Dec 6 Mr. Cox, Educational Advisor to Colonial Secretary visited. The College, accompanied by the Bishop and Education Sec. Gen.

Dec 7 Meeting of Commercial Certificate Examiners held here.

Our four candidates passed:-

Charles Luyima _ II Class was first in the Exam.

Joseph Kiwendo - II Class

William Lule - II Class

Peter Kawesa - Pass III

Dec 8 Holidays began.

Dec 23 Received results of Junior Secondary Leaving Examinations: 18 passed, while 4 failed.

Dec 28 Began building a store on verandah of Headmaster’s house, to release present book-store for School Office.

Dec 31 Results of Senior Secondary (Academic) Leaving Examination gazetted. All the 8 candidates passed.

Clerk Joseph Kiwendo engaged.


Jan 7 80 slings for Carbines received from U.D.F.

Feb 1 1st term began.


Rev.B.Doyle _ Headmaster

Rev.J.Laupel - M.A

Rev.B.Kuypers - B.Sc




Mr. P.Basajja M.27/11

Mr. J. Sentamu M 32/9

Mr.C. Kiwanuka \m 34/10

Mr. A. Lugolobi M 42/6

Clerk Mr. J.Kiwendo

School Captain - Francis Lumu.

Capt of Hanlon House - Christopher Okello

V.Capt of Hanlon House - Lousi Lwanga

Capt of Biermans House - Lawrence matambulire

V.Capt of Biermans House - John Okonera

Capt of Campling House - Francis Lumu

V. Capt. of Campling House - Paul Musoke I


Class VI (A) - 10

Class V(A) - 9

Class IV (A) - 18

Class III - 14

Class II - 10

Class I - 32

Class VI © - 6

Class V © - 5

Class IV - 9

Total 113



TOTAL: 113 SEN SEC (a) Academic : 37) : 56 JUN. SEC: 57

(b) Commercial : 19)




Baganda ..................87

Catholics ...............104

Class VI(A) ..............10

Basoga ....................11

Protestants ................8

Class VI© .............. 6

Teso ..........................4

Moslems .................. 1

Class V(A) ............... 8

Munyoro ...................1


Class V © .............. 3

Mugweri ...................1


Class IV(A) ............. 19

Munyankole ..............1


Class IV © ............ 9

Lango ........................1


Class III ................... 14

Kitosh .......................1


Class II .................... 10

Sinhalese ...................1


Class I ..................... 33

Musese ..................... 1


Mugangazzi ............. 1


Amara .......................1


Kipsigis ....................1


Mugishu ...................1


TOTAL ................115

TOTAL ................113

TOTAL ................ 113



Feb 10 Headmaster’s annual report - 1943. 2 copies sent to D/E and copies sent to each Governor. Information Office Cinema shown each week as last year.

The Boy’s Choir resumed.


Cadets - Monday a.m & p.m. Wednesday and Fridaya.m. Saturday is their parade.

Cricket - Wednesdays (occasionally on Sundays)

House matches on Fridays.

Art Class (Mr. Lugolobi) on Thursdays.

Feb 20 At the request of the boys, a colection is to be taken every Sunday during High Mass. Today, 2/78 was collected.

Mar 2 Football - Namilyango College Vs Mukono J.S.School

4 - 0

Mar 7 Football - Namilyango College Totos Vs Namilyango P.S.Totos, where we won 3-2.

Mar 9 Football Senior Secondary Vs Junior Secondary

3 - 2

Mar 13 Football- N.C. III Team Vs Namilyango Primary School

5 - 1

Mar 22 Football - Namilyango Vs Bp. Tucker College at Mukono.

1 - 1

Mar 24 Meeting of the Board of Governors. Bishop, Frs. Minderop, Wheatley and Billington and Messrs Parry, Snoxall and Lloyd present.

Mar 25 Football - Namilyango Vs Central Prison at Namilyango.

4 - 3

Mar 29 Football - Namilyango Vs Makerere College at Makerere

1 - 5

Apr 5 Holidays began.

Apr 10 New benches for Dining Hall arrived.

D/E sent approval for the building of Staff Quarters and for the completion of the Chapel. 1,438 pounds and 1.130 pounds respectively.

Fire place in kitchen being renovated with fire bricks.

Apr 12 Plans for the above buildings taken to Entebbe. Plan of the Chapel left with P.W.D. Architect for alterations.

Plan of Staff House to be re-drawn.

Apr 17 Two cupboards for Office, bought. Bishop called.

New benches put on the side of the Football field and goal posts repaired.

A new football field made on Southside of the kitchen.

Estimates for 1945 approved.

Two students have entered for the Cambridge School Certificate Examinations and several for various subjects in the London.C. of Commerce Examinations.

Apr 21 Ten new lockers put in the Dormitories.

Apr 24 Headmasters meeting at Budo re/ Senior Secondary (Academic) Leaving Examination -1944.

Application for permit to build Staff House taken to the Direcor of Supplies.

Apr 27 Names of candidates for above Examination sent ot D/E.

Apr 29 Approval for building Staff House received from Director of Supplies.

Debates held every Saturday.

May 2 Second term began. Two boys missing (since returned).

May 3 Khaki uniform distributed. Staff house plans sent to Entebbe.

May 9 Dr. Mitchell O.B.E resumed First Aid classes.

May 12 Tables in Dining room refitted.

Teachers’ desks put in each classroom. Books in Library catalogued.

May 19 D.C. Mengo, Mr. R. Bell visited the College.

Namilyango College Vs Mukono O.B. at Mukono.

2 - 5

May 22 Plans for the Chapel taken to Mr. Giles, Architect.

May 24 Empire Day - Holiday. Special Parade of Cadet Corps from 3.30p.m to 6.00p.m.

Whit Monday. Cricket match.

Mill Hill Fathers Vs Namilyango College Cricket Club.

The Fathers won (1213) by Innings and fifteen runs.

Team: frs. Quigley, Doyle, Van Gils, Delaney, Fr. Hughes, E. Callen. R.Bone, Foord, Kuipers, faupel, \bros. Anthony and Laurence.

The Bishop and Fr.B.Robinson were present.

Jun1 Plans for Staff House received from Entebbe. Foundation began.

Jun3 Football: Namilyango College Vs Central Prison at Luzira.

2 - 5

Shs 25,000 paid into the Bank by Educ Dept. !/2 grant for the new Buildings. Permit - Import Licence 20576 A.K. (26/V/44) received for Science apparatus.

Jun 6 Drs. Mitchell and Burton examined the First Aid Class.

Jun 7 Football - Namilyango College Vs Bp. Tucker College here. 6 - 0

Jun 10 Peter Musoke, Pantaleo Kasule, Sylvester Mabi and Louis Swanga received their certificates for the order of Gregg artists for their papers in Gregg shorthand sent to the Gregg coLondon.

Jun 14 U.F.A cup, qualifying round.

Namilyango College Vs Butambala Kabasanga.

4 - 1

Jun 15 Mr.C. Nason, army education corps, formerly of Makerere College called twenty cockers put into dormitories.

Jun 16 Meeting of senior secondary school Headmaster at Budo - ref senior secondary school (commercial) Leaving examination.

Present:- Headmasters of Budo Kisubi, Mwiri and Namilyango.

Jun 22 U.F.A. cup first round.

Namilyango college Vs E.A.T.C. at Nakwubo.

2 - 3

Jun 27 Football Namilyango College Vs Makerere College at Namilyango

2 - 1

Jul 5 Outside light filled over entrance to dining hall. Boxing club begun, first instructions given by M.F. Ressell, A.D.C. Mengo, who has kindly agreed to come here weekly for this purpose.Seventy boys put their names down to join a class has been selected out of these and then they can train the others. Mr. Bessell has presented the College with a set of boxing -gloves. We are trying to buy some more from Nairobi, because there are none available.

Jul 11 Outside light filled over entrance to Chapel (hanlon Dormitory). Mr. bessell gave further instructions and demonstrations to Boxing Club.

Jul 12 News has just beenreceived that

R.Masaba - Grade II

E. Maviri - grade III

N. Mukulu, passed the Cambridge School Certificate Examination, 1943.

J. Mulindwa (ex-Kisubi) also passed - Grade II


P.O.Box 263,



The Honorable Director Of Education,


I have the honour to report that on Tuesday afternoon (2.15 to 6.15p.m.) the 18th July, 1944, I paid a visit to Namilyango Secondary School with the prime object of discussing arrangements for the Senior Secondary Leaving Examiantion which begins on the 1st August, and for which they have 8 candidates. However, I was able to discuss other matters with the Principal, note the Progress msde in building extensions and watch certain sports’ activities including boxing, cricket and various games.

2. Building Exatensions.

a) On the 1st June, 1944, the intial grant payment of 50% was paid in respect of the following projects:

(i) Staff Quarters 1438

(ii) Completion of Chapel 1130


b) The foundations of the staff Quarters have been completed. \this staff house will accomodate 6 Europeans each ahving a bedroom and a study. Work has not yet begun on the Chapel, but hte bricks, windows and doors, and red roof-tiles, have been collected on the

site. The Shool has had no less than 5 temporary Chapels, but hte completion of the permanent one now under construction will release one Dormitory now used as a temporary Chapel and will lead to increased Dormitory accomodation for another 64 boys.

c) Next year a start is to be made towards the construction of one wing of the new classroom block which will lead to the replacement of one year old sun dried brick building which houses the temporary science rooms, etc.

3. College Boundary Problem.

Although the mission has about a square mile of land, the actual College area has not yet been defined and this problem will be discussed at the next meeting of the Board of Governors. The problem is thta the College is likely to expand considerably in the next few years, not only in regard to space for the buildings, but for the additional playing fields which will need levelling. Near the main College block is located the Mill Hill Mission Primary 4 School which until the end of this year is a special school.

None of the pupils feeds the College, the buildings are not extensive and the question arises whether this School should seek a new site elsewhere. If not, its area needs definition. I would like to have a special report made on this school bearing in mind that a large primary day School of 6 full primary years already exists close by.

4. Numbers.

The enrolment has increased by 22 over last year e.g.

























(Note; there are mistakes in these figures . . . Headmaster). It is expected that in 1945, the numbers will approach 160.

5. Staff.

(a) The staff now consists of 6 European and 4 Africans. Fr.Faupel has exchanged with Fr. Farmar, who has gone to Budini. Fr. Howard has gone to Tororo, where he is in charge of the Commercial Course. His place has been taken by Bro. Anthony from Nsambya. A newcomer is Fr. B.Kuipers B.Sc. The European staff has now increased by one over the last year and is now as follows:-

1. Reverand B.Doyle, Headmaster.

2. Reverand J.Fauple M.A. (Cantab)

3. Reverand B.Kuipers B.Sc

4. Reverand E. Foord

5. reverand Brother Anthony Beuman

6. reverand Brother laurence Jansen

The last two are aminly concerned with the Commercial Course.

(b) There is one change in the African staff, Nsumba being replaced by Kiwanuka. Numerically, there is no change, the staff being as under:- Salary

Peter Basaja M.27/11 231

John Sentamu M.32/9 191

Clement Kiwanuka M.34/10 175

Aloysius Lugolobi M.42/10 103

700 Shs a month

(Note: These are next year’s salaries . . Headmaster)

© It is proposed to increase the European satff from 6 to 8 and to decrease the number of Africans from 4 to 2.

6. Speech Day.

The School has never yet had a speech day function and it has been suggested that one should be held in the future.

7. Boxing Instruction.

A new activity that has been introduced is instruction in boxing every Tuesday evening. This is undertaken very efficiently by Mr.J.besell who is a boxing blue. The course is voluntary and some 72 boys were eager to take advantage of the course which is at present limited to 12. .(20).

8. Use of 16mm projector.

Every Tuesday evening films borrowed from the Information Officer, Kampala are shown to the School.

9. Supply of books.

It is of interest to note that all Educational books have to be purchased without any reduction whatsoever from the Uganda Bookshop. This fact has a bearing on the subject of the proposed educational book supply which has been referred to the Advisory Council.

10. As usual, I came away impressed with the quiet efficiency of this School.


Chief Inspector of Schools.

Copy to : The Secretary, Board of Governors, Namilyango College.

The Educational Secretary General, Catholic Missions.

The Provincial Education Officer, Buganda, Kampala.


Namilyango College Vs Kobs “A”.

The above match was played on Saturday 15th July at Namilyango. Unfortunately, rain stopped play just before the tea interval, and the match had to be abandoned.

Namilyango College: 54 (Maviri 19; Bisobolwa 11), Toller 3 for 6; Boxwell 3 for 8.

Kobs”A”: 62 for 4 wkts (Anderson 36 not out; Toller 15 not out). Bisobolwa 3 for 29.

Jul 18 R.E. Parry C.I.S

Mr. Parry called re/Mathematics (correction of stencil) paper for Senior Secondary (Academic) Examination. He also looked at round the new building.

Jul 19 Football: Namilyango College Vs Kisubi College - here

2 - 2

Jul 20 Mr. Sukyn Williams, Information Officer, brought us on loan, a G.E.C. Wireless set and Battery.

Jul 21 P.W.D. Inspector (Mr. Worley) came to see the new Staff House and Chapel. We have not been able to get a permit (Building) for the completion of the Chapel: the position will be reviewed in September.

Mr. Giles,Architect, came to see the Chapel. he is amking the plans for its completion.

Jul 22 Copy of Mr. Parry’s report on his recent visit received.

Jul 24 Football - Namilyango College Vs Makerere College at Makerere. 4 - 3

H.H. the Kabaka played for Makerere College.

Jul 25 Doors and windows for Staff House, ordered from Nairobi arrived to-day.

Jul 29 Letter from the Provincial Engineer, Buganda: the foundations of the Staff House (part of which has already been laid) must be demolished and reconstructed on a concrete foundation. This had not been done owing the supply Control’s refusal to give a permit to buy sufficient cement. We were allowed 6 tons only, which we wanted to use for the damp proof course and rows above that to make the house ant-proof. Saw the Provincial Engineer, who said we should use a concrete mixed with lime and sand and build up to the plinth using this instead of 1 in 4 cement. Foundations are being taken up and rebuilding will begin on Aug 1st.

Jul 31 Messrs A.O.Jenkins. O.B.B., R.E.Parry,R. Snoxall (Members of the Board of Governors) and C.H. Lloyd (Accountant), spent the evening here, at theHeadmaster’s invitation and watched the Cadet Corps on parade.

The Resident (Mr.Sample Perkins) and Lady Jackson (Of Tanganyika) visited the College.

Aug 3 Football - Commercial Vs Academic

2 - 0

Fr. Wheatley, Vicar, Delegate and one of the School Governors died in Kampala Hospital, after sustaining injuries when a lorry collided with his motor-cycle, in the town. R.I.P.

Aug 4 Fr. Wheatley buried at Nsamya R.I.P.

Aug 5 Mr. Williams, D/E, Sudan and Mr. Jansen Smith, Inspector of Schools, Sudan visited the College.

Aug 6 Namilyango O.Bs Association held an “At home”, at Mr.J.Mullo Mugwanya’s residence at Rubaga, in honour of Owekitibwa R.Kiwanuka, Omulamuzi, who became a honorary member of the Association.

Aug 7 Seven N.C.Os of the Cadet Corps went to the Police Training School, Kampala for a week’s intensive training.

Aug 9 Term ends.

Sept 8 Third term begins.

Sept 16 Cricket

Namilyango College Vs Budo Second XI at Namilyango

1st Innings 40 - 127

2nd Innings 82

Budo won by an innings and 5 runs.

Football - Namilyango 1st XI Vs Budo 1st XI.

“Namilyango College Dramatic and Musical Society” fromed by the students, with Mr. Lugolobi as the President. Their idea is to practice European and African Music and to perform English and African plays. There are 60 members.

Oct 1 Football Colours awarded to : Leo Mukasa I, John Musisi I, Francis Lumu, Joseph Matovu, Celestine Nsaubuga III.

Oct 8 Old Boys’ Re-Union Day. About 100 O.Bs present. His Lordship the Bishop + Owekitibwa R. Kiwanuka Omulamuzi of Buganda (honorary Old Boy) were also present.

The Cadet Corps gave a very good display in the afternoon and in the evening, a football match was played:-

Past Vs Present

1 - 4.

Oct 9 King’s Day. House Sports held. See list below.









100 Yards:

Standard Time:

11 sec




Nsubuga III 10.3/5

Kabunga 10.9/10



S: Maviri

S: Matambulire




One Mile:

Standard Time:

5mins 15 sce





Mubuke 4.54.2/5

Lwanga 4.56


Mukasa I





S: Sekagya

S: Nsubuga II




120 Yds Hurdles:

Standard Time:

20 sec




Arapu 19




S: Matambulire


Matovu 18.1/5

S: Kiprotich



Hop, Step and Jump:

Standard Dist:

34 ft





Okello 36’6 ½”






S: Kirunda


Matovu 37’3”


220 Yds:

Standard Time:

27 sec





Ssonko 25.4/5

Kasumba 25.4/5

Nsubuga III








Musoke II 25.4/5

S: Matambulire

S: Maviri

S: Genza

S: Mukibi

S: Kakande

S: Kikonyogo








S: Sekabira


Half Mile




Mubuke 2.12,3/5

Lwanga 2.14,3/5





S: Sekagya



High Jump:

Standard Height:

5 ft




Nsubuga III 5’2”




Lugali 5’4”


S: Kiprotich

S: Mulindwa



4 x 220 Yds







1 min 43 s











440 Yds

Standard Time:

60 sec





Lwanga 57,3/5

Nsubuga Iii





Genza 57,7/10

S: Matambulire

S: Kakande

S: Kirunda






Long Jump:

Standard Dist:

17 ft




S: Lugali 17’2

S: Kunonya



Matovu 17’10”

Mulindwa 17’4”

S: Sendi




4 x 440 Yds:




HANLON 3.59 3/5











Oct 11 Cadet Corps. Letter from the Chief. See overleaf.


For any correspondence on this

subject, please quote No. F.78/76.


P.O.BOX 5,


10th October, 1944

The Headmaster,

Namilyango College,

P.O.Box 381,


With reference to your letters No. G.R. 12/4/44 of the 24th July and the 25th September, I am directed to inform you that His Excellency, the Governor, has signed an order under the Territorial Regiment Ordinance, 1939, establishing a “Cadet Unti which shall be composed of students of Namilyango College Cadet Corps”. I am to add that membership is confined to boys of 16 years old and upwards: a copy of the Cadet Corps Regulations, 1944 is enclosed for your information.










Legal Notice No.215 of 1944.


(No. 17 of 1939)


(Under Section 9 of the Ordinance)


IN EXERCISE of the powers confeerred on him by the above-mentioned Ordinance, His excellency the Governor has been pleased to establish a Cadet Unit which shall be composed of students of the Namilyango College, and shall be known as the Namilyango College Cadet Corps.



Chief Secretary to the Government.


8th October, 1944.




(No. 17 of 1939)


(Under Section 34 of the Ordinance)


1. THREE REGULATIONS may be cited as the Cadet Corps Regulations, 1944, and shall apply to all aCadet units established under section 9 of the Territorial Regiment Ordninance, 1939, other any Cadet Unit in respect of which separate regulations may be made.

Short title.

2. In these Regulations, unless the context otherwise requires “Corps” means any Cadet Unit established under Section 9 of the Territorial Regiment Ordinance, 1939;

“College” means any College or School in respect of which a Cadet Unit has been esatblished under Scetion 34 of the Territorial Regiment Ordinance, 1939.;

“Commander” means the officer in command of the Seventh (Uganda Territorial) Battalion, The Kings African Rifles:

Provided that during his absence from the Protectorate, any person appointed by the Governor may Exercise his powers and perform his duties;

“Commander Officer” means the Officer in Command of a Corps.


3. All resident male students of any College between the ages of 16 and 25 years shall be eligible for enrolment as Cadets in the Corps established for that College. A Cadet shall undertake on enrolment to attend all parades and unergo all trainig ordered by his Commanding Officer.

Persons eligible for enrolment.

4. The enrolment of srudents as Cades in a Corps shall be voluntary and subject to the Student obtaining a Medical Certificate of Fitness and the consent of His parent or guardian and in the case of a student resident outside the Protectorate, such student shall also obtain the consent of the Government of his territory.

Conditions precedent to enrolment.

5. A commanding Officer may dispense with the services of any Cadet, without assigning any reason, and any Cadet may obtain his discharge on giving written notice to his Commanding Officer of his wish to resign.

Discharge .

6. Every Corps shall be under the general control and direction of the Commander, but shall not form part of the Regiment and may not be emboddied for active service, and no member of a Corps shall be under any obligation to service outside the Corps in which he has enrolled.

Corps to be under general control of the Commander but not part of the Regiment.

7. A Corps shall be under the Command of the Principal or Headmaster of the College in respect of which such Corps have been established, or such other person as the Principal or Headmaster of the College, with the approval of the Commander, may appoint. The shall also be a second in Command and such other officers as a Commanding Officer may appoint. A Commanding Officer may also promote any Cadet to be a Cadet Officer or to hold any subordinate rank or reduce him from such rank as he sees fit.

Command of Corps.

The Cadet Corps Regulations, 1944

8. Officers of a Corps and Cadet Officers shall hold such honorary rank as the Commander may determine, but shall not hold Commissions or be recognised as officers outside that Corps.

Officers not to be commissioned.

9. A Corps shall consist of such number of companies or platoons as the Commanding Officer may fix.

Establishment of Corps.

10. A Commanding Officer shall be responsible to the Commander for the training and Discipline and efficiency of his Corps. He shall also be responsible for all funds, arms, ammunition, equipment and stores issued to such Corps.

Commanding Officer’s reponsibility.

11. Every Corps shall be trained in accordance with a programme of training prepared by its Commanding Officer and approved by the Commander. The prescribed age at which a Cadet may receive a Certificate of efficiency shall be 19 years.


12. A Commanding Officer may appoint any person with Military or constabulary training to be an officer or instructor as part of the permanent staff or in addition thereto.

Appointment of qualified persons as Officers or Instructors.

13. The Commander or such officer as he amy nominate shall inspect evry Corps at least once a year at such time as he may appoint.

Annual inspection

14. A Corps may be armed with such arms and ammunition as its Commanding Officer, with the approval of the Commander, may think fit.

Arms and ammunition

15. The sealed pattern of the Uniform of every Corps shall be :

Officers: - Khaki drill bush shirt with black buttons and abdges of rank on the shoulder straps; Khaki shorts; Khaki stockings and brown shoes. Headdress: Khaki round Non-regulation pattern helmet with brown patch on left with such intials as the Commanding Officer of the Corps may prescribe in the centre of the patch, or forage cap.

Cadet Officers and Cadets :- Khaki shirt with side pockets and such intials as the Commadning Officer of the Corps ay prescribe on shoulder straps; Khaki shorts and brown shoes. Headdress: Khaki forgae cup with white piping.


16. (1) The issue of arms and ammunition, clothing and equipment to officers and cadets of a Corps shall be subject to such conditions as the Commanding Officer of such Corps may from time to time impose.

Issue and use of arms, clothins, etc.

(2) All arms, ammunition, uniform and equipment of a Corps shall be used for training purposes only and every officer or cadet to whom they are issued shall produce them in good condition whenever called upon to do so.

MADE at Entebbe, this 15th day of January, 1944. CHARLES DUNDAS, Governor.


The Cadet Corps Regulations, 1944-2.

Oct 18 Temporary appointments

Hanlon House : Capt - D. Kabunga

V. Capt - A. Sekabira.

Biermans House : Capt - W. Waiswa

V.Capt - D.Kabega

Campling House : Capt - J.C.Lule

V.Capt - M.Ngobi.

School captain (1/c games) D. Kabunga

Timekeeper D.Kabega

Librarian W.Waiswa



FRIDAY, 20th October, 1944.

Teams: King’s College Budo (2nd)

Namilyango College (1st)

Makerere College (3rd)

1. 4 x 100 Yards: Relay(run up ad down)

1st : Budo

2nd: Namilyango

Time: 43 sec.

2. Medley Relay: 880 yds, I mile,1 Mile, 880yds:

1st : Namilyango

2nd : Budo

Time: 14 min 16 sec.

3. 4 x 220 yds: Relay

1st: Makerere

2nd : Budo

Time: 1min 34.6sec

4. 3 x 120 yds Hurdles Relay (run up and down)

1st: Namilyango

2nd : Makerere

Time 59.2 sec

5. Long jump: Aggregate of total best jumps by each competitor.

1st : Makerere, 56’-2”

2nd: Namilyango 54’-2”

6. 4 x 440 yds relay:

1st : Budo

2nd: Namilyango

Time: 3min 42sec.

Oct 26 House competition _ Boxing began. 42 bouts

Referee - M.J. Bessell Esq

Judges - C.V,Curtis and Headmaster

M.C - Fr. Foord

Timekeeper: Fr. Faupel.

The contests will continue tomorrow.

Oct 27 Boxing contests concluded. Campling House won.

Referee -M. j.Besell, Esq.

Judges - C. Lewis Esq and Headmaster.

M.C. Fr. Foord.

Time keeper _ Bro.Anthony.

A very fine nad spirited disply

(for Full record - see next page). Campling House won.

Oct 29 Sports Colours awarded to Louis Lwanga, Laurence Matambulire and Joseph Matovu.

Oct 30 Results of Senior Secondary (Academic) Leaving Examination received.

Passes - Francis Lumu - 2nd class

John Musisi - 2nd class

Benedict Lutakome - 3rd class

Henry Magola - 3rd class

John Okonera - 3rd class

Failures - Joseph Matovu

Laurence Matambulire

Henry Nsubuga

Oct 31 Makerere College Entrnace Examiantion began. 10 candidates.

Nov 3 Junior Secondary Examination (Internal Subjects) began. Lt. Colonel C. Pitman D.S.O., Commander, inspected the College Cadet Corps. He will send a report later.






Telegraphic Address: P.O.Box 573

Telephone No. 2070. KAMPALA, UGANDA

3rd November, 1944

The reply to this letter should be

addressed to “The Director,

Intelligence & Security” and the

following number quoted: 103/56.

Rev. Father B.Doyle,

Namilyango College,

P.O.Box. 381,


Dear Father Doyle,

With reference to the queries raised in your letter of the 21st Oct, 1944.

(i) I have just been appointed “Commander” by His Excellency the Governor during the absence from the Protectorate of the Officer-in-Command of the 7 th (Uganda) Battalion K.A.R.

(ii) In a Cadet Corp of your size, the honorary rank of the Commanding Officer should be that of Captain.

(iii) The honorary rank of yuor second in Command (is he also your adjutant?) should be Lieutenant.

(iv) The Honorary ranks of your European and African platoon Officers will be the same, i.e. 2nd Lieutenant.

( v) Cadet N.C.Os may wear chevrons (Sgt. Corporals,etc) on the sleeves as in the case of Military ranks.

(vi) Should you eventually appoint Cadet Officers, I suggest that they wear a stripe on the shoulder strap. This is the practice followed at Makerere.

(vii) There are no official forms fro a Certificate of Efficiency. So far, none have been granted at Makerere, but I understand from the Commanding Officer of the Makerere College Cadet Corp that he proposes to grnat a certain number of these Certificates at the time departure from the College of some of his Cadets, which will be in the near future. All such recipents will have had atleast 2 years’ training in that Cadet Corp.

(viii) Should you have further points to raise, we would discuss them in the course of my visit on the 3rd of November.

Yours sincerely,







Mr. A. Lugolobi (to be second in command and Adjutant with honorary rank of Lieutenant with effect from 6/11/44).


(with effect from20/11/44)


D.Kabunga (1 platoon)

W. Waiswa (2 platoon)

To be : Corporals:

M.Ngobi (1 platoon)

A. Kayanja (2 platoon)

To be: Lance Corporals:

J.Nganda & C.Kiwanuka III (1 platoon)

E. Nsubuga II & Mukasa III (2 platoon)

7th November, 1944.



Nov 7 Junior Sceondary Leaving Examinatios began (External subjects).

Nov 9- Annual retreat conducted by Rev.W.Fink of Nsambya.


Nov 13 Catholic Junior Secondary School Sports - “Major Keane Shield” held at Nakivubo.

Namilyango College - 56 points

Nsambya J.S.School - 29 points

Rubaga J.S.School - 5 points

(full details opposite)


6th November, 1944


Hon. The Chief Secretary,



1. On the 3rd November, in conformity with Section 13 of the Cadet Corps Regulations 1944, I carried out an inspection of the Namilyango College Cadet Corps.

2. Although this Cadet Corps was only established legally by Notice No. 215 of 1944 (Uganda Gazette of 16th October) approval had been given for its training as far back as 17th April, 1943 vide your F.78/76/14.

3. The strength of this Cadet Corps is approximately 80, and I was greatly impressed by its efficiency, its smart turn-out, its drill, and its evident keenness.

4. I have conveyed to the officer Commanding this Cadet Corps, The Rev. Father B.Doyle, my appreciation of its efficiency and keeness, and at the same time I have made various suggestions where I considered there was room for improvement.




Nov 15 Heats for Protectorate Sports.

Nov 16 J.Mubuke qualified for the final of the Mile and 3 miles.


N. Sekagya ................................. ½ mile

J.R. Arapu ................................. Hurdles

A. Kirunda ................................. 3 miles.

Nov 18 Protecorate Sports held at Makerere College (Nakivubo - too wet).

Louis Lwanga was 2nd in the 1/2mile.

Nov 19 Fr. Foord left for Nsambya en-route to Europe. Recalled by Superior General.

Nov 20 H.H. the Kabaka’s Birthday. Free day.

The Senior Secondary (Commercial) Leaving Examinations began.

Nov 27 Special meeting of Board of Governors re/Chapel.

Fr. J.Howard, Bcomm (of Tororo College) appointed to Namilyango in place of Fr. Foord - with effect from January, 1945.

Mr. Parry and Mr. Snoxall conducted the oral tetsts in English and Swahili for the C0mmercial Leaving Exam.

Nov 28 Makerere College Entrance Examination results received. F. Lumu, J.Mulindwa and J.Musisi have been accepted for higher studies in the Science Course. E.Maviri has been offered a place to train for four years ( at the College expense) as assistant Librarian, at the same time following the Arts course.

Nov 29 Primary Vernacular Schools Sports held here.

Nagalama School won the Cup while Namilyango School was second. Terminal Examinations began.

Nov 30 Bishop Kiwanuka, Vrear Apostolic of Masaka visited the College.

Dec 6 Holidays began.

Dec 14 The Resident of Buganda and Major F.J.Hey visited the College.

Dec 24 Results of the Senior Secondary (Commercial) Leaving Exam received. All the candidates (6) passed. - Class II.

Dec 30 Results of the Junior Secondary leaving Examination received - 7 passes and 3 failed.

F. Lumu, J. Musisi and J. Mulindwa have all been awarded Scholarships by the Buganda Government (400/-) to cover the cost of their Education at Makerere.

The Cadet Corps Regulations 1944 (Namilyango Company)

1. Admission and Discharge: All male students of the college between the ages of sixteen and twenty five shall be eligible for enrolment (Sec.3).

The Commanding Officer may dispense with the services of any Cadet, without assigning any reason.

Any Cadet may obtain his discharge on giving written nnotice to his Commanding Officer of his wish to resign from the Corps (Sec 5).

2. Promotions and Appointments: The Commanding Officer may promote any Cadet Officer or to hold any subordinate rank.

The Commanding Officer may reduce a cadet Officer from such rank as holds (Sec 7).

3. Training and Parades: A Cadet must undertake on enrolment, to attend all parades, exercises and training activities that may be ordered (Sec 3).

The prescribed age at which a Cadet may receive a Certificate of Efficiency shall be 19 years(Sec 11).

4. Uniform:The Cadte Uniform, beret, shirt and shorts must be won for training purposes only. It shall be worn for parades, marches, etc, according to the rules made by the C.O. As soon as a parade or exercise is finished, all cadets in Uniform must change quickly into their School Clothes(Sec 15).

5. Rifles and ammunition: Every cadet must take great care with th rifles which are loaned to us by the Commander of the 4th, K.A.R. Jinja.

Regulations concerning the use of arms and their custody are contained in the order sheet (APMK, from C.O. 4th, K.A.R.) 1954.

6. Officers: When a Cadet or Cadet Officer addresses or passes an officer, he must always salute smartly at attention.

7. Cadet Officers: The following Cadet Officers may carry batons or canes for all parades:- Platoon Commanders and Platoon Sergeants. Corporals and Lance Corporals may not carry canes or batons for ordinary parades, but may be issued with such canes at the discretion of the O.C. for Ceremonial Parades.

8. Footwear:

(1) Cadet Infantry : Until footwear is provided as pasrt of the Uniform, Cadets and Cadet Officers may only wear brown shoes or boots and Khaki stockings. permission from C.O. is required.

(2) Cadet Bandsmen: Bandsmen may with permission of the O.C., wear white shoes or boots and dark blue stockings.

No other kinds of footwear or stocking may be worn..

9. Absence from parades: No Cadet Officer or Cadet may be absent from any parade or practice without the written permission of the C.O . (or in his absence of the Adjutant). This written permission will be handed to the Cadet Officer in charge of the Platoon, before the parade or practice.

10. Cadet Bandsmen: According to the regulations cited above, Cadet Bandsmen are full Cadets and are bound by all the rules and regulations of the Cadet Corps.

Re-Regulation 4 Cadet Bandsmen will wear Khaki for al the practices and normal parades. For Ceremonial Parades, they will be issued with the Special White and Blue Bandsmen uniforms.

C.C. /15’10’54.


Jan 3 126 Polish children together with 8 adults from Koja arrived, to spend a holiday here until Jan 22nd.

Jan 17 All workmen struck work.

Jan 20 Food brought for the Polish Children, under armed gurad, accompanied by armoured Cars!

Jan 23 Fr. J.Howard, appointed to Namilyango, arrived to-day.

Workmen resumed work.

Jan 26 The Polish children left for Koja.

Feb 6 First term began:


Rev.B.Doyle - Headmaster

Rev.J . Faupel, M.A

Rev. B.Kuipers, B.Sc.

Rev. J.Howard B. Comm



Mr. P.Basaja M.27/11

Mr. J.Sentamu M.32/9

Mr.C.Kiwanuka M 34/10

Mr. A. Lugolobi

Mr. V.Nsumba - Educ Dpet Teaching Licence.

School Captain - David Kabunga

Capt of Hanlon House - David Kabunga

V.Capt of Hanlon House - Anthony Sekabira

Capt Biermans House - William Waiswa.

V.Capt of Biermans House - Anthony Kayanja

Capt of Campling House - Dennis Kabega

V. Capt of Campling House - Matthew Ngobi

Enrolment Analysis

Class VI(A) ... 10

Class V (A) ... 13

Class IV (A) ... 3

Class III ... 15

Class II ... 23

Class I ... 27

Class VI© ... 3

Class V© ... 4

Class IV© ... 12

Total ...110

Feb 7 Headmaster’s report - 1944 sent to D/E and to members of the Board of Governors.


(Established with the sanction of H.E. The Governor, on 17th April, 1943)


  • 1945-


Commanding Officer: The Headmaster

Second in command & adjutant - Mr.A.K.Lugolobi, Lieutenant.



No.1. Section

No.2 Section

No.3 .Section

Musoke II





Kiwanuka I








Musoke I






Kiwanuka II

Mukasa II

No.2. SQUAD.







Mukasa IV

Nsubuga III




Kawere I


Mubiru II


Musoke III


Musoke Iv




N.C.Os i/c Ptn . Sergeant Kabunga, Cpl. Ngobi, L/c Nganda, L/c. Kiwanuka III


Anthony Mpima

Benedict Katende

John Lubega

Joseph Kivumbi

Joseph Serunjogi

Paulinus Sebuliba

Joseph Sentamu

Expeditus Kanyike

John Arapu

John Sebayebe

Matthew Wakonyi

Vincent Muzale

Chrysostom Mudiru

Samuel Kizito II

Frederick Mpanga

John Mukiibi

Francis Makatu

James Ochola

Alexander Majanga

Dominic Okuraja

N.C.Os - i/c Recruits: -Sgt Waiswa, Cpl.Kayanja, L/c Nsubuga II, L/c Mukas I


Commanding Officer.

Feb 21 Fr. Doyle sick.

Feb 27 Fr. Doyle X-rayed.

Mar 19 Uniforms arrived.

Mar 27 Board of Governors - Meeting for 1946 Budget held.

Mar 29 Fr. Doyle went into Hospital.

Apr 10 Fr. Doyle discharged from Hospital.

Apr 23 Football: Namilyango College Vs Makerere College here.

2 - 3

Apr 25 Term ended. New Latrines began. Old ones collapsed on 26/3/45.

May 12 First Aid (St. John Ambulance Association). Certificates arrived for the 1944 Class - 16 boys passed. 2 failed (see 27/1/45).

May 22 Second Term began.

May 24 Empire Day. One platoon of the Cadet Corps went to Kampala for the March Past at Nakivubo. Letter from Mr. Snoxall:-


For any future correspondence

on this subject please quote

No. ..................................

Telegrams: “Education”.

Telephone Nos. 384 and 385.





26 May, 1945

The Reverand Father Doyle,


Namilyango College.

Dear father Doyle,

I was indeed grateful to have the assistance of your very smart and willing Cadet Corps during the Children’s Empire Day celebrations at Nakivubo. The assistance of such a well disciplined body helped materially in securing for most of the children who deserved it, a cup of tea and a loaf, and later on that the thousands of spectators were able to watch the fooball match in some degree of comfort.

Yours sincerely,


Jun 1 The School Bus arrived.

Jun 5 Results of the Cambridge School Certificate 1944.

Musisi Grade II nad Lumu Grade III had 100% success.

Results of the London Chamber of Commerce/ Certificate Stage)

Paul Musoke passed in typewriting.

Pantako Kasule passed in Book-keeping and typewriting.

Christopher Okello passed in Shorthand and Typewriting

Failed in Book-keeping - P.Musoke and C.Okello

Failed in typewriting - J.Lwanga

Failed in Shorthand - J.Lwanga 55.5% success.

This was the first time the latter exam had been taken and the results may be considered very satisfactory.

Jun 7 Preliminary round of Kabaka’s Cup at home Vs Mulago Hospital. We won 3-2.

Jun 8 Feast of the Sacred Heart. Free Day.

Mr. Stuckey of Agriculture Department of Makerere addressed the School on the subject of the Agricultural course at Makerere for Assistant Agricultural Officers. He was accompanied by Miss Roberton and Mr. Lee of Makerere and Miss Fiona Lee.

Jun 10 Uganda Martyrs day. Most of the boys went to Namugongo.

Jun 11 Five boys dismissed for taking beer on th previous day.These were David Kabunga, the School Captain who was publicly expelled for drinking and abusing his authority, J. Musoke and C. Mubuza from the top class, A.Yawe from Class IV© and D.Sebagala from Class Ii.

Jun 13 1st round of the Kabaka’s Cup. Played away Vs Wampewo Old Boys. We won 2 - 1.

The task of levelling a new football field has begun.

Jun 23 Kyaggwe Cup. 1st round W.O Vs Nyenga.

Jun 26 Kyaggwe Cup. 2nd round Namilyango Vs Nakisunga at Mukono. We won 4-1.

Jun 30 Kabaka’s Cup. 2nd round. Namilyango Vs Nkokonjeru at Nkokonjeru. We lost 1-2. This defeat was largely due to the bad state of the ground which is definitely unfit for Cup matches being less than minimum size and not level.

Jul 3 Mr. H. Holcome kindly came out to give a boxing instruction, carrying on the good work started last year by Mr. Bessel, who has been transferred to Mbale.

Jul 4 A committee formed to make arrangement for the boxing Tournament to be held in Kampala August 6th - Dr.M.J.O.Sullivan -Fr.Col. Pags (deputy commisioner of police) Mr. Cliffod Jewis, Mr.J. Hallon, Mr.H. Mc Donald.

The first meeting was held in Kampala club.

Jul 6 Kyagwe cup semi final Vs Namilyango team, won 6-3, - a rough game, poorly refereed 5 penalties awarded all for accidental hands.

Jul 10 Mr. Hallon came again for boxing instruction, he was accompanied by Mr. B. Sebley and Mr. M.W.Huntu.

Jul 11 Friendly match Vs Makerere away. 2 teams sent. 1st XI lost 2-4 and 2nd XI lost 0-7.

Jul 16 2nd Committee meeting of Boxing Tournament C. Little had been done since the last meeting owing to the illness of Mr. C. Jewis. Letter from the (sea over) Governor accepting the invitation to be present at a potion of the show, which is to be in aid of the S.E.A.C Comforts 7.

Jul 17 Mr. Molcant gave further boxing instructions. He was accompanied by Mr. Sebley. The acting Headmaster retired to bed with fever.




14th July, 1945.

Dear Father Faupel,

Many thanks for your letter of the 12th July. I shall be delighted to attend and be Patron of the Namilyango College Boxing and musical programme on the 6th August, and I am very grateful for your invitation.

Yours sincerely,


Father F.J.Faupel,

Acting Headmaster

Namilyango College,

P.O.Box 381,


Jul 10 The boys from Secondary 3 at Budini arrived to complete their year here.

Fr.Farmar had to go away from Budini College on sick leave.

Jul 21 Headmaster recovered.

Final of Kyaggwe Cup against Bishop’s School Mukono. We won 2- 1 after a fast and ahrd fought game. The team were seen at their best in this match.


Jul 24 Eliminating contests for Boxing Tournament held at Police Traininh School. For results see the above. Some spirited fighting was seen. 2 of the Eliminating contests which could not be fought off, on the 21 st , were fought off at Namilyango. Mr. Haleon acted as referee and Judge. Mr. D.H.Hughes was also present. A very spirited performance by P.Mubiru who lost to M.Birdsohn. but, though bleeding profusely, fought on to the end.

Jul 26 Captain Pitman and Major Curtis came for the annual Cadet Corps inspection. For the report, see below:-


28th July, 1945





1. On the 26th July, in confirmation with Section 13 of the Cadet Corps Regulations 1944, I carried out an inspection of the Namilyango Cadet Corps. I was acoompanied Mr. C.V.Curtis, Commandant of the Police Training School, who had trained the N.C.Os for this Corps at the time of its origin.

2. This Corps has now been in existence for a period of over two years, and its turn out and drill was found to be more satisfactory. There are no longer with this Corps any of the Cadet N.C.Os originally trained at the Police training School and only three of those who were subsequently sent to attend another course. I consider it speaks most highly for the enthusiasm of this Corps that they should have attained such a degree of efficiency after their well trained N.C.Os had left. It indicates that the careful training given the original N.C.Os was only of benefit to those who experienced it, but has been passed on effectively to the new comers.

3. The strength of this Cadet Corps is approximately 70, of which about 60 were on parade. The parade was conducted by an African master who is almost entirely responsible for the training of the Cadets. I cannot speak too highly of his keenness, enthusiasm and efficiency.

4. The Cadets were inspected for turn out, as well as drill, Musketry exercises, bayonet fighting and marching. The Corps is assisted by a very capable band with some first Class Burglers. The slow match is rarely seen in a Cadet Corps, but these Cadets have mastered most proficiently this difficult mode of marching, which is most excellent for steadiness and discipline. The march past of the Corps in slow time was most impressive.

5. It is hoped that when the situation regarding miniature rifles and their ammunition becomes easier, it will be possible for this Corps to have instruction in miniature randge shooting.

6. In the regrettable absence of the Officer-in-charge of this Cadet Corps, the Rev.Fr.B.Doyle, I have conveyed my appreciation of its efficiency and keeness to the Rev. Fr. Faupel who is at present acting as Headmaster and Corps Commander. At the same time, I ahve in consultation with Mr.C.V.Curtis made various suggestions where we consider there is room for improvement.



Copy : Rev. Fr. Faupel, Namilyango.

Jul 28 Cricket and Football Vs Football College at Budo. Cricket full day match. The College obtained a lead on the 1st innings, but afetr lunch somnotent and sluggish, finally winning by 4 wickets. A pfairly good performance.

Football - a rather poor exhibition against a very strong Budo XI. Lost 3-9.

Aug 3 Nyapea Brass band paid a short visit and played for about ½ hour.

Aug 6 Boxing tournament at the Police training School. Musical Programme by Nyapea Brass Band. H.E. The Governor attended and gave out the prizes and badgesThe Programme and report are discussed below.Thanks are due to the Committee. Mr.C.Jewis who helped with the gate and Tarpaulins. To Mr. Brown of the Police who gave valuable support and instruction to the Boxers - offering his face as a target for their punches.Also warmest congratulations are due to Mr. Bessel and Mr. Nolcom for the results of their instruction.




K.C.M.G.,D.S.O., O.B.E., M.C.

Governor & Commander-in-Chief

of the Uganda Protectorate.









(By kind permission of the commissioner of police)


Monday August 6th,



Proceeds to the


Programme 50 Cents.




1. J.M.Nsubuga 5st 10 Vs B. Katende 7st 0

2. J.Musoke 7st 3 Vs J.Nambago 6st 0


3. C.Mukasa 10st 7 Vs J.Ssozi 10st 4

4. D. Kabega 9st 12 Vs T.Kawere 9st 10


5. FLY WEIGHT - Final

C. Wagabono 7st 7 Vs S.Kizito 7st 10


H. Bisobolwa 8st 3 Vs T.Kiwanuka 8st 9



E. Nsubuga 9st 7 Vs A. Sendikaddiwa 9st 1

8. GNAT WEIGHT - Final

Winner of 1 Vs Winner of 2


Winner of 3 Vs Winner of 4





NYAPEA(West Nile)

Conducted by Bro.Howard

will play the following items

of music during the evening:-


The Regimentals


E. Chennette


Grand Duchess




Vacation Days




Oriental Interlude




Sea Medley




Grand March


York Bowen


Royal Airforce


Dr. W.Davies






The Cricketeers








College Boy


Ed. Bennett


Recess Time




Wake - Up




The Sportsman





Referee :- Mr. C.L. Holcom.

Judges:- Mr. C.E.Page.

Mr. M.J.Bessell.

Timekeeper :- Father Howard.

M.C : Mr. E.J.G.Brown.

Medical Officer :- Dr. M.J. O’Sullivan.


Father Faupel, Brother Anthony, Dr. M.J.O’Sullivan, Messrs. Fr.A. Cottage, C.L. Holcom, D.H.Hughes, H. MacDonald. C.E.Page.

Refreshments by: THE CITY BAR.

Aug 7 Senior Secondary Leaving Examinations and School Examiantions.

Aug 11 Boys left for their holidays.

Workk started on the roof of the large Dormitory which was being used as a Chapel. The C. Iron sheets had been replaced by tiles during the War, but the roof timbers were unable to stand the extra weight. The roof showed signs of collapsing and had to be shipped to the Principals and strengthened. The Chapel was moved back to one of the smaller Dormitories.


Aug 8th, 1945.


For spirited boxing and good sportsmanship it would be difficult to improve on the Tournament by the Boys of Namilyango College at the Police Drill Hall last Monday night. The standard of boxing was surely higher than has been seen in Kampala before, and was a source of surprise to the spectators, and moreover every contestant without exception seemed as capable of taking punishment as giving it. The highest praise and encouragement are due to these boys, for they appeared not only to enjoy boxing but to have absorbed and understood a great deal of their training under Messrs. M.J.Bessell and C.L. Holcom. Boxing is comparatively new to these Africans, and as Schoolboys they can not be expected to remember all that they are taught within a few short months; there was perhaps room for future improvement in footwork, close defence, and in following up advantages.

In both fights in the semi-finals of the Gnat Weights there was more than a stone’s differernce in weight between the contestants. This was unfortunate as little Nsubuga with his 5st 10 was somewhat over-shadowed by the massive 7st Katende, and duly succumbed; and yet yet Nambago in the second fight who was giving away more than a stone to Musoke, magnificently ignored any slight disrepancies in weight and proceeded to win by sheer energy and spirit. In the final, between Katende and Nambago, hte latter was again a stone lighter, and this time it was too much for him, although he gave a wonderful display of courage and fighting spirit, carrying the fight to an extra round in which a solid blow by Katende decieded the issue.

Rather naturally, the Welter Weight fights were of a higher standard of boxing. In both of the semi-finals in this cklass the contestants were well matched in weight and skill. Mukasa 10st 7 beat Ssozi 10st 4, largely as a result of persistent right jabs through an equally eprsistent gap in Ssozi’s defence; and Kawere (9st 10) took full advantage of Kabega’s (9st 12) uncertainly on his feet by following a right to the body with a left to the head at the most disconcerting momemts for Kabega. The final between Kawere and Mukasa, was probably the best fight of the evening, and was only won by Kawere after an extra round. Mukasa had the advantage of weight, but Kawere was the better boxer, pressing home every advantage in the last round; he should make a very good boxer later.

The final of the Fly Weight between Kisito (7st 10) and Wagabono (7st 7) was one of the highlights of the evening. It was hard fought throughout, the advantage swinging first one way and then the other. Kisisto was given the fight, but there was some measure of compensation fro Wagabono in being later awarded the prize for the gamest loser of the evening.

The Feather Weight fight between Bisobolwa (8st 3) and Kiwanuka (8st 9) was of a different class from the others. Bisobolwa seemed to have decided upon his strategy from hte start, and was apparently reserving all his energy for the second round. He relied too often on the close defence of his head while forgetting to keep his elbows in, with the result that Kiwanuka on more than one occasion, brought a useful right up through the gap. An extra round had to be fought, and this time Bisobolwa dropped his exhibition tactics and with a series of solid punches won his fight.

There remains the final of the Light Weight, in which Sendikaddiwa (9st 1) beat Nsubuga (9st 7) by a combination of good punching and effective dodging. In the second round, Sendikkadiwa brought Nsubuga to the boards for what can best be described as an ample period by a clean blow to the jaw, and although Nsubuga eventually rallied, it was not enough.

His Excellency, the Governor, in a short speech after the tournament said that he had never seen a better display of boxing among Africans and expressed the feelings of all the spectators when he gave high praise to the sportsman-like atmosphere of the fighting. He delighted everyone by asking that a further prize should be given to Nambago, who had put up such a wonderful show of tenacity and tenacity despite twice having to fight an opponent more than a stone heavier than himself, and insisted in donating the prize himself. He also paid a very well earned tribute to the Brass Band from St. Aloysius College Nyapea; and it is worth noting that it was the best Band that had been heard in these parts.

There are many who should be praised for their efforts in organising the Tournament, and undoubtedly the appropriate acknowledgements will be made in due course.

Sept 14 Boys returned from their holidays. The Dormitory roof was only completed in time by several days overtime work on the part of Brother Joseph and his workmen. The weather Boarding and ridges still remain to be fixed.

Sept 25 Boys went to Mukono to see the Army Education Corps Unit display. An unfortunate accident occured in the evening when two women were injured (one fatally) by a machine gun bullet. One round of live ammunition had apparently been left in the Breech of a gun which was on show and a small boy pressed the trigger.

Oct 2 Meeting of the Board of Governors to discuss the deficit on Staff houses and the new Chapel. Plans for new school.,etc.

Oct 5 Peace Day celebrations for schools.

This School should have gone to Mukono to the Ssaza Headquarters. No information was received from the Sekibobo about the time or place of the celebrations. This was taken as a deliberate slight upon the School and a protest sent to the P.E.O. Arrangements were then made to go to Kampala. The whole School was taken in by the School vehicle. This meant three trips each way. The Cadet Corps led the march past at the Anotaph after the Nsambya Band and gave a short drill display on the Nakivubo ground after the Children’s Sports.

No apology is yet forthcoming from the Sekibobo.

Oct 7 Old Boys Daz. The staff attended the meeting in the morning and the Acting Headmaster said a few words about the past School year and asked the Old Boys to help towards decreasing the Chapel deficit. 98/- was contributed by the Old Boys. In the afternoon and evening, the O.Bs were treated to a Cadet Corps display and to a Boxing Show by volunteers from the Boxing club.

Oct 8 School Sports Day.

The Pole Vault was introduced for the first time. Below are the results.


MONDAY, 8th October, 1945


Points for all events except Nos. 8, 10 & 12. 1st : 3 points Events No. 8, 10 & 12

2nd : 2 points 1st : 6 points

“Standard” : 1 point 2nd : 3 points





1. 100 Yards.

Standard time: 11.4 sec

Time: 10.6 sec


Mukasa .I. Mabale


1st Musoke II 10.6

2nd Kabusu

Magola, Sekagya, Genza,

Muzale, Kikonyogo and



Okuraja, Corry and



2. One mile

Standard time:

5min 25 sec

2nd Ogola



1st Sekagya 5/2.9

Ddungwa, Nsubuga



3. 120 Yds Hurdles

Standard Time: 21 sec

1st Arapu 17 sec

Mpandu Kalali


Kabusu, Sebuliba


2nd Kiprotich

Kiwanuka, Sendi, Ngobi

and Kawere


4. Hop, Step and jump

Standard Distance:

34 feet

1st Arapu 37/ 7 ½

2nd Kalali

Mukasa, Mabale and





Kawere, Sendi and



5. 220 Yards

Standard Time: 27 sec

2nd Arapu


1st Musoke II 26’

Kabusu, Genza,Kiwanuka

IV and Kikonyogo




6. Half mile

Standard time :

2min 25 sec

2nd Serunjogi, Kalali,

Ogolo and Kalule


1st Sekagya 2/17.8

Ndugwa and Nsubuga


Kiwanuka III and Sendi


7. High Jump

Standard Height:

4ft 10 in

1st Arapu 5/1 ¾



2nd Kiprotich

5/ ¾


8. 4 x 220 Relay


1st Time 1/47 1/5




9. Pole Vault

Standard Height:

5ft 6in

Arapu, Kalali and



Katende, Ndugwa and



1st Kiprotich 8’ 1”

2nd Ngobi

Mukalazi and Gonza


10. Tug-Of-War

1st 6

2nd 3


11. 440 yards.

Standard time: 60 sec


1st Sekagya 59”



12. Long jump

Standard Distance: 17 ft

2nd Mabale and Mukasa



1st Musoke 19.11




13. 4 x 440 Relay


1st time 3/59.6


2nd 3






Best performance: Arapu 12 points and Sekagya 10 points.

Oct 13 Catholic Junior Secondary Schools Sports for the Major Keane Shield. The shield was lost to Nsambya.

Nsambya 51 points, Namilyango 38 points and Rubaga 1 point.


13th October, 1945

at Nakivubo

(By kind permission of the trustees)

TEAMS: NSAMBYA (White and Green)

RUBAGA (White and Blue)


Points for “Major Keane Shield”: 5-3-1, in all events except Relay races. Relays: 6-3 only.






3.30 p.m

100 yds









10.8 seconds

Namily ‘43

Time: 10.8sec

3.35 p.m

1 Mile











4min 51.2S


Time: 4min 54sec

3.45 p.m

Hop, Step & Jump












Nsambya ‘44

Dist : 39’1/4”

4.00 p.m

220 Yds











25 seconds

Namily. ‘43

Time : 25.2 sec


High Jump











5’1 ½

Height : 5’-2 ½”


440 yds











Namily. ‘44

56 seconds

Time : 56.2 SEC


5.00 p.m

4 X 220 yds Relay








1min 45.6SEC

Namily ‘44

Time : 1min 43sec


Half mile











2 min 9sec

Namily ‘44

Time : 2min 9.6 sec


Long Jump










Namily ‘44


Dist : 19’ 4 ½”

5.35 p.m

4 X 400 yds Relay

1 -







3 min 55.6sec

Namily ‘44

Time : 3min 55.8 sec

120 yds Hurdles








Oct 24 Heats for Protectorate Sports. 3 boys qualified for the finals. Arapu (Hurdles), Kiprotich (Pole Vault) and Sekagya (Mile).

Oct 27 Protectorate Sports. Kiprotich secured 3rd place in the Pole Vault. Arapu was unfortunate in falling at the last Hurdle when leading the field after a bad start.

Oct 29 VIA, VIC, VA & IVA went on an excursion to Jinja.

Oct 30 Makerere College Entrance Exams begin. 6 candidates.

Oct 31 Vigil of all Saints - Saturday horarium.

Nov 1 All Saints - Free Day.

Nov 3 Mr. Tennis wood of Makerere came to supervise the Practical Science for the Makerere Entrance Examination.

Nov 4 London Chamber of Commerce Exam begin (in Kampala).

Nov 5 - Mr. Lloyd of the Education Department spent the wekk here doing

9 the College books.

Catholic J.S.S. Sports at Nakivubo - Nsmabya won the “Keane” Shield. Namilyango - last!

Nov 8 - The annual retreat given by Fr. R. Cornelius.


Nov 9 A further meeting of the Board of Governors.

To consider revision of Estimates for Cpaital Expenditure.

Nov 10 C. Mpandu caught by the Captain’s with a bottle of Waragi in his possession.

Taken to the Gombolola, he confessed to buying the same from Sarah Nambi who is living on the College Land. Efforts to be made to get rid of this woman.

Nov 12 Heats at Nakivubo for Protectorate Sports.

Cricket match. Fathers Vs The College.

Fr. Dean, Hughes + McVey + Caller assisted the staff. The College scored 103 and the Fathers were 24 for 2 wickets when rain stopped the play.

Nov 15 Protectorate Sports at Nakivubo. J.Kanakulya in final - ½ mile up- to-date - Applications for 1948 -313.

Accepted - 43

Pending - 23

Rejected - 247

Nov 17 Senior Secondary (Commercial) Leaving Examination began.

The Honourable C.M.A. Gayer visited the School.

Nov 21 Annual retreat, conducted by Fr. J.S.Ryan.

Nov 23 The Resident of Buganda, Mr. Robertson accompanied by the Sekibobo, paid a short visit to the College.

Nov 27 Annual Drill Competition - Cadet Corps.

Dec 2 Cambridge School Certificate Exams in Kampala.

8 candidates still here

  • Kasimagwa - Nyenja.
  • 2 left.

Dec 4 Third term Examinations.

Dec 6 Third Boxing Tournament in Kampala .

Dec 10 Holidays began.

Dec 12 Mr. Douling carried out a Dental survey of the School. She reported that the state of the teeth was on the whole, very good.

Dec 15 The Boys left for their holidays.

The School was extra short staffed for most of the year as no replacement was received for Fr. Doyle.

Examination results:

Junior Secondary. 8 passed and 20 failed.


Jan 14 Mr. Bissel of the Geological survey called to examine the possibilities of a Water supply. He examined the spring about ½ mile from the College and estimated its output at 80,000 gallons per day. He considered the proposal to pump water from this to a tank at the top of the Hill, quite feasible. He estimated the requirements of the Hill - including schools and staff Quartesr at 5,000 gallons per day.

Jan 17 Brother Anthony went to see the owner of the land on which the spring is and obtained permission for the College to build in the Spring and instal a pumping plant, on condition that the public supply was safeguarded. Mr. Bissel was informed of this, by letter.

Ref. No. D.20/V




P.O.BOX 263,



17th JANUARY, 1946.

The Headmaster,

Namilyango College,

P.O.Box 381,


Junior Secondary Leaving Examination, 1945.

I have the honour to inform you that the results of the above examination are as under:-


Daniel Ochom Daniel Midholi

John Sajjabi Augustine Awulira

Michael Obo Bonaventura Muzaale

Mathias Lubega Wilfred Sibondo


Wilfred Kabusu John Watkins

Silverius Kateyenge Silas Nakuzabasajja

Gabriel Wamala Silvester Kifunte

Constantine Mpandu James Ogolla

William Zirabamuzale Laurence Waddubi

Bernard Ndugwa Suleman Mawalo

Michael Kutanwa James Igalula

Sylvester Sebampiteko Laurence Sajjabi

Arap Chuma Kiprotich Nasani Muyende

Francis Kiwanuka Bonefacio Wamuseke



Jan 18 Re-decoration of the Headmaster’s house completed.

Jan 24 Fr. Roone, Bro Judger abd Bro. Bavo paid in a short visit.


Rev.B.Doyle(Headmaster) - On leave in England.

Rev. J.F. Faupel M.A. - Actng Headmaster.

Rev. B. A.M. Kuipers B.Sc

Rev. J.A. Howard - Bcomm

Rev. Bro. Anthony Beuman

Rev. Bro Lawrence Jansen

Mr. C. Kiwanuka (Makerere) 34/10

Mr. A.Lugolobi (Makerere) 42/6

Mr. Bakkabulindi (Makerere)

Mr. J.Kayongo (Makerere) 42

Mr. T. Musana Grade A.

Enrolemt 1946

Senior Academic Commercial Total

VI 10 3 13

V 4 11 15

IV 13 6 19



Junior III 27

II 26

I 27 80



Feb 5 The Boys returned from their Holidays.

Headmaster’s report 1945 sent to the Education Dept and Board of Governors.

Feb 8 Classes started.

Feb 19 Mr. Holcom re-commenced his ihstructions in Boxing.

Feb 22 Visit from Sekibobo. Attempts to pursuade Sarah Nambi to leave.

Mar 8 A start was made with the newly formed Kyaggwe League.

Mar 13 Football. Friendly match Vs Nsambya School. Away. We won 4 -2.

Mar 23 The Superior General and Fr. Kenedy came on visitation.

Mar 25 Meeting of Board of Governors to consider 1947 Estimates. Mr. Williams not present. The Superior General was present by invitation and promised one new Degreed Father and possibly one with teaching experience.

Mar 26 The Superior General, The Very Rev. G.O’Callagan and Fr. J.P.Kenedy left in the morning. Fr. S. Farmar M.A arrived to take up his duties as relief staff for Fr. Doyle.

Mar 28 Miss Neathy, Assistant Director of Education, visited the School and stayed to Lunch. She brought a very large Dog with her. Conversation nearly all about animals.

Mar 29 One case of measles.

Mar 30 More cases of measles.

Apr 4 The Omuwanika and the Sekibobo visited the School.

Apr 5 10 cases of measles. Fr. Faupel went to Kampala to see Mr. Snoxall and the M.O.H and finally extracted a reluctant permission from the later to send the boys home to prevent an epidemic in the School.

Apr 6 Boys left. To return May 7.

Extract from a letter received from Fr. Philip Jackson, a Headmaster of the School in its very early days.

“ In 1902, Fr. Minderop went to Namilyango on a “secret” mission. Fr. Grimshaw was with him for a time until he got ill; then Fr. Mertens went there and started a School. There was never any talk at that time of its being a mission. The Catechumens had to go to Nsambya for instructions.

In 1907, I received orders to open a mission as the numbers were going down. I received no money for the Catechists, etc and was told to tkae it out of the School fees. About 15 boys from the White Fathers Vicariate paid 3 pounds a year each!

There was no talk of dividing the Estate into Mission and School Divisions. I was incharge of both and so was Fr. Schoemaker who succeeded me. I know nothing of the dividing of the bounds between the School and the Mission. What the original idea of founding Namilyango was I do not know. Fr. Matthes sent Fr. Minderop there when the Bishop was in Europe.

Certied aline & corred. Copy J.F. Faupel.

6th August, 1946”.

Apr 12 Fr. Farmar sick with a bad attack of Bronchitis.

Apr 27 Fr. Faupel & Fr. Howard went to Nairobi to make arrangements for Lead Light Windows for the New Chapel, with Isherwood’s Brand of the Construction Co.

Apr 29 Bishop Negri and Fr. Kibani paid a short visit

May 6 Frs. Faupel and Howard returned form Nairobi.

May 10 Fr. Farmar sick.

May 14 Fr. Farmar had last sacraments and taken to Hospital.

May 21 Fr. Farmar discharged from Hospital.

May 23 H.E. The Governor and Lady Hall paid a short visit to the School. They were received by the Acting Headmaster and staff and the Cadet Corps was lined up and after the band had played God Save the King, H.E. inspected them. Mr. Cullen, The Director Of Education wa salso present (with Mrs Cullen). Inspite of the rain, H.E. and Jacky Hall went all around the School, before proceeding to Namagunga for the opening of Mt.St.Mary’s Girls School.

Telegrams: “EDUCATION”

Telephone Nos 384 and 385.

Ref. No.D.3.XI



P.O.BOX 263,



23rd May, 1946.

The Headmaster,

Namilyango College,

P.O.Box 381,


Cambridge School Certificate Examination, 1945.

I have much pleasure in niforming you that in the above examination held in Kampala last year, your School achieved the

following successes:-

Grade I Kabega D

Grade III Balimuttajjo.J.S.


Ngobi .M.

2. I wish to convey to you the congratulations of this Department on the result.



May 24 Empire Day. 1 platoon of Cadets went to Nakivubo for the School’s march past. The Resident took the salute.




28th May, 1946

Dear Sir,

I am desired by His Excellency the Governor, to thank you for your invitation to the Boxing Tournamnet in the Drill Hall of the Police Training School on Saturday, the 29th of June, and to say that His Excellency will be very pleased to attend the Tournament as Patron.

Yours very truly,

Elizabeth.M. Forbes

Private Secretary.

The Acting Headmaster,

Namilyango College,

P.O.Box 381







14th June, 1946.

The Headmaster,

Namilyango College,

P.O.BOX 281,


Re : EMPIRE DAY - 1946.

Please thank the members of your |Cadet Corps, who rendered valuable service at the tea-urns after the School children’s parade. They also looked very distinguished as the rear-guard of the procession.

Winifred Edberg


Jun 5 Kabaka’s Cup Vs Kisubi. The Game which was played at Kisubi was extremely fast and excellent football. Score 3 - 3. The lights on the School bus would not work and the Team ws brought back by the Kisubi Bus.

Jun 10 Replay against Kisubi. Won 5-2.

Jun 12 The Mother General of the Sisters went round the School.

Jun 14 Fr. Doyle returned from leave.

Jun 19

22 June, Preliminary Bouts



Welter Weights 9.10 - 10.7


Otin Vs Mpanga 1

S. Mukasa Vs Wakonyi 2

Ssozi Vs Winner of 1 & 3


Winner of 2 Vs Winner of 3


Light Weights 9.0 - 9.9


Kanakulya Vs Kateregga 1

Bisobolwa Vs Sebuliba 2

Semi -Final

Winner of 1 Vs Winner of 2 / 3

Mubiru Vs I. Kiwanuka


Winner of 3 Vs Winner of 4




Fly Weights 7.0 - 8.0


Kasirye Vs Wagabono 1

Katende Vs Kigozi 2

Matovu Vs Kizito 3

Winner of 1 Vs Winner of 2


Winner of 4 Vs Winner of 3


Gnat Weights 6.0 - 7.0


Mabira Vs Sekitoleko 1

Nambago Vs Kiwanuka 2


Winne of 1 Vs Winner of 2


“Heavy Weights - 6st


Nyanzi Vs Kalenzi 1

Waheke Vs Nakuzabasajja 2


Winner of 1 Vs Winner of 2



Kawere Vs Police

Kiwanuka Vs Police

Sendi Vs Police

Novelty item








Certificate of Mambership

This is to certify that Namilyango Boys Secondary School, Uganda is a member of the Empire Day Movement for the Year 1946 - onwards.

London Date: 14.1.46

W.A.Wayland Chairman

Jun 26 Kabaka’s Cup:

Namilyango C. Vs Budo at Budo

1 - 6

Wednesday, July 3, 1946

“the uganda herald”


Hard-Hitting, Sporting Boxing


On Saturday evening, the 29th June, a large auduence enjoyed an excellent evening watching as good a boxing tournament, as afr as hard fighting is concerned, as they would have seen at an A.B.A championship at home; naturally the skill was not very noticeable, but for sheer “guts” (to use what is nowadays almost an acceptable term), give me the boys of Namilyango and the very Sporting Constables of the Uganda Police who also added much to the entertainment. The tournament was under the patronage of His Excellency the Governor, who was received on arrival with the National Anthem and at the end of the evening distributed the prizes.

The Commissioner of Police kindly allowed the meeting to be held in the Police Drill Hall where the contestants had the advantage of the use of the first class Police Ring and where the spectators were able to watch a really good show in the greatest of comfort, thanks to the hard work put in by Doctor O’Sullivan, who had made all the seating arrangements as well as as securing the attendance of the staff of the City Bar whose activities during the interval were greatly appreciated by many thirsty members of the audience.

Mr. E.J.G. Brown, Superintendant of Police, who had worked hard in training the Police boxers, acted as M.C., and in a short speech before the fighting began explained the A.B.A. system of alloting points, on which the contests were judged. Later in the evening he appealed to the audience to restrain their enthusiasm during the actual boxing and to hold their applause until the end of each round; the quality of several milling rounds made it hard for some spectators to follow this advice, but it ts pointed out that it is unfair to contestants and referee alike to shout during the fighting and it is hoped that when the next tournament takes place, a note will be inserted in the programme to that effect.

Mr. C.L. Holcom, whose hard work in couching the Namilyango lads during the last couple of years is well known, was the referre, the judges being Mr.S.Sinclair and Mr.D.R.N.Brown and the Timekeeper the Rev.Father F.J.Howard. Valuable advice to the contestants between rounds was given by Mr.J.Redman in the Red corner and Mr.Tully in the Blue. Before giving a brief description of the fights, it might be worthwhile suggetsing to the Namilyango lads that, spirited as their fighting is, they would improve by developing a better use of the straight left and not depending too much on rather wild swinging of the right, and that their footwork is a necessary part of a boxer’s training, but it should not be allowed to develop into a step-dance that wastes energy. Their breathing was good and showed careful training; guarding was on the whole fair, but there was certainly nothing lacking in the aggressive spirit.

The first two contests were fly-weight semi-finals between G.Matovu (7 stone 10) and S. Kizito (7.11); and B.Katende (7.8) and C.Wagabono (7.10); these were of two two-minute rounds duration. Kizito was rather more aggressive than Matovu’s direct attacks and by nicely judged ducking dodged a number of rather wild swings; he was an easy winner on points. In the second fight, Katende proved the better boxer in a good milling contest; he found the target in the last round with three unorthodox under-arm punches to the body (there was very little body hitting during the evening; as always the African seems to direct his blows at his opponent’s head - perhaps because of the enlarged spleens which are so common in a country with malaria prevalent).

J. Waheke (5.10) and G.Nakuzabasaja (5.10) put up a good display of blow for blow fighting, with the latter pushing his opposite number round the ring; Waheke has a peculiar crab-like stance and would do better if he kept his left more; Nakuzabasaja was well up on points at the end.

The Gnat-Weight final between A.Sekitoleko (7.5) and J.Nambago (6.9) started as a tame affair in the first round with a little gentle sparring but livened up the last round when Nambago used both his right and left effectively; he was one of the only boxers to make his points with the left, but even so needs more punching bag practice to develop a straught style.

An inter-club match was next on the programme with Bugler Nundasi (9.1) sportingly deputising for Constable Abdulla against C.T.Kiwanuka (8.9) of the School. The Bugler had a longer reach and in the first round used his left to keep Kiwanuka at his distance. In the second round the latter managed to get in two good right hooks which shook the Policeman a bit. The third round was all Kiwanukka’s, although the Bugler had a better stance and was perhaps the more skilful boxer, but it was evident that he was not in as good condition as the School representative; it was a good show, anyway, to deputise at short notice and the Bugler fully deserved the applause he received when stepping out of the ring as a good loser.

Before the interval the Police staged a battle Royal which evocked great enthusiasm; five blind-folded constables were positioned in the ring and on the gong going, hit the air and the ropes and one another impartially; a young constable, without, a bandage, acted as an imp of mischief, tapping his blind comrades on the head or back and then slipping out of the way to allow retribution to fall on someone else. Once or twice, hoever, he did not get away in time and once was nearly knocked through the ropes. One unfortunate fighter seemed a sort of stooge; at one time he was hit by all his comrades at the same time and only managed to beat the air in return; his sporting display received a good round of applause when he went, with the others, to receive a prize from the Governor at the end of the evening.

After the interval came the fight of the evening - an elimination contest for the Championship of the World, between Battling Kalenzi and Cyclone Nyanzi; in true professional stye Joe Louis’ future challengers entered the ring in silk dressing gowns; Nyanzi is about the size of tuppence in coppers and the Battler half that (his weight is 60lbs). In some ways this entertaining contest was best the best fight of the evening; both the young boxers really boxed - they had not forgotten the principles of their training and both possessed straight lefts which were a joy to see. The Cyclone who looked very much the heavier, managed to secure the necessary points to ein, but a draw would have been a popular verdict in view of the Battler’s offensive tactics. When the Battler has added another 140 lbs. to his weight, we expect to hear great things of him. When the verdict was announced, both fighters raised clasped hands above their heads in accordance with best professional custom.

The final of the Fly Weight competition ended in a win for Kizito who was given the verdict over Katende at the end of the second round; in the first round both were hitting more wildly than in their semi-final matches, but in the second Kizito, once again displaying his ability to duck,slip and hit back, soon wore Katende down. A good, clean fight.

G. Bisobolwa (8.8) won the Light Weight Final by beating C.Kiwanuka (8.10) in a grand milling fight in which the former used a good straight left on several occassions, but not often enough; he is also inclined to drop his guard, but showed good judgemenet and timing in watching for openings when Kiwanuka got a bit wild.

An inter-club fight between A.Sendi (8.12) and Constable Y. Otai produced the hardest hitting of the evenings; right at the beginning Otai nearly had Sendi through the ropes and for thirty seconds afterwards used his long reach to advantage. Sendi showed great skill in ducking and getting away from some real haymakers which, if theynahd landed, would have ended with a knock-out. In the second round, the School boxer got control of things and was well up in points; he was the better boxer and in the last round, he got the full measure of the Constable and landed some pretty rights; like so many others, he neglected to use his left when it would have scored effective points.

The last School match was the Welter Weight Final between C.Mukasa (10.2) and F. Mpanga (9.12). Mukasa was much the ebtter and although Mpanga was plucky, he was easily the loser; he was down in the second round, but got up at once, and in the last round was knocked down for a count of three. The fight was awarded to Mukasa before the end of the round.

The final fight of the evening was between Constable A.Hassan of the Police and J. Kawere of the School; the latter was conceding three pounds only and the pair were well matched. The Constable was an awkward opponent to get at and in addition to having the longer reach, was a clever ducker; good timing by Kawere gave him the points of the round. In the second round both were rather wild., but the Scholar got in a few useful lefts. The last round was good; the Consatble maintained throughout a cheery smile and seemed to be thoroughly enjoying the fight; he rocked Kawere with a very hard right right hook, but Kawere recovered and though obviously almost done, managed to keep going until the gong. The fight was awarded to Mukasa because of the points gained in the earlier rounds, but it is probable that in a longer fight the Constable would have won; he was very rightly awarded the prize as the best loser of the evening.

His Excellency the Governor, before distributing the prizes, congratulated the organizers of the tournament and expressed that thanks of the audience to the lads who, by their excellent, clean sporting and plucky fighting had given such good entertainment. He considered that the standard had improved since the last tournament, and as it was high then, that was considerable praise. No other School had come forward to challenge Namilyango, but His Excellency hoped that the example given would be followed.

The Revd. Canon Minderop and Father faupel (who has been acting Principal of the School until the recent return of the Headmaster , Father Bernard Doyle) acted as hosts to His Excellency. Dr.O’Sullivan, inaddition to his work in preparing the Hall, acted as Honorary Medical Officer. Amongst the large audience, we noticed the Omukama of Toro.

We would like to add our congratulations to all who have worked so hard in introducing boxing of such a high standard to the students of Namilayngo College; if Makerere and King’s College Budo could be persuaded that boxing is not beneath their dignity, we might one day see the “noble art” spreading throughout the Protectorate. Every School-boy should be taught to box, not because of the value of self-defence, but because boxing. more than any other sport, inculcates valuable virtues -courage, self-reliance, coolness, resolution a real sporting spirit and, most valuable of all, the ability to “take it”.

Jul 8 Fr. Doyle resumed the Headmastership of the College.

Jul 11 Capt. Pitman, Commander - Uganda Cadet Corps, was present at the weekly Cadet Corps parade.

Jul 18 Fr. Doyle, Commanding Officer, inspected the Cadet Corps.

Aug 2 Second term Exams began.

Aug 3 Final of victiry cup (Jun Sec.Schools) at Nakivubo.

Ndejje.J.S. Vs Namilyango.J.S

3 - 1

Aug 6 Senior Secondary (Academic) Leaving Exams began.

Aug 10 Boys go for Holidays.

Sept 10 Third term began - 126 boys.

Sept 21 Dr.A.N.Tucker held a discussion on Luganda Orthography.

Sept 26 Jun. Sec Exam - English Examination - 28 candidates.

Sept 27 Jun. Sec. Exam - Maths Examination.

Oct 7 His Excellency, Archbishop David Matthew, D.D.M.A.D. Litt and Apostolic delegate, accompanied by the Bishop, visited the College.

Oct 11 House Sports held. Won by Campling House.


Inter House Athletics Compettion 11th October, 1946.

1. 100 Yards(Senior) Record 10.6sec Standard Time 11.4secs

Arapu(s) Kabusu (s) Kiprotich (s)

Kigezi(s) Genza (s) Kanakulya (s)

1st Arapu 2nd Kabusu 3rd Genza Time 11.3 sec

2. 100 Yards (Junior)

Nsubuga I Mawerere Sekitoleko

Ntege Nyanzi Mbalire

3. One Mile Record 4min54.6s Standard Time 5min25secs

Oct 12 1 set of boxing gloves (16 doz) presented to the School by Mr. Holcom.

Oct 13 Old Boys’ day.

Oct 14 King’s Day. Free day.

Oct 17 Mr. Turner, ex-principal of Makerere College, visited the School and talked with staff and senior students.

Oct 19 Junior Sceondary School Sports at Nakivubo.

Namilyango College won the major Keane Shield.


Budo 34

Namilyango 25

Tororo 21

Aggrey 21

Mukono 3

Nsambya 2

Makerere School -

Rubaga -

Oct 24 New Captains appointed.

Oct 26 Protectorate Sports

Hurdles - Arapu 3rd

Half mile - Kanakulya 2nd

Pole Vault - Kiprotich 2nd

Senior Secondary (Academic) Leaving Examiantions 1946.

6 candidates passed

2 failed.

Oct 30 Class VI and Class V (A & C) outing by bus to Entebbe.

Oct 31 Makerere College Entrance Examination s beagn.

Cadet Corps Annual Drill Compettion held.

Squad: I II III IV

Points: 162 157 129 156


Annual Drill Competition October 31st, 1946.



No. 2







Inspection 2








a) Quick marcb 3

b) Slow march 2








Arma drill 2








Sqd. Drill 2

a) Form sqd 2

b) Change Dir 2








Salute ya Barua 2








Diagonal March 2








Stand at Ease (sentry)3








Musketry (Kneeling) 2




Sal to front 2




Bayonet Fighting 2




into slow time 2




I.P.T.Exercise 2







22 21 16 17

N.B. 3 points will be awarded to a squad for each item, in consideration of its correct performance and efficeincy. N.C.Os should note that points will be given only when a squad is inside the “Competition Zone”.

2-in-Comm & Adjut.

Nov 1 All Saints. Free Day.

Nov 9 Football - Namilyango Vs Makerere here.

4 - 3

Nov 13 Cadet Corps - Certificates of Efficiency awarded to several cadets.

Nov 19 H.H.The Kabaka’s birthday - Free Day.

Nov 22 Annual retreat given by Fr. Cornelius began.

Dec 2 Cambridge School Certificate Exam began. 4 Candidates.

Dec 4 Third term Exams began.

Dec 6 Makerere College Entrnace Examination results.

For Higher Science course - J.C.Ssozi

For Preliminary Science Course - B. Kalali

J. Mpanga

J. Kiwanuka

For Higher Arts Course - J. Balimutajjo

Dec 13 Holidays.

Jun.Sec Leaving Examination - 23 passed & 5 failed.

Sen. Sec. (Commercial) Leaving Exam:

3 - II Class passes

1 - III Class passes

1 - failed





TOTAL: 142 SEN.SEC. (a) Academic : 32 JUN.SEC: 76

(b) Commerce : 34




BAGANDA ...................94

CATHOLICS ............ 137

CLASS VI (A)................7

BASOGA ....................... 13

PROTESTANTS ...........5

CLASS VI ©..................9

TESO ............................... 3


CLASS V(A) .................11

BANYORO ......................4


CLASS V©.................... 3

LUO ................................. 3


CLASS IV (A) ...............14

BATORO ......................... 3


CLASS IV © ...............22

LANGO ........................... 2


CLASS III ......................24

ACHOLI .......................... 2


CLASS II .......................25

KIKUYU ......................... 1


CLASS I ........................27

SWAHILI .........................1


SINHALESE ....................1


BAVUMA .......................2


EURO-AFRICANS ........ 2


AMARA ......................... 1


ALUR ............................. 1


MUHIMA ....................... 1


BADAMA .......................8


MUGISHU ......................1


TOTAL ..................... 143

TOTAL .................. 142

TOTAL ...................... 142

Enrolment Analysis:

Class VI(A) - 7 Class VI(C) - 9

Class V(A) -11 Class V(C) - 3

Class IV(A) - 15 Class IV(C) - 22

Class III - 24

Class II - 25

Class I - 27

Total -143

Accomodation for 124 boys. Later in the year this was cut down to 104 as one Dormitory was taken over as a Science room.

Feb 20 First term began:


Rev. B. Doyle - Headmaster

Rev. J.Faupel M.A

Rev. B. Krupers B.Sc

Rev. J. Howard B.Comm

Rev. A.Beuman (on leave)

Rev. L.Jansen

Mr. C.Zimula

Mr. A. Lugolobi

Mr. L.Kayongo


Mr. T. Musana

School Captain:

Hanlon House Capt.- Noah Mukasa

V. Capt. Prontasius Mabale

Biermans House Capt. - Jerome Mukasa

V.Capt. Michael Picho

Campling House Capt - Francis Makatu

V. Capt - Gerard Basenge

Mar 5 Football against Kisubi. We won 5-2.

Mar 19 Feast of St. Joseph. Free Day.

Swimming Club started. Bathing on Sturdays by Houses.

Apr 2 New Chapel used for the first time. Fr. Minderop blessed the Chapel and said the First Mass there.

Meeting of Board of Governors (Budget for 1948). Dr. Boase absent.

The Hon. C.M.A. Gayer appointed to the Board Vice Mr.C.Williams.

Holy week ceremonies in Chapel.

May 1 Fr.J.Dean appointed to the Staff till the end of 1947.

May 3 Holidays begin.

May 6 L.S.C results for 1946 - 4 candidates

Kalali B : Grade II

Mpanga F : Grade III

Ssozi J.C : Grade III

Kiwanuka I : Failed.

London Chamber of Commerce -1946 - 4 candidates.

P.Kanyago - Elementary of Commerce (P) , Typewriting(P) English (Distinction).

D. Okuraja - English (F) Typewriting(Distinction), Elementary of Commerce(P).

J. Kalemire - English(Distinction) Typewriting (F) Elementary of Commerce (P)

B. Kigozi - Typewriting(Distiction) Elem of Commerce(F).

Jun 6 Listen Lighting set arrived. A new Engine - House has been built.

Kabaka’s Cup: Namilyango Vs Bainda - Dual Round.

Jun 8 Corpus Christi Sunday - High Mass at Mission and Procession.

Jun 9 Mr. Mankiru, Land and Surveys, here to demonstrate Survey Instruments.

Jun 10 Grass compasses ordered from Kelles - Roy and Tyson - quoted 147/20 gr.

Jun 11 Entries for C.S.C. Exam. 1947 sent in.

11 candidates (including five from Class V)

Jun13 Sacred Heart Feast - Free Day. Senior Academic Classes had excursion to Entebbe.

Jun 24 Film Projector arrived.

Jun 25 Cricket at Kisubi: Namilyango - 94 for 7 declared.

Kisubi 40 -draw.

Jun 26 Electric Light!!

Jun 29 Cricket Vs Kisubi at Namilyango.

1st Innings - Kisubi - 32

Namilyango - 52 declared

2nd Innings - Kisubi - 66

Namilyango - 32 Kisubi won.

Jul 1 First shaw - New cinema.

Jul 3 Terminal Inspection of Cadet Corps by Commanding Officer.

Jul 5- Scouts - Weekend camp at Degeya - 22 Scouts.


Jul 9 Victory Cup - Junior Secondary Schools - Wandegeya

Namilyango Vs Mengo J.S.

2 - 6

Debate at Budo - won by Namilyango.

Jul 13 Cricket match - Mill Hill Fathers Vs N.C.C.C.

1st Innings 69 - 53

2nd Innings 65 - 73

Mill Hill won by 8 runs.

Jul 16 Class VI(A) and Class V(A) visited the Sand and Survey Office and training School, Entebbe.

Jul 20 Cricket match in Kampala against Indian Secondary School, which won by an Innings and 155 runs.

Jul 24 Class VI(A) & V(A) visited Kawanda Agricultural Station.

Jul 25 Fils shown. Epidiascope tried.

Jul 30 Debate “That Democracy is dead” proposed by

A. Balinda and N.Mukasa I

Opposers - Makerere College

Proposition carried by 45-41

Football match

Namilyango Vs Makerere

2 - 3

Aug 2-4 Scout Camp at Degeya.

Aug 8 Second Term Examiantions.

Aug 14 Fr. Faupel left for Mombasa on leave.

Term ends.

Aug 25 Fr. Faupel left Mombasa.

Scout Jamborie at Kazi - 10 Scouts attended.

Aug 27 Entrance Examination for Secondary I held here - 161 candidates - 43 accepted (poor material)

Aug 28 Fr. R. Cornelius appointed to the staff for Third term.

Sept 12 3rd. term began..

Sept 26 New benches for church arrived.

Junior Secondary (English and Maths) Exams.

Oct 12 Old Boys’ Re-Union (High Mass).

Football Re-union Present Vs Past

4 - 0

Oct 13 King’s Day - Free Day.

Oct 14 Brother Anthony returned from leave.

Oct 17 House Sports - See detailed results.

Oct 23 Terminal Inspection of Cadet Corps by Commanding Officer.

Oct 25 Cadet Corps out on Manoeuvres from 8.00a.m to 4.30p.m.

Oct 28 Inspection of Cadet Corps by Lt. Colonel Beresford, (Commandant Cadet Corps) O.C. 2nd (Nyasaland) Bn.

(See attached letter).

Oct 31- Scout Camp at new site near Railway - 17 scouts.

Nov 2

After a most successful and thoroughly enjoyable evening’s sport, of which the Very Rev. Father Doyle, Headmaster of Namilyango College, must be rightly proud, the Drill Hall was “dismantled” in an incredibly short time by a smart body of Namilyango Cadets.









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